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    It says something about the media priorities of modern Ireland that the elevation of a saintly Irishman from Servant of God to Venerable attracts very little publicity in recent times. I am thinking particularly of the case of Fr John Sullivan SJ (1861-1933) who was so elevated on the 7th of November 2014 by Pope Francis. You can read a lot about him here: but the really interesting reference, for me anyway, is the following long quote from the autobiography of a well known Garda Detective, one Gerry O'Carroll.

    It seems that there must be a really great spiritual battle taking place right now in the heavens for the soul of Ireland. Mostly the good guys are losing of course but the great old Irish saints - and soon to be saints - don't give in easy and maybe break through now and again!

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    I agree the media has an agenda and seems to be winning but then I am constantly surprised by the faith references embedded in the everyday speech and lives of people who haven't been in church for a long time. A lot of prayer needed for this country but it's surprising when you scratch the surface there is still faith embedded in the hearts.
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    He told me that the coat on his back was also given to him by Father Sullivan, and he asked me to touch it, which I did to humour him. He then said the country would become a sea of tears and a vale of suffering if we didn't pray for deliverance through the intercession of Father Sullivan to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He gave me details of the saintly life that Father John Sullivan had led and his selfless devotion to the poor. He asked me to pray to him and to encourage others to do likewise, and to never forget what he had told me that morning. The sincerity and conviction in that old man's words and the air of sanctity he had about him moved me deeply.


    Thank you so much for this story. I became very emotional reading your post about Gerry O'Carroll's testimony. Apart from the fact that my surname is O'Loughlin and my ancestors hail from Donegal, I know of no reason to get choked up. But since it appears that Eire has entered her vale of suffering, I will ask the intercession of John Sullivan, SJ when I pray to the Two Hearts for all of you and your homeland!:D

    Sts. Patrick, Bridget and John, pray for the land and it's people entrusted to your care. May salvation rain down gently upon all!

    May my great-gradfather Edward, my grandfather Daniel, and my Dad John, join me!

    Safe in the Care of Our Lady of Knock!
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    It's wonderful that you care so much and are so praying for Ireland. There are so many who do and that's why we get so many great graces.

    But also we badly need them! You know it's odds on that in the next year or two they will repeal the 8th amendment in the constitution, which protects the unborn child. It was actually brought in by the influence of ordinary citizens, not politicians mostly, in the aftermath of Pope John Paul IInd's visit in 1979 and has been the cornerstone of opposing abortion in Ireland all those years, despite enormous media, political and legal pressure.

    For it to go now would be a terrible disaster but the media/political machine is clearly gearing up for it, we are in the wars here!
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    There are so many, many Irish coming to the forum at the moment, I find it very touching.

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    This is so true. I keep thinking of roots that run so deep that even if a blight seemingly destroys the tree—by and by new shoots appear. I have seen this! I have a pear tree that to all intents and purposes had died and then in late Oct close to the anniversary of my oldest son’s death it did a remarkable thing. Green leaves began to bud out on the branches and flowers began to bloom! In Maine late October means cold and the shadow of winter. It was an extraordinary thing!! I took it as a comforting sign that all was well with my son. To see a dead tree come to life in the late days of October was so clearly a symbol of the Resurrection. Ireland will see this. I know it. We must just keep praying. For the enemy to seemingly pull down Catholic Ireland is the last gasp of his terror campaign to subdue the earth. The Irish saints and the Irish remnant with Our Lady leading them will not allow it to stand.
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    Yes Mario. Truly. I join in your prayer asking all the O’Connors and Murphy’s and Considines in my family line who are now with the Lord to pray with me joined to Father John Sullivan.
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    Thankyou for posting the story about Fr Sullivan. I too got choked up reading it. We are praying for all of you. Many many around the world —the remnant —are begging for Ireland.
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