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    Something I’ve often wondered.
    When and where was the first apparition of Our Lady?
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    France's love for Our Lady dates many centuries before Loures and La Salette.
    The first recorded apparition of Our Blessed Mother occurred in the year 40. She was still alive at the time and living in Jerusalem, meaning the apparition was an act of bilocation. She had made a promise to the apostle, James the Greater, telling him that she would visit once he started his journey of carrying the gospel message to the ends of the earth.

    James was in what is now Spain and Our Lady bilocated there to make her promised visit. Appearing on a marble column, she commissioned James to build a church on the site. Today, the Cathedral of Zaragoza surrounds the chapel of Santa Maria del Pilar, Our Lady of Pillar, which was a pre-Assumption apparition and is the only act of bilocation attributed to her. All of her other appearances have occurred after the Assumption

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