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    I have read quite a lot on eschatology & my personal favourite is - The Coming Chastisement (Yves Dupont; Tan Books). Dupont studied
    for many years before publishing. Dupont clearly proves from Scripture and private revelation that the End of Times are sequencial -

    First the Lesser Tribulation [which we are going through]
    Followed by the Period of Peace/Holiness and obebdience [could be quite a long time]
    Then there is a general decline of morals and the Greater Tribulation/Time of the Anti-Christ
    Followed by the return of Christ and the General Resurrection.

    I think there is a serious flaw in the book by Browning 'Secrets Chastisements and Triumph of the Two Hearts' because the author does
    not make a clear distinction between theses sequences and they are all blurred into one time period.

    It is important to realise that the Lesser Tribulation will have some of the same characteristics as the Greater Tribulation but THE anti-Christ
    will only appear at the time of the Greater Tribulation.

    Dupont I feel had a very special talent for eschatology.
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    Garabandal, thank you for the tip, I just went on Amazon and bought a used issue for $5.95, that I can handle. I look forward to reading it. And I agree, the lines of demarcation were blurred on Secrets, Chastisements and Triumph, but I still totally enjoyed the read.
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    I have had the toughest time sending this off. This is my fourth try in two days. I feel thwarted. I wouldn't think I would be of interest to the devil but today I'm thinking he is not wanting me to send this. Sorry for the drama- I'm a bit frustrated and bemused by my own difficulites. Here it is again...

    I am not certain what role Russia will have in the future, I can only say what is in my heart about what I see them struggling with today. With a 2% faith rate and a history of poor government, I think they need our help. So I've started to keep Russia in my prayers each day. I'm not certain what I'm exactly praying for, so I'm just praying for the souls of the Russian poeple, assuming that accompasses all. I don't know why I should feel the need to do this over praying for other peoples, but since Mary has indicated an interest in them, and indicated that they play a crucial role in the future, I shall follow her lead. I'll continue to pray for everyone else too, since we all need a boost. Join me if you have the time?
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    this is an intresting article by George Weigel on the situation in Ukraine and in particular the freesing out of the Catholic church in Ukraine which was most notable at the swearing in of the president.

    Spiritdaily has a post today on a proposed trip by Pope benedict to Ukraine in 2012. There is something afoot with Russia expressing displeasure at such a visit. Padraig, I am thinking of your dream of 2 ladies in the Ukraine that you pray for who have some special mission. I was looking for the post on the forum but couldent find it.

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    Funnilly enough I was thinking of them again last week when I was walking the dog and felt very drawn in prayer to pray for them, that they were in some danger. They are mother and daughter.

    I will write again about the dream in which I saw them.

    I stood in the air over city, not to high up which I did not recognised, looking at some beautiful old buildings (I looked up images and recognised it right away as Kiev, capital of the Ukraine. Even to the very spot. Two women live nearby this spot a mother and daughter who are very,very special to Our Lady and her plans for the world, they are her chosen instruments. They are now in secret but will one day be revealed. I suspect Our Lady has been visiting them. I looked and saw fighting on the streets of Kiev. My attention was drawn to special forces who wore a very noticeably hed dress a large very bright red beret with military markings. There was heavy street fighting in Kiev with these Special Forces high up in the buildings near the ladies home.

    The dream moved on and I was outside Kiev in the country side were there were lines of refugees streaming away into the distance. Fara way were streams of dark smoke were fighting was taking place. Again I saw these Special Forces with the red berets.

    I have just typed, special forces ukraine' into Goggle and then gone into 'images'; I invite you to do the same. The image I found is below; thse are the soldiers of my dream:


    They are called, apparently the,' MVS special forces (the Berkut;The name means golden eagle or Aquila chrysaetos in the Ukrainian language.)'

    and you can read about them here:


    'MVS and political repressions in Soviet Ukraine
    Main articles: History of Ukraine, Soviet political repressions, and Militsiya

    MVS of the Ukrainian SSR has been directly involved in Soviet political repressions in Ukraine at all stages. Since the splitting of the NKVD and detachment of the secret police to the MGB-KGB, the militsiya became a secondary instrument of repression in the hands of the KGB, fulfilling such tasks as:

    * conducting fabricated charges of non-political crimes against Ukrainian dissidents (like Vyacheslav Chornovil)
    * tackling occasional mass protests against Soviet rule
    * maintaining the propiska regime
    * participation in ethnic-related repressions and restrictions
    * assisting in the persecution of religion
    * direct persecution of homosexuals and various restricted cultural movements (like rockers, punks, bikers, karate students etc.)'

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    Your images of Berkut soldiers has prompted me to share a dream I had the other night (Monday). Generally speaking, I am able to recall very few dreams and then, very few have been providential ones from God. I hesitate to rely on dreams for I believe the subconcious easily recycles ideas, discussions, and thoughts that we entertain in our waking state. Then again, God has occasionally utilized them with me in the past.

    Anyway, I went to bed around 11pm Monday night and was suddenly awakened at 12:30am. I was surprisingly alert and decided to get up and pray some thinking it was the Holy Spirit that aroused me. I then remembered that I had just dreamt that an important event had occurred and in the dream I was telling myself to call my brother, Michael, in Florida to inform him. Here I was in the living room praying, yet I could not bring to mind exactly what the important event was. There was the sense of it being a future event. I asked God to show me to no avail. I concluded that if it was really important He would show me later. By then, it was 1:15am so I proceeded to go back to bed.

    Well, your post in response to garabandal has proven to be a lightening rod. I now remember the event was a Russian invasion into eastern Europe, but not through Poland. I was going to call my brother to alert him to the fact that the Warning was soon to be triggered. Now I realize I have just brought up this issue in the Future of America thread on May 9, but the similarity of military dress has set my heart rate racing! :eek:

    Two providential dreams from my past that proved to be a foretaste of the future were both fulfilled within six months, though I can in no way rubberstamp a similar interlude. What is striking is how your image brought my dream rushing back to me.

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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    I wonder Terry, how many thousands of ordinary Catholics like you or me are having similiar dreams, which , no doubt are true? many, many, many, I suspect.

    When I read your dream it reminded me of what one visionary said concerning the words of Our Lady that peace would end in a manner and at a time when we would least suspect it!!
  8. garabandal

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    I wonder if this proposed visit by the Pope to the Ukraine in 2012 is of prophetic significance?

  9. darrell

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    Possibly a step closer to the Pope visiting Russia?

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    Dear fellow children of Our Lady,

    I came across this site as I was seeking information on the link between Fatima and Garabandal, and between Garabandal and Medjugorje. I'm glad there's actually been a whole discussion thread on this topic, especially as concerns Russia. Long before my conversion, I have been interested in the history of the 20th century, particularly that of the Communist dictatorships, because I originally hail from the People's Republic of China, and my family has links to some prominent political dissidents from that country.

    My knowledge of Russian history and my newfound devotion to the Blessed Mother have combined to give me great confidence that Our Lady always knows exactly what she's talking about. The more I've researched this Russian link, the more I conclude that the prophecies of Fatima must be assessed in light of the subsequent apparitions of Garabandal and now Medjugorje. Yes, I think we're on the verge of some epochal shifts in the global spiritual balance of power that will have profound implications for the Church and Christianity as a whole.

    "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph." If this is true, and we know it is, it means that at the end of our present era (probably between now and 2030), all Christianity will be united under the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, with devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament being the unifying mark of authentic Christian faith all over the world. The conversion of Russia means that the 1,000-year split between Eastern and Western apostolic churches will be undone, and in short order all Protestant heresies within the West will also become defunct. With the Real Presence of Our Lord being the foundation of our faith, the triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart will have been accomplished.

    As for the specifics, I've come to see them as more of a moving target, based on the efficacy and urgency of the Church's response to the Blessed Mother's messages and warnings. It's clear that because the Church failed to grasp the first opportunity to consecrate Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart in 1929 - the very year that Stalin began his program of coercize collectivization of Russian agriculture in order to support his crash industrialization of the Soviet Union - the errors of Communism spread to many other countries by 1952, when Pope Pius XII consecrated Russia specifically (though not in union with the bishops). This means that by the time of Garabandal in 1961, Our Lady knew that her original trajectory for peace via Russia's consecration was no longer on track. Interestingly, the Garabandal apparitions took place when the political and military power of the Soviet Union were beginning to reach their peak - it was in 1962 that the Russians came within an ill-advised preemptive strike by the Americans on their missile bases in Cuba of launching a nuclear attack on the eastern USA that could've killed 80 million Americans within 15-20 minutes. When coupled with the crisis of the priesthood that was then occuring in the Church, one could easily see why Our Lady gave stern warnings of the spread of Communism to the Western world.

    But even as the Soviet empire seemed formidable on the outside, in reality the oppressed Russian people were increasingly turning back to God. This, combined with the resurgence of Catholicism in eastern Europe, especially Poland where the future Pope John Paul II rose to prominence in Kracow in the 1970s, contributed to a vastly different spiritual situation by 1981, when the Medjugorje apparitions began. True, the 1984 consecration to the Immaculate Heart didn't specifically single out Russia, but by then - even well before then, at Garabandal - it's not as if a consecration of Russia could've undone the errors she'd already spread worldwide.

    Our Lady did mention in October 1981 at Medjugorje that it is the Russian people who would honor God the most. A decade later, on August 25. 1991, only days after the failed coup against Gorbachev that fatally wounded the Soviet Union, she made her only known public reference to Fatima, asking assistance to fulfill her promises at Fatima.

    It seems some folks here are members of the World Apostolate of Fatima (formerly the Blue Army). Has anyone seen the interview with our National Director Michael LaCorte that he gave back in August? There was some very good information about the present state of the movement, which is sure to generate increased interest in the near future.
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    I'll check that out! Welcome! Kath
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    I don't know if you have been following the really astounding apparitions in Tapao in Vietnam. They seem to me very much in line with an answer to peoples prayers and an answer from heaven to communism.

    Watch this, its amazing:


  13. Lee

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    Padraig, what's actually happening there? I can't make it out.
  14. padraig

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    Have a look at the video , Gail, the statue of Our Lady comes alive and her cloak billows and she moves around, thats why the watchers start to holler. :)
  15. Lee

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    Well I thought that was what I was seeing but I wasn't quite sure.
  16. MomsCalling

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    Is this for real? The video is all blurry wand it looks to me like small people are moving in and out behind the statue...or is it angels? :)

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