Fr John O'Malley SJ. Pope Francis and Vatican 2

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    How Jesuits see their Jesuit Pope. They appear to pretty well idolise him.


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    Speaking of Judas.


    'Jesus helping Judas'.

    'Church of Judas' or 'Church of Satan'?
    The newspaper of the Holy See, L'Osservatore Romano, dedicated the first three pages of its Maundy Thrusday edition to praising Judas Iscariot.

    In a first page editorial – titled "Judas & the Scandal of Mercy" – Andrea Monda explains that the Vatican organ decided this year to honor the "most tragic and unsettling" figure of the Gospel.

    The editor – probably obeying an order of Pope Francis – chose to post on its front page the reproduction of a picture, above and below first row, that presents a naked Jesus bending over and tenderly ministering to a dead Judas.

    Monda explains that the author of this painting is a French Catholic who became impressed by Francis' words praising the Traitor in his book When You Pray, Say Our Father. The artist imagines that after Jesus was crucified, He would have returned to life immediatly, gone to the fig tree and taken down Judas' body and ministered to it. Morsa also reports that Francis loved this painting so much that he has placed it on the wall behind his desk along with another representing Judas.

    The inside pages of the Vatican paper feature a sermon by Fr. Primo Mazzolari saying that he believes Judas was forgiven by Our Lord; a brief comment by Card. Carlo Maria Martini on Mazzolari's sermon, saying that each of us can have a Judas inside himself; a text by Giovanni Papini arguing that Judas must have had an ulterior motive to betray Christ because 30 silver coins did not have that great a worth; and a text by Giuseppe Berto impersonating Judas who affirms that Jesus owes His glorification to him.

    In the last several decades, this is the first time – as far as we know – that L'Osservatore Romano has promoted Judas Iscariot on its first three pages. It seems the inauguration of a new saint and the official launching of the "Church of Judas" on a Maundy Thursday, the day of his betrayal...

    The defense of Judas has been made in the name of the abyss of God's mercy. So we see that now Divine Mercy, against all the Scriptural evidence, also applies to the most infamous criminal in History.

    Are we far from the day when the same mercy will be applied to another Great Traitor, Satan? Does it not appear that the Vatican's semi-official launching of the "Church of Judas" is the prelude to the coming "Church of Satan"?

    For a larger photo click here
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    Pope Francis showing, 'Mercy', to another Judas.

    Pope Celebrates Surprise Holy Thursday with Ousted Cardinal
    By Associated Press
    April 01, 2021 07:34 PM

    Pope Francis celebrates a Chrism Mass inside St. Peter's Basilica, at the Vatican, April 1, 2021.

    VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis celebrated a surprise Holy Thursday Mass with the cardinal he fired last year, extending an extraordinary gesture to Cardinal Angelo Becciu by celebrating the liturgy that commemorates Jesus' Last Supper with his apostles before his crucifixion.

    News of the celebration in Becciu's private chapel was confirmed by Becciu's private secretary. In addition, a longtime friend who was in contact with Becciu after the papal visit said the cardinal was "very happy" with the meeting. A Vatican official said he couldn't confirm Francis' private initiative but added that "such a gesture of paternity doesn't seem strange on a day like today, Holy Thursday."

    The visit carried enormous symbolic weight and could suggest Francis may have come to realize he had erred in his handling of the Becciu dossier. Francis has long prized the Holy Thursday service as a ritual of repentance and service.

    Francis forced Becciu's resignation on September 24, apparently acting on allegations, contained in a yet-to-be-published article in the Italian newsmagazine l'Espresso, that Becciu had sent 100,000 euros in Holy See funds to a diocesan charity controlled by his brother.

    Becciu admitted he sent the funds to the charity — not his brother — and told reporters he had done nothing wrong. The money never left the diocese's bank account.

    Becciu at the time was the No. 2 in the Vatican secretariat of state and enjoyed full authority to manage the department's substantial asset portfolio, including using it for charitable donations.

    Becciu has filed a 10 million euro defamation lawsuit against L'Espresso, claiming its report, and months of other damaging articles citing unnamed Vatican prosecutors, ruined his reputation and eliminated his chances of becoming pope.

    Francis was able to celebrate the service with Becciu after he canceled his participation in the Vatican's official Holy Thursday Mass in St. Peter's Basilica, delegating it instead to the dean of the College of Cardinals.

    The Vatican never explained why Francis was skipping the official service. Francis has traditionally traveled to a prison or refugee center for the Holy Thursday service, which usually involves a foot-washing ritual to symbolize Jesus' willingness to serve others.

    Since Becciu's ouster, the conduct of the Vatican's criminal prosecutors investigating a host of allegedly corrupt financial deals has come under increasing criticism. They have suffered a string of defeats in foreign court rulings that their searches were illegitimate, their arrest warrants unenforceable and their requests for asset seizures "appallingly" full of misrepresentations and omissions.
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    He is a priest for himself and not for Jesus Christ.

    A man in a suit. Insipid, uninspiring.

    He couldn't sell me an aspirin even if I had headache.

    May God rescue his soul.
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    Isaiah 5:20

    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.
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    Servant of God Bishop Sheen vehemently disagrees. His words about judas would make short shrift of this nonsense. Fr Ripperger has said that the spirit of judas has manifested in some exorcisms.
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    Edited. Considering the chore it was to get Confession for Easter, I need to watch my P's and Q's.

    God will deal with our pastors. Suffice it to say that, according to Sacred Scripture, when the blind lead the blind they all fall into the pit.
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    He seems to have a strange obsession with Judas - this is not the first time that he has reflected on the life of Judas.

    It is almost as if he wants to

    He seems to have a strange obsession with Judas - this is not the first time that he has reflected on the life of Judas.

    Very, very, very strange.

    I find Judas a repulsive character with few redeeming features - why would I want to reflect at all on a traitor?

    Judas is a warning though that we all can fall.

    Is there going to be a church named the church of Judas? Has there been a mis-translation?
    Is this fake news?
    Is it April 1st - no just checked the calendar.
    It must be a wind-up.
    Because it cannot possibly be true.
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    Ahh, I see - the article is from a particular traditional site so they are spinning a narrative.
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    I wouldn't be so sure. That's the second time in a week that I've heard Judas more or less exonerated. It fits the Hell is empty line. It doesn't match what the Gospel says about it being better for Judas had he never been born. Of course, we don't have the Apostles' tape recorders, so maybe Sacred Scripture misquotes Jesus.
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    The bit that caught my eye was church of Judas

    For a moment I thought the Vatican was going to name a church after Judas.

    My mistake for rushing to conclusions.
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    Given the liberal progressive (so called) preferential option for Judas i can see why you thought it might be true.
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    More than likely there is some negative spin in the report but the reproduction of the article they're reporting on looks genuine, and it looks like the picture of Jesus consoling Judas after the resurrection appears to be in the L'Osservatore article. This isn't the first time the traditionalist website has reported on Pope Francis honouring Judas. Their previous report said that he keeps in his office a replica of a carving from a mediaeval cathedral. That carving shows Judas hanging. It also shows a young man (not remotely resembling common depictions of Jesus) carrying another man on his shoulders. That report has Pope Francis saying that the young man is Jesus carrying Judas. There's no mention of the painting in the earlier report which is from a couple or so years ago. So, perhaps the report of the Pope having the painting in his office is spin unless he replaced the carving with the picture.

    Anyway, I'm going to edit out my comments in previous posts on this thread because they serve no useful purpose.
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    I must say, regarding Fr O'Malley, I don;t believe I have ever listened to anyone for so long and I totally and vehemently disagreed with. If I were to listen to Martin Luther for the same period I am sure I would have found myself in more agreement.

    About the only thing I did agree with the Father on is that he is reading from the page as Pope Francis and that they are in the same boat together.

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    False teachers like O'Malley believe their own religion. It's not the Catholic faith.

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