Fatima Procession and Rosary 5/12/2022

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  1. djmoforegon

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    It is a great blessing to see all of the life breathed back into the Fatima Shrine tonight. It has been looking like a ghost town the past two years. Our Mother is coming to guide her wandering children.

    This is the evening before her special day...so many candles, so much devotion and love!

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    Live stream:

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  3. djmoforegon

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    The Holy Mass in Honor of Our Lady of Fatima...Mama's here.

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  5. djmoforegon

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    Thank you, wonderful article.

    Two books by Sister Lucia were so enlightening to me. Her knowledge of Sacred Scripture and her unique education by Our Lady and Our Lord answered so many questions that I'd pondered upon for years.

    [​IMG]"Calls" is so very biblical. [​IMG]
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    Sister Lucia is a spiritual giant of our age.
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