For we wrestle not against flesh and blood

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  1. Don_D

    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    I came across this interview of Jerry Marzinsky, who spent a career spanning 30 years working with the psychotic and criminally insane in mental asylums and prisons.
    He has some very interesting things to say about his time treating those who suffer from mental illness that the establishment psychiatric community has spent decades trying to disprove and cover up. It is a rather long interview at over 2 hours but I thought others might find it interesting and worth a listen. I don't think you will be disappointed.

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  2. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Haven't watched the video yet, but most certainly will do.

    I came to this thread on account of the heading to share the outcome of an appointment with my Consultant Nephrologist today.

    He asked if I had the dreaded vaccination to which I responded "No, I am waiting for a moral ethical vaccine to be made available." We had a bit of conversation and I explained to him I am a practising Catholic and to me the use of cell lines from aborted babies is like me trying to save my own life at the expense of the death of another human being. I told him I do not fear death from being vaccinated, but if I die after the vaccines available at the moment, I would have to stand before God and answer to Him.

    I told the consultant this decision is so serious to me, if he the consultant asked me to go next door and kill my neighbour then come back to him and he would be able to approve the next Rituximab infusions for the treatment of my vasculitis; that conveys how hard this decision is for me. He had asked me to think about it, and that was my reply. He said if I have a vaccine after the Rituximab, the vaccine would likely be less effective, and he said Pfizer does not use cell lines from aborted babies. I said they all use cell lines from aborted babies to test the batches as a quality check after production.

    Anyway, the long and the short of it is he said if my condition gets worse which he thinks it will without the treatment, he will arrange for me to have the Rituximab whether I get the vaccine or not. I told him I am ok with taking the risk of waiting for the right vaccine, and having the Rituximab anyway.

    This feels like turning the clock back to the post Vatican era when I made the serious well informed decision not to take the contraceptive pill like everyone else because it was not right in the sight of God, Whose Will is more important to me than any illness or vaccine.

    FOR WE WRESTLE NOT AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD. The thread heading seemed bang on target. And the fight goes on.
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  3. theflyingnun

    theflyingnun Principalities

    Wonderful post Julia

    I pray that God blesses you many times over!
  4. Don_D

    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    My cousin was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic as a teenager. I spent a lot of time around him growing up and his disease began when he began using meth which seems to be a commonality with many people suffering from these ailments. After his problems began and I experienced them first hand and I could not shake the premonition that he was actually experiencing diabolic oppression. Of course, no psychologist would ever support such mid-evil notions and he suffered years of institutionalization and medications which left him a shell of his prior self. It is good to see that some who have first hand experience are speaking out.
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  5. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    Don, I have been thinking of you! You have not fallen off the face of the Earth, which is proof that gravity exists. :D
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  6. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    Amen, Julia.
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  7. Don_D

    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    Nope, but if my cat had his way he would push me off the edge I bet! :)
  8. Jo M

    Jo M Powers

    Incredible. :eek: Duct tape is mighty versatile.
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  9. theflyingnun

    theflyingnun Principalities

    I hope and pray that your cousin is doing better now!
    Oddly enough, we have a Psycho Therapist with 40 years of experience, staying with us right now for a couple of days. After I watched this video, I had asked her if she had ever experienced any of her patients telling her about shadowy figures, she said many times her patients had described to her about shadowy figures.
    It’s a shame that psychiatrists just give them medicine to dull their senses, when what a lot of them need is an Exorcism!
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  10. Don_D

    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    He is doing better so long as he stays away from street drugs. He can function for the most part pretty well. He still hears voices although he does not act out on what they tell him for the most part.
    I found it very interesting the high suicide rates of psychologists also.
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    HeavenlyHosts Powers

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  12. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    The video is aaaaaamazing! Would it be possible for you to tell your cousin the voices are parasites like this man is saying on the video. Wouldn't it be awesome of he managed to shake them off, and get cured.

    Mind you if he still gives in and uses, poor man would be opening the doors to more of those voices getting back in. God help him.
  13. theflyingnun

    theflyingnun Principalities

    Although I have not watched this podcast that was talked about earlier in the last video, here is the link.

    Sheep Farm | Podcast | Jerry Marzinsky | The Psychotic Mind Breaking The Spell Of the Ivory Tower

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  14. Muzhik

    Muzhik Powers

    Remember: Angels fly because they take themselves lightly! :)
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  15. AED

    AED Powers

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  16. Mario

    Mario Powers

    It is situations like these that the old proverb is truly tested: actions speak louder than words!

    Good for you, Julia. Thank you for your living witness!

    He who loves me will keep my commandments.
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