Fr James Blount: Our Lady of Good Success

Discussion in 'Marian Apparitions' started by Blizzard, Jun 19, 2021.

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    Wonderful post and holy card, Padraig.
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    I saw a beautiful thing at mass the other week (I am writing this to be more cheerful and positive).

    I sit up in the choir loft at mass for a bit of peace and quiet and over look directly the altar. Recently I had been homing in on the bits of the Latin Mass which home in on the role of the Holy Spirit in the Consecration of the Host. Suddenly around the Consecration I saw the whole altar change into sheets of the most beautiful red fire burning and burning.

    It was very ,very beautiful indeed.:)

    'What is the Epiclesis?

    Part of the Eucharistic Prayer is the calling down of the Holy Spirit upon the offerings of bread and wine. This calling down of the Holy Spirit is called the Epiclesis, and the priest asks the Father to send the Holy Spirit in order to sanctify these offerings so that they may become the Body and Blood of Jesus. There is an easy reference here to the story of Elijah calling down the fire of the Lord upon his offering in order to show forth the God of Israel as the true God when the Israelites had fallen into false worship (1 Kings 18:1-40). In the same way as the great prophet Elijah, the ordained priest stands between God and people calling down the fire of the Lord – the Holy Spirit – upon the offerings at the sacred altar. If we interiorize this action as well, we are asking God to send his Holy Spirit upon us as well – not in the same sacramental way as the priest at Epiclesis – that we may be strengthened by his grace and may live our vocation to become faithful disciples each day.'

    Hebrews 12:29
    For our God is a consuming fire.

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    So Bishop Salvatore Rivera was told the exact date of death and die he did on that day with Mother Marianna and Our Lady by his side. Our Lady reported he would do 80 years in purgatory with his many sins.

    But you know it occurs to me that although the poor Bishop escaped Purgatory by the very skin of his teeth it occurs to me a very, very small list of offenses compared to the things Bishops are getting up to today. Things like giving the Eucharist to abortion supporting politicians. Supporting artificial contraception. Promoting heresy, the list goes on and on .

    So if poor Bishop Rivera, who vain and racist as he was did none of these much more serious things and barely escaped hell doing a very big Purgatory..well what of today's clergy? The mind boggles.

    Jesus specifically told Mother Marianna that those to whom much has been given , much will be expected (in reference to Bishops) . They must fulfill their duties.

    Apparently there is a stash of documents hidden and embedded in the walls of the convent 400 years ago and meant to be uncovered in our days. I strongly suspect they contain Marian Secrets and prophesies for our day. But Our Lady said they would only be revealed if humble people (the Bishop and Superior) went looking for them.

    As far as I know they have not yet been found. Please, please God they soon will be. We really, really need them so badly.But a good Bishop and Mother Superior may be hard to find these days .

    Perhaps good sniffer dogs?


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    Tomorrow is the feast day of Our Lady of Good Success, the extraordinary manifestations of Heaven to Sister Mariana in Quito.

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    I just listened to Fr Blount on this yesterday. Her title in English is mistranslated. Should be Our Lady of the Blessed Purification. ;)
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    Very good video about this yesterday:

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    I first heard of Fr. Blount awhile back when someone posted his video on the forum. Not knowing anything about Fr. Blount at the time, I didn't know what to think about his visions, so I had my doubts. I can honestly say, that after discernment, I do believe without a doubt that these three visions were prophetic. I never tire of listening to Father Blount describe his encounter with the Queen of Heaven. I think it is so profound that our Holy Mother, knowing that Father was still searching for a meaning to his visions, patiently explained them to him. Perhaps Father Blount was chosen by heaven to prepare the faithful for these 'blackouts'. Although chilling, I hope these prophecies will be fulfilled in Father's lifetime.
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    maybe the warning won't come until he has a revelation about it first.
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    Agree Jo. I wasn't sure either but after i listened to more and more talks and homilies I am very impressed.
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