For our Fatima procession on a stormy day...

Discussion in 'Prayer requests' started by PurpleFlower, Oct 13, 2021.

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    My FSSP parish is having a Fatima procession tomorrow, Oct 13. It's a candlelight procession in the evening/early night. Lots of big families holding candles and lights walking down roads and park paths for an hour and a half. My husband and other Knights of Columbus will be carrying speakers leading us in 15 decades of the rosary, songs, and other prayers, and there will be a beautiful lifesize statue of Our Lady of Fatima carried at the lead.

    The problem is... there is rain and potential storms forecast for that timeframe. If there is lightning, we won't be able to go on our procession. If there's rain, we will still go and just get very wet (and candles won't do us much good). Please pray that Our Lady takes pity on us and prevents at least the lightning so we may honor her with our procession! No rain at all would be a very welcome miracle as well!
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    Dear Purple Flower,
    We had the very same problem here, although far away. No procession other than inside the Church, but beautiful Rosary and adoration.
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    A huge thank you to those who prayed! It was a miracle! It was supposed to rain through the whole procession but it didn't even sprinkle on us for the entire 2 hours...until the very second we arrived back at the covered pavilion by the church, when the skies opened and it poured out like a waterfall..thunder, lightning and all! For the next two hours as we enjoyed our potluck, it never stopped raining cats and dogs. I'll never forget this miraculous blessing.
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    Throwback pic from about 4 years ago, an October procession I took part in. You can clearly see a beautiful aura of light around Our Lady’s statue. 8B6C3D75-9DFE-4860-80EB-2C1D23929285.jpeg
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    Wow - you can see the light surrounding Our Lady. Just beautiful.
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    Wow, that is amazing!
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    Wow. Gorgeous.
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