Fr James Blount: Our Lady of Good Success

Discussion in 'Marian Apparitions' started by Blizzard, Jun 19, 2021.

  1. Blizzard

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    Prophecies for our times.

  2. Michael Pio

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    I love Our Lady of Good Success, an approved apparition with messages from the 17th century that relate to our time. Our Lady even foretold that Ecuador will be a Republic.
    Fr. mentions in the video that the Triumph of Mother Mary will occur shortly after the year 2000. Where did he get that from, I wonder, I can't remember having read any mention of the year 2000 in Mother Mariana's prophecies?
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  3. AED

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    Thank you for posting this!!!
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    We need to thank those 7 incorrupt nuns from the 1600's for praying for our times and for us . Fascinating link between Elizabeth Kindleman's Flame of Love prophecies and Our Lady of Good Success
    This video is full of great hope. Thank you.
  5. BrianK

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    Yes, it truly is. And that’s something we desperately need right now!
  6. Blizzard

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    Incidentally “good success “ seems to be a mistranslation.

    Not that it matters much. Just a detail.


    Our Lady of the Good Event is the English translation of the Spanish-language Catholic Marian title Nuestra Señora del Buen Suceso, often mistranslated as Our Lady of Good Success due to the superficial similarity between the Spanish word "suceso" (meaning "event") and the English false friend "success."

    Our Lady of the Good Event in Quito, Ecuador
    Properly speaking, the phrase "Good Event" refers to the Purification of Mary and the Presentation of Jesus.[1]
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  7. Blizzard

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    A priest full of passion with burning love for Jesus and His Holy Mother.

    One who does not despise prophecy and sees the signs of the times.

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  8. Blizzard

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    The extraordinary life of Mother Mariana. Quito part 1

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    Thank you, Blizzard.
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    Blessings, Blizzard.
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  12. ellen

    ellen Ellen

    I just spent the entire morning watching all three videos on OL of GS and came away ....well..depressed to put it mildly! :(

    So now I need to get some weight off my chest.....

    I know my ways of thinking are not Gods ways of thinking and that I surely don't understand the meaning of it all as Heaven does but .... DANG.... WHY??

    WHY is God putting up with humanity at all? It seems to me he should have pulled the plug on his ungrateful...weak...flawed..STUPID creatures centuries ago and said "ENOUGH.... You never will be what I intended you to be!" You have proven yourselves ( over and over and over again) to be unworthy of all I planned to give you !!!

    In fact ....according to prophecy.... after HE steps in and literally GIVES humanity a Golden Age of peace,prosperity and righteousness for a thousand years .....we eventually slip BACK to our old ways....yet again!!!

    The ONLY "saving grace" that makes some sense out of whats happening ( again .... God didn't give ME a blueprint of his plan so that I can decide what to do) so I'm speculating here... is that hes doing it ALL for the very,very FEW who follow his will and stay faithful to hm and his church thru this incredible darkness .

    So at the end of the 3rd video we are told that by way of the prayers (rosaries)....fastings.... trials/tribulations and sufferings offered to Our Lady in absolute obedience to her requests and in total humility ....SHE will ...through her Immaculate Heart... bring about all that is Good and Holy for all humanity to enjoy!!

    And even tho I get VERY disheartened by what I see and hear (like the Michael Voris interview with the 9 priests for example) and don't think I can stomach one more second of it all ...I pray that I persevere and double up on all I can do in my state of life to honor Our Lady and her requests of ME!!!

    If this answer to my own question is not the real correct least it keeps me ...KEEPIN ON!! ;)
  13. HeavenlyHosts

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    Hi, Ellen. Remember Noah and his family.
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  14. PurpleFlower

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    Apparently it has always been the understanding of the saints and theologians that there are far more going to hell than being saved. I never really knew that until recently, and it's pretty shocking and sobering. But it helps explain the world around us.

    I think Mary's triumph will be so great because a much larger number than ever before will be saved through mass conversions....basically a HUGE number of prodigal sons that will return amidst the greatest rejoicing the Church has ever experienced.
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  15. Ananchal

    Ananchal Vigilans

    I love this post. I understand every feeling that went into it and then some. I have at times expressed my exasperation to my priest wanting to know WHY I have to go thru so much to help the undeserving.

    He always reminds me of 3 things 1) Who said I was deserving? 2) That is why God is God and I’m not 3) Stubbornly asking why THAT plan is the plan is what got Lucifer sent to Hell. :cautious::confused::oops::rolleyes::D
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  16. HeavenlyHosts

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  17. HeavenlyHosts

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    Fr James Blount saw a vision where he saw the world wrapped in darkness. I don’t remember exactly. Does anyone else remember? I think he was outside of a church getting ready to go inside. I also think he saw this wrapping of the earth three times consecutively at the same event. I also seem to remember that Our Lady was involved.
    It was posted on the forum awhile back.
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  18. ellen

    ellen Ellen

    ".... ls the correct response, of course . to the question of WHY?

    The real possibility of what the saints and theologians have been saying ..... that a large part of humanity will end up in HELL is truly shocking and sobering... as Purple Flower says...but... it may be TRUE!!! That grim reality is finally sinking in to my thick..distracted head .

    Do those of us who are aware of this distinct possibility run out into the wide wide world a shout to everyone ...REPENT YOU FOOLS .... before its too late!!" (I'm thinking here of my foolish ... hell bent family members.I want to grab them by the shoulders and shake them silly until they come to their senses) Would this work? NAH!!

    I am convinced that the most effective way to go... therefore is what Jesus tells us that we should do "TRUST ME!!!" he says. He was very clear that the Divine Mercy Chaplet said for sinners is VERY,VERY effective in saving souls from HELL.

    In a similar manner ..Our Lady has knocked herself out telling us over the ages what we must do...She asks us to pray..pray.. pray the rosary.. do First Fridays and First Saturdays ..we all know what she asks!

    We should respond to her wishes the best we can according to out station in life... Dont know about you but I dont want to look back in horrendous sorrow knowing that I could have done more...but then its too late!!

    I try to spend as many hours as possible every day doing what Jesus and Mary have asked me to do. I have EWTN ( r0sary 3 times a day) on all day and go to daily mass and am trying to get to the Adoration Chapel now that its open. Ive also been fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays for years now.

    Sorry .. for being so long winded! I know I'm preaching to the choir! :whistle:
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  19. HeavenlyHosts

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    God bless you, Ellen. Thank you for your
    devotion and good example.
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  20. RoryRory

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    God bless you. I am trying also with Rosary and Chaplet and prayers esp. to St. Joseph but seem so busy trying to keep up with daily chores. I do go to Adoration as much as I can but fail to fast and go to daily mass. Now our Adoration has been cancelled since a while but should start again soon.I love being with Our Lord .
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