Fr Corapi's announcement - he's leaving priesthood

Discussion in 'Video Blogs' started by garabandal, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. PotatoSack

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    How profoundly sad :cry: After reading Lee's post about him not conquering his past, I was really hoping he had not fallen back onto his old ways. I was also worried since he has not physically been seen even in his audio clips...which I thought was weird...but I suppose his apperance could be changed if he is using drugs, which might be why he doesn't want to be seen. We all have our demons to conquer and unhealed wounds. Unfortunately Fr. Corapi has a real battle on his hands in overcoming his. I'll continue to pray for him, and hope at some point he faces his problems and turns them all over to God...offers up all the suffering while getting "clean"...and preaches once again. For nothing is impossible with God!
  2. Lee

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    Potato, I'm right beside you. The first thought I had was that prayer was more important now than ever.
  3. padraig

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    I must put my hand up and admit I was totally fooled by all this. I had the Father down for canonisation. It is a lesson to me in the need for humility and the need for deeper discernment. Still I don't know that being fooled is a sin.

    As you say I'm still praying for Fr Corapi but more urgently for those whose faith has been undermined by all this.

    Fr Corapi whereever he is must be in a living hell , his conscience a total torture. But God would forgive him in an instant. I doubt very much if he will ever be a public figure again. Once bitten , twice shy.
  4. Lee

    Lee Principalities

    It's an interesting thought that you present here. In my mind, there are many priests who I think should be canonized, however, Fr. Corapi never fit in that category to me, which I hadn't noticed until know.
    But if I wanted to learn the faith, the sound teachings of the Church, it was to him that I went. He was anointed when it came to preaching and teaching. I had missed entirely (over looked?) that his actions didn't reflect the professions. Whether it was my lack of discernment or great deception I don't know, maybe both?
    But prayer is such a powerful thing, there's great healing that can come from it. Makes me wonder though...does he want it?
  5. MomsCalling

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    Fr. Corapi sure could talk the talk, as you say, Lee. And if you listen to him now, he says that this has always been his "gift" and that the Church recognized this as his gift, and he plans to continue to use this gift as a non-public priest moving forward, because this is more important than being a public priest. His analogy is that his order cannot stop him from preaching his messages if he leaves...which is true, I suppose. He has made allogations against them and against certain levels of authority and church practices concerning justice. He has argued that justice in the church isn't "fair", isn't the same as the civil court justice - which it isn't. However, I actually do not feel comfortable reading all these allegations publically stated by the order against him almost seems that they are each commiting sins of slander here, since these statements are being made on both sides, it seems, as a means of attack on each other. I think all the way around this just isn't right. The order has the right to defend itself, but does it have the right to make these public statements about Fr. Corapi before the investigations are concluded? To me, this will only make matters worse in the general public eye. I am afraid this will cause a wave of anti-Catholic rebellion, especially on the part of those who still love and believe in Fr. Corapi, or of those who are just waiting for another reason to criticise the Chruch. What does everyone else think? Does it seem right to you that they retaliated like this publically at this time? I think it was a mistake. True or not, I just don't think this was the right time. I do hope it helps some Catholics, but it will turn others further away, I think.

    I still think the reason Fr. Corapi has not shown himself has been solely for dramatic affect. He wants to be thought of now as the black sheepdog, so will leave the public with that image for a while. When he does come out, it will be at a large gathering, mark my words, and people will go there to see him, and he will make a lot of money then. It will be shortly AFTER his book comes out too, so he can do a book signing and etc.. All this is for him to hit us with a bang. I do not think he is drug-ridden or anything like that. Perhaps he has abused drugs and alcohol during his ministry (many priests do), but I do not think that is why he is not showing himself. For him, I think the biggest demon that he still has not beaten is greed - lust for money and fame. He will join the ranks of other evangelists out there who make a lot of money and live well, as it appears he already has. He, unfortunately, is not humble. Perhaps he has had humble moments, but for the most part, he has been boastful even in his priestly ministry. Thus the greed has never left him. It did seem crazy to pay $80.00 like I did for his DVD series on Spiritual Warfare. It shocked me that it was so expensive. And he is still trying to sell his wares now, in the middle of all this. His messages may still be very good in many ways, but his soul is in trouble,I fear, so he does need our prayers. And it doesn't matter if he wants it or not, but I think deep down he must know he needs our prayers.
  6. Mario

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    From the Diary of St. Faustina (nos. 186-187):

    Today Jesus said to me ...Call upon My mercy on behalf of sinners; I desire their salvation. When you say this prayer, with a contrite heart and faith on behalf of some sinner, I will give him the grace of conversion. This is the prayer: "O Blood and Water that gushes forth from the Heart of Jesus as a font of Mercy for us, I trust in you."

    Whether he wants the prayers or not, Fr. Corapi will get this one from me, daily.


    It is the nature of institutions, whether humanly or divinely inspired, to practice damage control. It is something to which I also personally succomb too frequently. :roll:

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
  7. MomsCalling

    MomsCalling Principalities

    Point taken, Mario! :p
  8. PotatoSack

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    I was completely duped and fooled, as I as well thought he was on his way to sainthood. Whenever I visualized our lady's triumph of her immaculate heart alongside her priests, it was Fr. Corapi who I saw right next to her. But since he seemed to be living a double life, I don't think it was any lack of discernment or overlooking any actions on our seems like he was lying to himself, his superiors, and us for quite awhile. I guess addictions, greed, pride, etc., will lead one to do that. Especially addictions I think, will lead us to do and say things we never would otherwise.

    I don't think his superiors were being malicious or wrong in publically stating their findings. I believe it's part damage control as Mario said, but also I feel they have an obligation to state the facts for the spiritual well-being of those still following him. No one knows what he will be preaching about long term...who knows...he may even begin to speak against the church...especially if he starts to lose control of the situation as more facts come out. Sometimes people will say anything to retain their power or cover an addiction. I think they had to do that so people could make a more informed decision on whether they will continue to listen to him. I won't be listening to him anymore. But I will be praying for him and those he may be leading astray and away from the catholic church. I don't think he's ready to cooperate with God's mercy and forgiveness right now...I just pray that he is soon. I think we all feel the time is short before we see the true state of our souls as God sees it.
  9. padraig

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    I thought his talks were wonderful, PS, not since Fulton Sheen have I heard a priest talk like him. He just seemed ful lof the Holy Spirit.

    I find things like this really keep me humbled. Maybe as you say it couldn't be helped but personally My mouth just dropped open when I heard the news. Incredible.

    I don't know but as I think others have posted there is something really spookey and errie about the whole buisness. Black sheepdog, indeed.
  10. Lee

    Lee Principalities

    Excuse me?
    You know what I read here is a "disobedient priest" not a public or a private priest. This is an example of "self will run riot".
    He wants to be free to preach "his messages"? I thought they were God's messages.
    And how do we know the "investigation" is not concluded? Maybe they found all they need to know, maybe they knew it all along and lack courage to come forward. Corapi is a formidable adversary, he has made many cower along the way. There's evidence of that in this diocese alone.
    I understand about damage control and wanting to spare the anti catholic rebellion but we are responsible, all of us, to put principle before personality, always.
    This appears to be a long standing battle in warfare and frankly, looking at the battlefield, I'd say sparky has the upper hand right now.
    Prayer, deep and intense prayer is the weapon needed here for every one involved.
  11. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Spot on Lee! It's in the Bible 1 Peter 5:8 'Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour'

    We are in a spiritual war and there will be casualties so we pray for our enemies and for those who fall. 'But for the grace of God'!

    We also need to pray for the gift of discernment.

    May 2nd 2009 in a powerful message our Blessed Mother warned

    "Dear children! Already for a long time I am giving you my Motherly heart and offering my Son to you. You are rejecting me. You are permitting sin to overcome you more and more. You are permitting it to master you and to take away your power of discernment. My poor children, look around you and look at the signs of the times. Do you think that you can do without God’s blessing? Do not permit darkness to envelop you. From the depth of your heart cry out for my Son. His Name disperses even the greatest darkness. I will be with you, you just call me: 'Here we are Mother, lead us.' Thank you."

    We must purge ourselves of sin - this is the true spirit of Medjugorje - personal conversion. We must convert while there is still time. We need to take these messages seriously and repent in sackcloth & ashes. We need to bow down & prostrate ourselves in reverent adoration to the Triune God and ask forgiveness for all of our sins and offences. Thank God he is full of tenderness and compassion and we can be transformed in an instant!
  12. maryrose

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    All we have to cling to at the end of the day is the cross of Jesus. We must not put our trust in any one man. This had to be brought out in the open to save many who based their faith on this man. Its all about Jesus. The victory in the end is the victory of the cross.
    We must pray for priests always just as our dear mother requests.

  13. Catherine

    Catherine New Member

    Here's his response/letter dated July 7th from
    Always pray for all priests!
    My Response Regarding Tuesday’s Press Release From SOLT.

    Jul 7

    Posted by The Black SheepDog

    I am going to answer in a simple, straight forward way what seem to me the main elements of the action taken against me by the Diocese of Corpus Christi and the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity.

    Regarding my personal financial situation—From the earliest days (more than twenty years ago) the Founder of the Society of Our Lady, Fr. James Flanagan, encouraged me to support myself and the Church as well. He said they could not afford to support my ministry and me personally because of the unique nature of the mission. At every step of the way, through the entire past twenty years, the Society of Our Lady’s leadership knew of my financial independence. As Fr. Flanagan encouraged, I have supported SOLT and myself from ‘day-one.‘ I have never relied on the Society for shelter, clothing, transportation, medical care, or legal counsel and instead, using my history of success in business, set up my mission as any savvy business man would, meanwhile continuing to support the Society and many other Catholic Charities.

    Regarding the charge of sexual impropriety—This song of greed has been sung many times before. I have never had any promiscuous or even inappropriate relations with her. Never.

    Regarding the investigation—As standard practice, my legal counsel advised me not to cooperate with the investigation until I was able to determine that the Commission’s process was fair and I had adequate rights to defend myself. Questions that certainly qualify the validity of any legal case have never been answered by the so called “fact finding team.” They refuse to reveal, and therefore utilize, any of the so-called evidence perhaps because if ‘the bad guy’ were truly revealed it may be revealed that he is really not that bad. Clearly, as my legal counsel has portrayed, the evidence supplied by the accused (of which my counsel is not permitted access to) must not have any substance.

    Regarding ‘hush money’—I never paid anybody off to remain silent. On two occasions there were standard severance agreements executed with former employees and independent contractors. These agreements contained very common non-disclosure provisions. Any attorney who would not include such provisions in such agreements would rightly be guilty of negligent and actionable conduct.

    Regarding my resignation—I resigned because the process used by the Church is grossly unjust, and, hence, immoral. I resigned because I had no chance from the beginning of a fair and just hearing. As I have indicated from the beginning of all this, I am not extinguished! If I were to commit to the suggestion of the Society, then I would essentially crawl under a rock and wait to die. However, I can not deny this desire to share aspects of Truth and Hope with all those willing to hear. This is what I shall continue to fight for! Many are not going to appreciate this decision, and I respect that. For those who can accept it, onward!
  14. Lee

    Lee Principalities

    You know there is so much I could say in rebuttal but it seems pointless. It will make no difference, except perhaps to lead me to sin. This precious man, this priest, who belongs to Our Lady is in desperate need of prayer. Amen.
  15. MomsCalling

    MomsCalling Principalities know, I could deal with his statements defending himself, and even somewhat understand when realizing that by doing that he is calling the authorities at SOLT liars, I mean, its either him or them, right?

    But the closing paragraph went way over the top for me. Here he slanders the Church itself, so as many of you have feared...there he goes.

    I don't know a lot about the various orders and their ways and rules and such, but I am confused as to why he never lived in community with his order, as he states above that he has never..."I have supported SOLT and myself from ‘day-one.‘ I have never relied on the Society for shelter, clothing, transportation, medical care, or legal counsel and instead, using my history of success in business, set up my mission as any savvy business man would, meanwhile continuing to support the Society and many other Catholic Charities."

    So why belong to an order like SOLT then? Especially one that demands poverty and community living as I thought they did? So, he never gave up his wealth, and never gave up running his life essentially as a business. How or why would an order allow that in the first place? It is all so odd.
  16. padraig

    padraig Powers

    Yes. It all seems very odd. I never heard of a religious order running things this way. But there are so very many odd things about it all.
  17. Lee

    Lee Principalities

    There's never been a priest like Fr. Corapi before.
  18. padraig

    padraig Powers

    That's a very big statement.
  19. Lee

    Lee Principalities

    Sorry, I meant it in the way that " there's never been a Padraig like this before, never been a Maryrose like this before"...that he was/is unique.
    However, his behavior is not new. I imagine the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity has never had a priest like this before!
  20. Kathleen

    Kathleen New Member

    through this issue, I really understand the reason for the priest living a life of poverty and living in an order and obediance to the church. Humility is so important to our path to Heaven. He needs our prayers. Pray, pray, pray, Kath

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