Fr. Hollowell has a Brain Tumour

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    I think that Fr. Hollowell is the priest who usually offers the Latin Mass on Dr. Taylor Marshall's Rosary pilgrimages.

    Fr. Hollowell will have surgery to remove the tumour and he says that the prognosis is good:

    Quoting Fr. Hollowell:

    "One request: When the scandals of 2018 broke out, most of you know that they have affected me deeply, as they have most of the Church. I prayed in 2018 that if there was some suffering I could undertake on behalf of all the victims, some cross I could carry, I would welcome that. I feel like this is that cross, and I embrace it willingly. I would love to have a list of victims of priestly abuse that I could pray for each day. I would like to dedicate each day of this recovery/chemo/radiation to 5-10 victims, and I would like, if possible, to even write them a note letting them know of my prayers for them. IF YOU KNOW OF A PERSON OR YOU ARE A VICTIM YOURSELF, with the victims permission, please send me the name and, if possible, a mailing address so that I can send them a note, that would be much appreciated. my email address is fatherjohnhollowell at gmail."

    Please include Fr. Hollowell in your prayers.
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