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  1. garabandal

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    Since no one will answer my question on the other thread I am starting a new one.

    I am not a devotee of the Divine will so have no truck in this matter.

    But I would like to know is Fr Mawdsley in communion with the catholic Church? Is he under the jurisdiction of a bishop or is he a lone ranger a man with his own mission?

    I just would like to know.
  2. garabandal

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  3. josephite

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    Thank you garabandal, for this information.
    After reading the article at onepeterfive, it seems Fr Mawdsley is a priest after my own heart.
    The article is excellent.

    Father James Mawdsley
    Born in 1973, James Mawdsley grew up in Lancashire, England. He was ordained a Catholic priest in 2016.
    In 2020 Fr Mawdsley was removed from his assignment for offering Masses open to the faithful during lockdowns.
    He was prevented from public ministry because he refused to obey illegal and irrational instructions which harmed the common good and salvation of souls, eventually resulting in a canonical suspension.
    So long as the Roman Curia submits to forces intent on destroying divine worship, the best obedience Fr Mawdsley believes he can offer the hierarchy is to accept their penalties but not follow their man-made agenda.
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  4. miker

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    Appears he is “suspended” from what I’ve read.
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  5. garabandal

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    He is sound theologically but who is he accountable to?

    If he rejects the hierarchy is he in communion with the Church?

    He is following his conscience which is fair enough but the church is hierarchial in nature. Perhaps he is under the jurisdiction of a diocese or a bishop that we are unaware of?

    These are legitimate questions.
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  6. Christy1983

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    Perhaps you didn't see Brian's note locking the DW thread last night. You've already gotten your answer, on your own, by searching the internet.
    Discussing Fr. Mawdsley inevitably restarts the DW debate. As you must know.
  7. padraig

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    Yes. I will have to close this down. But before I do someone sent me this:

    'Fr Mawdsley is certainly an interesting person. Before he became a priest, he had been married, but for some reason that marriage failed and he received an anullment.

    Fr M was a political activist before he married and he was imprisoned and tortured in Burma / Myanmar for his activism.

    He is a brave soul.'
  8. Seagrace

    Seagrace Archangels

    Indeed they are, Garabandal. Thank you so much for posting that link on Father Mawdsley. I believe he is a good man but I will not be watching any more videos by him.
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  9. AED

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  10. "Quis ut Deus"

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    I dont see any harm in questioning the source at all, if same Father was promoting DW Im sure you would find the same response either way. Clarification from the vatican needs to be confirmed in absolute asap.
  11. Christy1983

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    I'm not sure any of us can get a clarification from the Vatican. I would take Fr. Mawdsley at his word as to the whys and wherefores. He has been transparent in reporting his status. There is nothing concealed, and he has open comments sections on his videos.

    This is unlike the case of Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi, another major Luisa promoter, who left his order without letting them know, is not incardinated elsewhere--a freelancer-- and does not disclose his status or location on his website. (In fact, he talks about having"pastoral duties" in one video, but doesn't elaborate on them.) The attempt to conceal church status speaks to credibility.

    There is a push coming from Daniel O'Connor to reject Fr. Mawdsley's arguments because of his current status. That would be a mistake. He uses O'Connor's own materials to refute the pro-Luisa advocate's contentions. What he has uncovered is disturbing information. He didn't turn away from his findings to avoid controversy or personal attacks. He should be thanked for that.
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  12. "Quis ut Deus"

    "Quis ut Deus" ADMIN Staff Member

    As I said I dont see any harm in questioning the source (y) if what has already been said here is 100 % true then its definitely a step in the right direction of finally getting the truth about DW ;)
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  13. xsantiagox

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    that sounds so rough, being in such an isolated country with none to call for help. I remember burma was land-locked and had a very isolationist dictator?:unsure:
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  14. Scolaire Bocht

    Scolaire Bocht Archangels

    He has no connections to Burma, where he did so much political activism. The extent of his involvement is remarkable for somebody with no connections to that country? Anyway its a curious thing...
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