Fr Corapi's announcement - he's leaving priesthood

Discussion in 'Video Blogs' started by garabandal, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. garabandal

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    I found this video to be rather sad - the first from the black sheepdog - John Corapi

    He just looks so sad and lost. Your heart goes out to him - so we must fast & pray for him as all priests:

    God is certainly testing us all as the time of grace, extends beyond what we expected and the world minute by minute plunges deeper into iniquity. There is no doubt that these are frightening times for many people. The foundation stones are crumbling and there is a great, great crash on the horizon

    Be prepared to be hauled before the courts for being an orthodox Christian.

    O Mother of Perpetual help, aid us in our distressing times:
  2. padraig

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    Not a single scriptural reference,mention of God, of the spiritual, of prayer. A rambling incoherant peroration.

    I note he appears to refer to himself as , 'Us' frequently, which is sadly puzzling. You're right , Bobby very sad and a subject of prayer.

    But actions have consequences and he has to take responsibility for his own; he has done HUGE HARM.

    I am jealous of the jacket though. 8) I want it.
  3. PotatoSack

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    He did not mention our holy mother Mary either. He seemed to have been so close to her.

    It is so sad. I think he looks sad and broken too. He's not that firey anymore. I can't believe this is the same person I used to watch on EWTN.

    Did you notice at the end when the vido faded, his head just dropped? It crushed my heart. I think he's in the most severe battle with stan right now. We must pray non-stop for him and all our priests. I think he'll really lose it when whatever he plans on doing does not take off. I believe he will lose followers over time. There were a lot more dislikes than likes above the comment section. But I think with each one who stops following, that person will immediately turn to prayer for's the good fruit of his ministry...he's created a lot of prayer warriors who will be reaching out to our holy mother to intercede.

    As Fr. Corapi always said...never let a wounded comrad fall into enemy hands. Well, he's wounded now and the enemy is about to grab him. Let's pray like there's no tomorrow for him!
  4. Seán

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    It's as if he was possessed. Either that or he's totally lost contact with reality. He's all over the place. Not once does he hold eye contact with the camera.

    ...Something seriously wrong, eerily wrong, has happened.
  5. Lee

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    Padre Pio
  6. MomsCalling

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    Ah, I see it is here already. I was going to post it from his website:

    Wow, I didn't think it was as bad as all of you did. I thought he looked a bit embarrased and was trying to be calm and humble. I did agree he looked sad and deflated. I didn't like his choice of clothing...made him look like any other tough guy on the street where he used to look like a tough priest. The Harley jacket was a nice one, but I didn't care for the visual message he was sending. And the beard, THAT is BLACK!

    I thought he was being subdued deliberately to try to calm down the hostility that is out there, but you could see in his lack of eye contact that he is deeply troubled by all this. I was confused though, at the statements above saying he never mentioned God - what about his whole speech to us in the end about following Jesus and the Church? He mentioned Jesus several times there. I didn't expect too much of that in this video, really. I think he just decided that the whole thing about not showing his face wasn't working to his advantage, so made this to prove he was physically ok...(well, sort of ok anywa)y.
    Ho Hum...I do feel sad for him and I will continue to pray, pray, pray.

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