Finding the Face of Jesus

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    After years of researching the Shroud of Turin and being in the photographic industry and a photo restoration specialist, I have restored the image on the Shroud. It is not from the 'negative' that everyone sees, but from the original image created on the burial cloth. Barrie Schwortz from the Shroud team was kind enough to let me use his photographic copy of the burial cloth. Most scientists claim the original is a negative, I disagree, the original is the original, although it has to be 'flipped' because the image was created on the cloth directly on the body. The negative of the original photographed in the late 1800's for the first time on film does give a little more contrast in viewing the face, although it is opposite in lights and darks. With the new digital tools it was easier to determine the contours, lines, etc. The coloring was done from historical research and comparisons to the Divine Mercy Image. A member of the Mother of God forum members was kind enough to do some critiques for me. I recently entered the before and after into the Professional Photographers of American International Print Competition in the Artist Category to be judged on the skill level of the restoration process and it was accepted and sealed into the competition. It will be on display in Nashville Tenn. in January where people from all over the world will see it. This is my first 'reveal' to the general public . . .I am working on a technical paper to submit to Dr. Jackson and Barrie Schwortz.
    The fact that I spent hours and hours in front of the Holy Face of Jesus was a very soulful, remarkable, and joyful experience. I hope you find comfort in the portrait. Kathy Falls, M.Ph., M.Artist, M.E.I., Ph. Cr. Secular Order Discalced Carmelites View attachment 6674 View attachment 6674
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  2. From Spirit Daily today.....most interesting new find within the image on the Shroud. We're always learning because the Father wishes to enlighten us constantly about His "connection" to us, always.


    — he saw the open eyes of Jesus (as if at Resurrection; not closed, as in a frontal view of it) and an image of Mary matching the famous one at Guadalupe amid the whip marks on the back of the Shroud

    ...He also interprets marks on the front of the image [below] as forming unknown visages, believing that the Shroud is both spatial and yet flat, that it has features too of a hologram, revealing new aspects with it is backlit and overlaid.

    “I understood that the mother’s suffering merged with her Son’s suffering,” remarks Kurek-Mosakowski about his findings, the first we know of to link Mary to the famous image, which is held as authentic by both Catholics and Protestants.

    ....He felt he was told, “I’ll look them straight in the eye… they’ll see that I’m dead and still alive,” and that soon after he was directed to finding the open-eyes effect. He also asserts that melding the superimposed image with the Sudarium of Oviedo showed red marks as if blood from the Face and especially the mouth.

    ....Although it has been two thousand years, he points out, science still cannot duplicate the effects in the Shroud. He also superimposed the combined “images” of the Mary he saw on the Shroud’s back with the Guadalupe image of her, observed that they matched, and superimposed those two combined images with a supposedly inspired portrait of Jesus by a mystic names Brother Elia, finding that they all flowed together, showing an “anatomical relationship.”

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    Go to that site offered by earthangels. The video is truly amazing, how he discovered the image above!!
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  4. I agree, ComeSoon. Really amazing. I had to stop and start it as it went along in order to read all of the subtitles. These phrases below really stuck with me...since I'd heard about the "collapse theory" as in the Shroud "collapsed' through the body. And the reason for the image not going through the entire cloth has something to do with the quick moment where matter becomes energy or the two unite or something!!

    “I’ll look them straight in the eye… they’ll see that I’m dead and still alive,”

    “I understood that the mother’s suffering merged with her Son’s suffering,”

    He also interprets marks on the front of the image [below] as forming unknown visages, believing that the Shroud is both spatial and yet flat, that it has features too of a hologram, revealing new aspects with it is backlit and overlaid.
  5. And here are a couple of past podcasts from Dr. Issam Nemeh's website, Blind Faith Live, about the Shroud:

    This one includes some of Dr. Nemeh's insights, towards the end, from his own amazing experiences....taken to 3rd heaven, as St. Paul, bodily, 3 times!! He speaks to the Shroud showing that the body underwent what is called "Event Horizon".

    Dr. Nemeh also mentions the picture that is closest to the Jesus he experienced/experiences which also happens to be the picture/painting that the little boy (then) in "Heaven is for Real" movie, Colton Burpo, picked out as the Jesus he experienced during his experience on operating table. People had for years been bringing him different images/paintings of Jesus which he said were NOT the Jesus he saw....until he saw on the internet the painting that was inspirationally given to the little girl, Akian, who painted it at age 8. This picture also received examination by some of the experts of the Shroud and there is the melding of the images in a video. This particular painting:

    [​IMG]Both Dr. Issam Nemeh and the boy depicted in the movie “Heaven Is For Real,” Colton Burpo, say this is the closest depiction of any picture they have ever seen of Jesus Christ.

    Akiane's painting and the Shroud superimposed:

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    They struck me as well.
    Seeing the Face of Manopello overlaid with the Shroud and that other image were both haunting and halting!! The letters he found in the image are very curious.
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    Yes wow! I just read your original post KF (and did not do it when I posted earlier - my apologies)

    I can't view the photos attached to your post and don't remember seeing them in 2017. Could you post them again?
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    me too please - I’d love to see your photos
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    Thank you for this post- I think I was meant to see this today. I am now planning on going in a couple of weeks. ☺️
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    Wonderful! Please give us news of the exhibit. I love Akiane's work and am happy that she is finally getting an exhibit and in a gallery called Beloved of all names. Seems very fitting.
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    This shows the original Shroud and the Restoration. FindingTheFaceOfJesus.jpg
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    What beautiful work, thank you for sharing it. Do you still have the painting or is it on display somewhere? I admire artists who are called to paint the Holy Face to bring more Glory and devotion to the Lord. I found this article about your exhibit, I hope you don't mind me posting it

    perhaps we could discuss the other artist over on this thread and not continue here - I should have searched more carefully to place that link above there instead of here
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    My work was inspired by the Holy Spirit. If you notice I left the blood stains in the image. They are a part of the story. Also it is reversed because the shroud cloth covering the body of Jesus is a mirror image, so backwards. Like you looking in a mirror. I wanted it as authentic as possible.
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    Yes I still have the original. But many copies of it are framed and in several churches.
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    Great link to the article on Katfalls!
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    Thanks for the article. It’s wonderful to learn about Kathy and her work.
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    Thanks a lot!

    A comprehensive paper re volto Santo, many pictures, in German though.

    Maria Valtorta

    "Veil of Veronica is also a thorn in your skeptical soul. You lukewarm and fickle in faith, you who proceed with rigorous investigations, you rationalists, compare the veil of the shroud with the shroud. One is the face of the living, the other that of the dead. However, length, width, somatic features, shape, peculiarities are the same. Put the pictures on top of each other. You will see that they agree. It's me. I who wanted to show you how I was and how I became out of love for you. Were you not among the lost, among the blind, those two faces should suffice to lead to love, to repentance, to God.”37
    To verify this statement by Valtorta, I used the method of superimposing the image of the face on the Shroud onto the front and back of Manoppello's veil. Giuseppe Enri's photo negative was used as the photo of the shroud, because the original negative makes it almost impossible to superimpose them exactly. On the other hand, the photos of the front and back of the veil are taken by the author himself, in order to guarantee absolute authenticity. .....
    (Extensive technical details)
    The correspondence shown between the two images only refers to the proportions and the features indicated above, but not to the two images as such, since the shroud is the face of a dead person with all its features and the veil is the face of a dead person Living with the appropriate properties."

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