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Discussion in 'Forum Maintenance' started by "Quis ut Deus", Jul 18, 2020.

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    I like the idea of naughty step(s)...or go to the 'prayer corner' for a time out with a set of rosary beads. This would be better way instead of banning a long-time forum member. This time out could be just a temporary ban of like a week or so... in order to have a "cool off" time period. Just an idea... I always feel better and enlightened after praying the rosary. Mama Mary teaches us, guides us, gives us peace, etc. +++
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    I would prefer "the comfy chair."
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    We could borrow the Marquis of Queensbury rules from the boxers :LOL:. Not to worry. As the fella said, we'll get over this - nobody died. Maybe we could have a colour coded warning system leading up to three strikes and you're out.

    Being a moderator is a thankless job. I think the moderators here are great - not nearly as heavy handed as they have a right to be. It's a pity there aren't more volunteers to share the load. Three reasons I haven't volunteered: (1) I'm a tech numpty; (2) it's usually late at night when I can spend time on the forum and tiredness affects my concentration levels which would impair my judgement; (3) I would ban everyone who doesn't agree with me, causing the membership to shrink to single digits.

    I think that everyone who has posted on this thread could be a good moderator. Mario would be great and has already offered to moderate a thread about meditative prayer (note to Mario: I'm looking forward to seeing you start that thread :)) A few others who spring to mind are DeGaulle, DonD, Muzhik and SgCatholic. Carol, too, although lately she doesn't seem to be spending much time on the forum.
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    In our first grades there is a chair under a banana tree on the wall. The teacher just says " I think you need to sit under the banana tree and think about what you just did".....
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    I love this creative way of making one “think” about what they did or said . A time out. A good “time out “ gives us the opportunity to cool off and not make comments that escalate a situation. The discipline to just walk away from a brewing controversy is prudent....but fraternal correction is sometimes necessary. The trick is knowing the difference... not such a easy call.
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    Maybe we could send errant forum members to the Banana Tree? :)
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    Gods Love in reality is the only love, and we see that He often had and has to reprove us to ensure His love!

    I remember when my children were little, the times when love had to be enforced, it was hard for me as a parent, because sometimes it is easier to just let the status quo be and just hope for the best.
    If I witnessed one of my children being a bully or being condescending to another one of my children, I knew I needed to stop this in its tracks, not just for the one being bullied! but most importantly for the one who was the bully!
    I would not permit bullying behaviour and my children knew that they were expected to be loving even if they disagreed or felt hurt by one of their siblings. Amazingly today all my children now in their thirties and late twenties have a love and respect for each other that I don't see in some families.

    So do not be troubled.

    No matter what we do, the world will also have an impact on those we love, be that family or others we love, as the world still had its influence on my children and even though they may love each other, some have left the faith, this is my great sorrow and I constantly pray for their conversion/reversion because they need to repent of their sins and they need the peace of Christ in their lives, a peace the world cannot give .

    God bless you
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  9. Beth B

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    lol...actually, that might not be a bad idea...a corrective and reflective opportunity to calm down the emotions that usually drive so much personal contention. I pity the moderator who has to make these hard calls though....a rough, but necessary duty....:(

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