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  1. lynnfiat

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    From Our Lady through Fr. Gobbi, Marian Movement of Priests, #180
    "To my daughter, Sister Lucy, I promised special protection at the moment of death and to obtain the graces necessary for salvation for all my children who, harking to my requests, will have devoutly carried out the practice of the five first Saturdays."
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  2. Mario

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    Praise God! I was able to make a 10 am Holy Mass this morning! Our pastor does something unique that pertains to Our Lady of Fatima's request to spend at least 15 minutes meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary on the First Saturdays. At the end of Holy Mass we kneel and he names each of the 20 mysteries followed by about 45 seconds of silence to reflect on each one. (45 X 20) divided by 60 = 15 minutes. :D

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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  3. RoryRory

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    Wonderful. I was able to make it also.
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  4. lynnfiat

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    What a wonderful Pastor you have! Thank you Lord for Holy Priests
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  5. Beth B

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    First Saturday coming up! February 1st!
    A Fatima devotion that has great spiritual value!

    new video on it:

  6. RoryRory

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    Yes I will be there. We are blessed because we live in a rural area and have 1st. Fr. Mass confessions Rosary and meditation and meal after .And to top it off we have 2 Brothers or Priests from the Heralds of the Gospels with us this Sat.
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  7. RosaryWielder

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    One more First Saturday Devotion for my Atheist brother, then it’s on to the Two Hearts Novena for me. :)
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  8. AED

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    You are truly blessed! So are we. We have a morning Mass for First Saturday and our lovely Fr Jack who will hear confessions. On first friday we have our young priest in the parish who does a holy hour confessions and Mass. Blessed!!
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  9. RosaryWielder

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    I couldn't go to confession this morning because there is a funeral at the Cathedral. Please pray that my parish priest is available to hear my confession this evening.
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  10. AED

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    I will pray RW. God bless.
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  11. lynnfiat

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    First Saturday meditation on the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple"

    Meditation of the Presentation

    During the Mass, I become a Bethlehem. The cave where Jesus is to be born is inside my heart. I try to prepare a place fit for Him to be born, but it is cold and dark inside, and yet, He chooses to be born here.

    Upon His arrival, my cave becomes all Light and the darkness and cold within disappear. Mother Mary wraps Him tightly in my heart as She wrapped Him in swaddling clothes. The Lord is now with Me! I go to bring Him to others. It is time to present Him to God the Father; I bring Him within me to the temple (the Mass) to present Him to the Father. He leaves my heart as He leaves the arms of Our Mother to be placed in the arms of Simeon (the Priest). Simeon takes Him into his arms and blesses God. (My eyes have seen your salvation which you prepared in sight of all the peoples.” My eyes look at Jesus in the Eucharist – our salvation – prepared in sight of all the people at the Mass. Then Jesus is given back to me as Simeon handed Him back to Mary. This “sign that will be contradicted” is now with me. As I carry Him with me, I know that I too become a sign of contradiction.
    Lynne Bauer, Oct. 21, 1996
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  12. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie really are blessed!
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  13. RosaryWielder

    RosaryWielder Archangels

    Thank you, I managed to make it and complete my First Saturday Devotion for my brother. Up next, the Two Hearts Novena.
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