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    Dear Julia,

    As I read your comments, I felt it necessary to review a previous post of mine regarding Fr. Michel....and to correct/ explain it as to not fall into any sin of what by some would/ could be labeled as calumny, that is indeed serious.
    The post I’m referring to was in to regards to Fr.s comment to give away your money etc. I didn’t then, nor do I now believe that until this professed prophet is properly vetted, this advise should be heeded....especially because there are false prophets that have lead the faithful into making life altering decisions that they deeply regretted.
    My regret in my comment is that I did question the possibility that perhaps he might be a recipient of the faithfuls charity. Yes, I actually do personally believe that some folks will made the decision to give away their money and that some might possibly give it to him or his ministry....but he DID NOT ask for that, nor did he imply that they should. It was my personal projection that this could occur. I regret that I allowed my personal opinion that this could be the outcome as interpreted by anyone as Fr. Michel implying that they should....he DID NOT. I was simply speculating that it was a possibility.

    As I would never want to either be accused or actually be guilty of the sin of calumny, I’m writing this now to correct/ explain any comment that I posted to remedy any possibility that my comments were incorrectly misinterpreted or my comment was inadvertently leading anyone to believe that Fr.Michel implied that money would/ should be directed to his ministry. That being said, I firmly believe that until he has been properly vetted by the church and his locutions have been approved, we all need to exercise proper caution and prudence and not make life altering financial decisions based on a you tube video of his talks.

    On a personal level, I actually support his call to use our financial resources to help others...even at my own risk to my financial future. That is my personal decision...based on my desire to help others and follow the law of God. I don’t give away “ everything “ as this would not be prudent. If God Himself told me to, I’d do it in a heartbeat! , That being said, I do not believe that anyone should make this same decision based on the call of a yet unvented, Self proclaimed prophet whose locutions have yet to be approved. If someone acted on his call to divest themselves of their financial reserves because they believe that his was a prophetic call from heaven, the consequences might be grave if later these good faithful followers discover that it was based on a false prophet potentially causing them to lose not only their financial security, but their faith all together! As I said earlier, Followers of Charlie Johnston did this....and are very angry and will live with lifelong regrets.
    Fr. Michel might be the real deal, I’m not qualified to make that determination, that is the duty of his superiors. I hope they do to put a end to this debate. Personally, until I see that his locutions have legitimacy, I will exercise caution about what he says, and certainly my comments and personal interpretation of his talks. That being said, we are all entitled to our opinions about Fr.Michel and his talks. He is a public figure that many faithful follow. If he is wrong, he should be called out....there is nothing wrong about that, but we are not entitled to judge his soul. Not just this priest, any priest...or anyone. Questioning actions, comments, etc. is not judging a soul. They are very separate things. This cuts both ways.

    Thank you Julia for your caution about this. Like HH remarked, everyone on both sides of this debate needs to be self aware regarding this. We should take this seriously and diligently to not make a comment that could wrongly and unfairly imply a impropriety to another. Judging the intentions of either a commenter or Fr. Michel are equally wrong. That being said, I believe that most all in this debate are well intentioned, but emotions can be attached inappropriately. A caution to be guarded is and was necessary....for all of us.

    My apologies to Fr. and to those who believed that my post needed either corrected or defined to remedy any possibility of calumny towards Fr. It was never my intention. I hope this clears up any responsibility to correct my error.
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    Well said, you covered it all!
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    I agree Garabandal

    I've listened to a few talks by Father Michael and what I have noted is that Fr Michael, doesn't have Jesus saying........ 'the Blessed Eucharist is dead for Him" nor does he insist that he and his followers are holier than St Joseph!

    Those omissions of heresy are refreshing! and can be seen as acceptable to Catholic theology! That's a good thing!

    However there are other private revelations proclaimed on the 'count down to the kingdom website' which espouse the above heresies! Not a good thing!

    I think we will just have to wait and see whether Fr Michael's prophesies align with the current consensus of the majority of discerning Catholics, the true church militant which includes, Arch Bishop Vigano and many others, because I think at the moment even blind Freddy can see the writing on the wall!

    With what is coming to the Church and the world, May the Lord have Mercy on us all. Amen
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    we are all entitled to our opinions about Fr.Michel and his talks. He is a public figure that many faithful follow. If he is wrong, he should be called out....there is nothing wrong about that, but we are not entitled to judge his soul. Not just this priest, any priest...or anyone. Questioning actions, comments, etc. is not judging a soul. They are very separate things. This cuts both ways.

    Quote from Beth, above
    This is true guidance in this matter, imho.
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    Really? I am more and more surprised/saddened with what Mark Mallett and others have posted there! Can you say, please, who these other "prophets" are?
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  6. HeavenlyHosts

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    I’m betting at least one of those is Luisa Piccareta
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  7. AED

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    I keep returning to the same old hard truth. It is a dangerous enterprise to follow unapproved seers and mystics.
  8. Jackie

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    God speaks to our Protestant brothers and sisters He would warn them in private revelation though Catholic prophecy is more explicit partly because Protestants are baby Christians. Glynda Lomax is a non-Catholic Christian messenger. This grave message of (5/12/20) and in the comments after the message, Glynda shared the link to an older message. Glynda heard similar to Father Michel:

    TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2020
    The Horse of War

    A dark night of the soul approaches for My people in America. A night will fall that feels like all the others, but morning dawns a new day – a day of destruction. For the Horse of War rides soon.

    This war will spread and involve the world. Large nations will join in the fight.

    I am calling all nations to get ready for what is coming. There will be much death and much destruction in one night. Many souls will go into eternal darkness on this night. This is not My will – I desire you would repent and that all souls would be saved.

    My children, do not be lax to repent when you have sinned against Me, for I will always forgive you if you repent.

    MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2018
    A Terrible End

    I was watching an early morning weather report when a commercial came on, showing a normal American family home in nighttime. Then I saw a missile…

    Lord, is this You showing me what is coming?

    In the time of the attack you are seeing, My child, much destruction descends quickly from the night sky. Many souls will be lost with no warning beforehand.

    I saw married couples fighting and yelling unkind words at each other. I saw a mother fighting with her teenage daughter who was rebelling. I saw a single mother at a club, her children at home with a babysitter…I saw brothers who were not speaking because of harsh words and misunderstanding…all as the missile descended.

    My people who do not walk in My ways shall be caught in their sin when this attack comes. (I heard a terrible sadness in His voice then and realized how intensely He grieves over this)

    Many will be taken who have long been out of My presence. Many souls will be lost who have not submitted to My refining, who have not allowed Me to relieve them of their sins. So many souls, daughter, that will go into hell on this night that is coming…

    I saw people asleep in their beds, who had gone to sleep without giving the Lord even a thought, never to awaken again. I saw a weary man working late in his office, his mind full of thoughts of all kinds, but none of them right, or holy, or about God. I saw young men doing drugs, having a great time, and the young women nearby trying to get their attention…

    Tell My people to let me into their hearts and allow Me to do the necessary work to save them from this fate – I desire they would not perish. I desire they would not walk with the enemy while calling themselves by My Name, for I shall not hold them guiltless that do this. Tell them.

    Tell them I desire they would spend more time with Me, that they would come into My presence and worship Me, that I may know them and they may avoid this.
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    Does the forum discuss Protestant "messengers," as well? Not hostile, just wondering.

    I have read stories, of Jesus leading people of other faiths to His Church, the Catholic Church, and introducing His Mother.
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    Not too often but I find them interesting. I like to think our Lord looks down on our separated brothers and sisters with great love and hope to return to his fullness of faith as we do and thus looks to guide them back through speaking to them as well but, i also get concerned about these messengers for potential of errors from the evil one. They are not fully protected with the sacraments of the faith so a bit easier for evil to infiltrate in if you ask me.
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    This is the Mother of God forum, we discuss apparitions that have not been condemned by the Catholic Church. If any of you have a problem with that then you don’t belong in this forum. It’s that simple. Even Padraig receives messages. So, either you become charitable or keep your negativity to yourselves. Arguing not discussing is what you are doing. You have called Fr Michel a liar, and many of us rude who defend him. This is not a Protestant forum, but giving an example like Jackie did by showing what even our Protestant brothers and sisters are hearing is not a sin. So, please just ignore the apparitions you don’t agree with. I personally don’t agree entirely with Desmond Birch, but won’t call him a liar. I just hold on to what makes me comfortable.
    God bless and may all you hold peace in your hearts for Fr Michel.
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  12. Byron

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    I do recommend the naysayers to read about this wonderful nun named Sister Nicolina Kohler from the order of the Dominican sisters of Oakford. Her story written in the book “The Warning” would wake you up.
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  13. Frodo

    Frodo Archangels


    If isn't condemned... not a very high bar for Our Lady's forum is it? Our concerns aren't against Church teaching and haven't been condemned- just saying.

    Just ignore what you don't believe with... on a discussion forum? With all due respect, perhaps you should start a blog and post your content with no fear of responses to your heart's content.

    Has Desmond claimed to tell everything to his bishop and his bishop said he hasn't? Your logic is flawed.

    You are free to defend Father all you want, that doesn't make you rude. Staying on point is critical and there are some who tend to revert to personal attacks - that's the problem.
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  14. Frodo

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    How nice, the naysayer label is being used by another member. That really adds to the conversation:cool:

    Any bets as to how many more posts until we hear the story of Noah again and how it relates to the naysayers? I'm putting the over/under at 10.
  15. Byron

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    Okay now so Frodo ... you believe Christy, HH, etc., have not criticized, objected, or opposed to the messages of Fr Michel, let alone his relationship with his Bishop?
    I mean where have you been?
    That’s what naysayer means. Geesh!
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  16. Byron

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    Frodo - Just ignore ( Fr Michel Rodrigue...Bishops response). How difficult can that be? You don’t feel comfortable here, you just called my logic flawed. I mean really?
    This is not a healthy discussion. And those who are interested in Fr Michel really don’t want to receive personal attacks.
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  17. Frodo

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    This is a thread about the Bishop’s response - which means those who doubt it are the naysayers ;)

    And what is personal about saying your logic is flawed? How can anyone call that a personal attack?

    Just so you know, and you’ve been around for a while so you probably already know this, but there is exactly a zero percent chance I will not weigh in on unapproved apparitions that I think are false. I also make every effort to do so objectively and without the intent to ridicule other posters.

    Looks like we may just have to coexist here despite our differences in opinions.
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    Byron, maybe time to take a step back? Seriously, this is very emotional/personal, from your posts. It is, really, a discussion forum, only a discussion forum. Not life or death.

    I went to "search" and put in Fr. Michel's name. I saw you had posted 88 times on Fr. Michel in less than a month. How much more to say?

    You used my name to Frodo, so I am answering, personally, here.
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  19. Byron

    Byron Powers

    So your counting? Why? I feel like I’m in the middle of a Democrat takeover with this conversation. Lol!!!!
    It’s a free country may I remind you. Be my guest, disagree, call us rude, even call a priest a liar. If that makes you feel good, so be it.
    I’ll be praying for all of you.
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  20. Booklady

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    I have been, out of curiosity, following the number of guest our forum is getting recently, since we have been discussing Father Michel Rodrigue, and it is more than we usually get. Just looked 68 guests and the usual 22 bots. In searching the internet I have looked for forum (fora?) discussions and have not found any, so that may be why we have so many guests?

    To me this says a great deal about Padraig's Mother of God forum. All positive. Our Mother is here reading our posts.

    I think that as long as we discuss topics which have been approved by the Church, like Fatima; those that are under scrutiny by the Church, like Garabandal; and those that are new, or newly discovered, like Father Michel, and if we discuss these with honesty, charity and love, we are doing a service to our fellow members.

    Father Michel is not the first visionary we have discussed that has caused such emotional stress among members. Charley Johnston comes to mind, then we lost several wonderful longtime members. But, even with this loss, we certainly helped each other in the discernment process.

    In Father Michel's case, we have two major difficulties. The language difficulty: Father's native language is French, which for some of us is very difficult to understand, since many like me, don't know the language and needs depend on an at times faulty translation program. Also, add to that that English is not a Romance language like French or, Spanish, so the translations are off. That is one major problem in doing online searches.

    And, while I am not being uncharitable to Father when I say this, his English is at times hard to understand. He himself admits this as he often looks towards his audience in his videos seeking help in expressing a point. One of the earliest points discussed here at MOG is that many thought he used a curse word, instead he was saying artifact, if I remember correctly.

    The other difficulty I have found, and this is just me, but it could explain the number of guests, is that not much is out there about Father Michel's visions. The Watkins monograph is the only place where information about him is found in print form in English. And she bases these on information which Father Michel has shared in his seminars. Likewise earlier video evidence I found in 2004, was in French.

    I think that if we take this opportunity provided by Padraig's Mother of God forum, we can help each other in the discernment process. We begin by openly sharing our concerns, this is what we mostly have been doing thus far.

    Then we do the hard part, verifying research: Take what facts we know, essentially what Father Michel has said in the videos, what articles we may find online, scrutinizing the Amos archdiocese website, and other previous archdiocese information, where Father has served, and objectively examine it. Charitably listening to the points others make within the lens of their concerns, and add it to what we know. This would be of immense help in the discerning process.

    But most importantly praying for Bishop Lemay, Father Michel, and each other as we investigate Father's locutions.
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