First Saturday (and First Friday)

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    A First Saturday Meditation:

    Our Lord calls out to His Father, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” The Light from the Father diminishes within Him and Heaven seems to no longer hear Him. He sees before Him the souls of all those who would abandon Him and the extinguished lights of all those who would be lost forever – being deprived of the ones He could not save – His greatest torment. How many would be lost? Did He feel that He suffered in vain? He sees His Churches and chapels empty – no one is there to console His great sorrow. He sees those who abandon His Church – His Mystical Body – abandoned by so many. Even His apostles have abandoned Him. He is alone with only His Mother to comfort Him. In sorrow, He cries out, “I thirst!” – thirsting for the souls that He is in agony for, thirsting for the souls He knows He is to die for. He is truly the “spurned one”. He continues today to pour out His Mercy for those who are lost, that they might repent and be saved. He feels as much abandoned today as He did when He hung upon the Cross. He cries out to the Father for us….(so sorrowful that I leave this unfinished)
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    Every cloud....
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    Sorry-I’m late seeing this…. Happy Anniversary Terry!

    thankful that we got to Mass and Adoration Friday , Mass Saturday morning and yesterday visiting fam in Bethlehem PA - confession before Mass!

    btw/ Saturday’s was feast -St. Sixtus- early pope and martyr. Father mentioned that most of the early popes were martyrs. They knew going into the “job” that they would be killed. So while this took courage, it really was an act of faith. Father used the original Eucharistic (and longer) prayer (I) at that Mass on Saturday. I wish it was used more often. I find it more reverent and like to hear the names of apostles and saints.
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    This week is First Friday and First Saturday.

    Thank you Lord for giving these opportunities to repair for all the sins of the world.
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    "These are the hours of battle, and therefore those weapons which I have prepared especially for you must be made use of:
    -the consecration to My Immaculate Heart
    -the frequent recitation of the holy rosary,
    -and the practice of the five first Saturdays of the month in reparation for the offenses committed against my motherly Heart."

    "To my daughter, Sister Lucy, I promised special protection at the moment of death and to obtain the graces necessary for salvation for all my children who, harking to my requests, will have devoutly carried out the practice of the five first Saturdays."

    Our Blessed Mother to Fr. Gobbi, Marian Movement of Priests, #180
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    Bumping this up as a reminder of First Friday & First Saturday, the last two in the year of St Joseph.
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    Bump again for a reminder ! Prayers, prayers, prayers! Peace.
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  9. The Virgin Mary and The Protestant Minister
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