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    Dear friends in Christ and of Our Lady,

    Apparently, a memorandum by Sr. Lucia on the Fatima apparitions begins with the phrase "In Portugal, the dogma of the faith will always be preserved." I've always understood this to be a reference to a widespread loss of the Catholic dogma outside Portugal.

    Anna Katharina Emmerick has nothing to do with Fatima but her visions are equally amazing. For example, she described in detail how the Catholic Church is systematically undermined by a sect and how the real Pope is isolated in the Vatican, only able to speak to a few friends. Also, based on her visions the House of the Blessed Virgin was discovered in Ephesus.

    Emmerick had another vision: She said: "It seems to me that a concession was demanded from the clergy which could not be granted." As I was going through 2017, I thought this must have to do with Holy Communion for the divorced and 'remarried'.

    So I put two and two together and thought in Portugal the dogma that marriage is indissoluble and Holy Communion is sacred will always be preserved. However, this week I heard the news that the Diocese of Braga in Portugal has decided to grant Holy Communion to the remarried.

    I am at a loss. I am beginning to wonder if anything sacred will be preserved anywhere. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

    (I am not sure if this is the right place for this thread. Since it is Fatima related I thought I'd put it under 'Marian apparitions'.)

    God bless you all,

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  2. Dolours

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    I'm a bit wary of the prophecies of Anna Katherine Emmerich. I read somewhere that the person who made a written record of her visions probably embellished them.

    I read her account of Our Lady's last days on earth. It's out there somewhere on the internet but I lost the bookmark when my old computer crashed. Some of what she is recorded as seeing in visions conflicts with the account of Christians in the Holy Land. According to Blessed Anna, Our Lady ended her days in the little house atop the Turkish mountain where St. John made a home for her. From my (notoriously unreliable) memory, the account has some devout Christians caring for the Blessed Mother, and the Apostles gathering there as she grew weaker. One or two of the Apostles were in far off lands but miraculously arrived just before or after the death. Then they interred Our Lady in a cave or tomb which had been prepared somewhere behind the house. When they returned to the house or as they were returning, they heard a noise looked back and saw some kind of light coming from the tomb's roof. They looked inside and Our Lady was gone. While I may have some of the details wrong, that's the gist of it and it doesn't fit with the Christian belief that Our Lady's last days were spent in Jerusalem where the Church of the Dormition stands.

    The Blessed Mother probably did live in that house at some stage because, at about 45 years of age, she would have been young enough to travel and it was probably safer for her to leave Jerusalem when it was in turmoil. Later in her life, however, it makes more sense that Our Lady would have ended her days near the place where her son and Lord was persecuted, crucified and resurrected. It also makes more sense that St. John would have wanted her to have the comfort of being surrounded and cared for by female relatives as she grew older.

    While I don't doubt that Our Lady could have spent some time in that house in Turkey, I don't believe that the assumption happened there. Also, despite the house having been in the care of Christians since it was discovered, nobody has found the supposed tomb or cave.
  3. Carol55

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    Very good post.

    I am not certain how to interpret this statement from Our Lady of Fatima in regards to Portugal. Maybe the Portuguese people themselves will adhere to the Truth regardless of what their particular dioceses such a Braga states. That is what we are supposed to do in this situation, I believe, stay with the Church's teachings for the last 2,000 years and have faith that this will get sorted out.

    I found an article discussing what you have stated, https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/l...ced-and-remarried-couples-can-return-to-the-s
    I missed this article and I don't believe that I have read this information anywhere else, so thank you for bringing it up here.

    Although I have heard something similar to what Dolours has stated about Bl. Ann Emmerich, I think that much of what she has stated is probably from God but it is difficult to determine what has been misinterpreted or mistranslated or even deliberately changed by someone else. Personally, I happen to like her prophecies very much and I think that you made some very good observations. IMHO, Bl. Ann Emmerich's visions that you have mention could possibly refer to Pope Benedict and what we see occurring in regards to AL and the dubia, etc. With that said, we can't be certain and we need to accept Pope Francis as the Pope. We should continue to voice our concerns for the Church and keep praying as Our Lady instructed us to do.

    May God bless you.
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  4. AED

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    Stay strong Frank. We are in a storm of confusion now right from the bowels of hell. It helps me to repeat these short prayers when I get worried or dismayed: the Fatima prayer. "Oh my God I believe I adore I hope and I love You. And I beg pardon for all those who do not believe who do not adore who do not hope and who do not love You." Also "Jesus Mary and Joseph I love you--save souls!" "Immaculate Heart of Mary I put all my trust in you." These can be prayed silently any time in any circumstance. I believe they bring great grace. Even if all light disappears (the Sacred) we know that Jesus reigns! Jesus conquers!!
  5. Dolours

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    Our Lady never said that the dogma of the faith will be preserved throughout Portugal. Rather, she said that it will always be preserved in Portugal. That could mean that a small community of Catholics could keep the faith until the end. It could also mean that in some future time as the Church splinters along national or even diocesan lines (collegiality), other countries will actually change the dogma but the Church in Portugal will revert to practising what the Church has always preached. Although Amoris Laetitia is being used to undermine or even ignore what the Church has always taught, Pope Francis and his advisors are too smart to attempt to rewrite Doctrine or Dogma. They are leaving that to their successors and settling for heretical practices instead, knowing how difficult it will be for a future Pope to get the Church back on the narrow road.

    Incidentally, in my earlier post I gave Our Lady's age as 45. She would, of course, have been aged about 48 or 49 when Jesus was crucified.

    As to Blessed Anna Katherine, my guess is that some of her visions were accurate and some wishful thinking, dreams or her own imagination. I think that she also said that Jesus was of the Essene sect of Judaism which is debatable to say the least. Here's something about the Essenes from the Catholic Encyclopaedia: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/05546a.htm
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  6. HeavenlyHosts

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    There is a book called The Mystical City of God by Bl Mary of Ágreda
    It contains information about the life of the Blessed Mother
    Supposed to have been told to Mary of Ágreda by the Blessed Virgin
    I have not read it
    Just the excerpt about the birth of Jesus
    So I cannot vouch for it
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  7. HeavenlyHosts

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    I just read the article about the Essenes
    Thanks, Dolours
    In the back of my mind I remembered a connection of the Essenes to Mt Carmel
    They went from Galilee to Mt Carmel according to Josephus
    But Jesus was not an Essene
    He was a Nazarene
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    I’m not sure if you’ve seen this thread before (I’ve actually been a serial lurker on here for many years and recalled this while reading the current thread) but back in 2012 Padraig discussed his trip to Mary’s house at Ephesus and Emmerichs prophesies concerning it. I’m of the opinion that we shouldn’t be too sure that Mary would rather have the comfort of female relatives as she died than isolation. Just a thought, peace :)
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  9. sterph

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    It is an amazing book. I have read it three times. I use it when I'm meditating on the mysteries of the rosary sometimes.
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  10. Dolours

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    I hadn't read that thread and didn't know that Padraig had been to Ephesus. I have been to Mary's house many times and to Ephesus a few times. The house is in what must have been a lovely, tranquil place atop Nightingale Mountain. Although still a lovely place, it isn't so tranquil now with lines of tourists queuing to see the house. If there was a cave or tomb there where the Blessed Mother was laid before her assumption, nobody mentioned it. Neither was there any sign of the Stations of the Cross which, if memory serves me, Blessed Anna also saw in her vision. The house was a ruin when discovered by the people following the directions given by Blessed Anne. Everything from about one layer of brick (or stone) above the ground is a reconstruction.

    It's a tough trip up that mountain even in a car and on a tarmac road. In the first century it would have been a long, arduous journey - not exactly commutable distance. St. John would have been taking his life in his hands every time he preached in Ephesus. I have serious doubts that he would have risked leaving the mother of Jesus in such a remote and dangerous place. Perhaps there were more people living on the mountain at the time when Ephesus was an important city, but it wouldn't have been any less accessible. To be honest, although it is easy to believe that Our Lady did live there because it is such a lovely spot, the more I think of it the less I'm convinced that she travelled so far from Jerusalem at all. The Byzantines believed that St. Mary Magdalene lived and died in Ephesus but the Church in the West believed she travelled to France and was buried there: http://www.ewtn.com/library/chistory/relicsmarmagdal.HTM

    The basilica in Ephesus itself is very hard to find. I think I only found it on my last visit there and there is nothing to show what an important place it was. Ephesus is an amazing place. We were shown a fish symbol near the base of one column - the sign used by the early Christians giving directions to where they gathered for Mass. The ruin of the temple of Artemis is near Ephesus. There's nothing much left of it now but it once was a very important place of pagan worship. Artemis was a Greek goddess. Cleopatra is said to have had her sister assassinated in the temple where the sister had taken refuge. https://www.livescience.com/27459-cleopatra-sister-discovery-controversy.html

    The Church of St. John in Selcuk must have been a very impressive place. Although St. John could well have been buried there, there are some doubts about whether the place marked out is his actual tomb. I could be wrong, but I don't think they found his relics there although it is highly likely that all relics were moved elsewhere for safe keeping when Christian Turkey fell to the invaders. There's a map at St. John's giving an outline of the area in ancient times. As far as I can remember, it shows Ephesus as a coastal city although it is inland now due to the harbour silting up over the centuries.

    The ancient city of Hierapolis is also in Western Turkey - not near Ephesus but near enough to visit on a day trip. There was a large presence of Jews in Hierapolis and there are lots of Jewish sarcophagi in its cemetery. St. Philip was martyred there. According to Wikipedia, the Turks believe they have discovered St. Philip's tomb beneath a newly discovered Church. I could be mistaken, but I think that two of the churches of Revelation are in or around Hierapolis and the nearby Turkish city of Denizli.
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    I need to correct you here, Dolours. I have been fascinated by the story about the finding of the house and have had the privilege of visiting it. I have a beautifully illustrated book published in 2000 by Donald Carroll which contains two photographs of the house as it was when the group discovered it. Here they are:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    and here is a photo of the house I took while there!

  12. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    That could well be correct, David, and thanks for posting the photos. When I was there, they pointed out to us a visible line on the brickwork as a kind of dividing line between the original footprint of the house and the restoration work. Perhaps they had to pull down the surviving walls of the old house to carry out a safe restoration. The line was actually low down on the side of the house where the Franciscan is standing.

    Further to the left there is an outdoor altar where Mass is celebrated. About a dozen or so years ago there was a fire which engulfed almost the entire mountain. Miraculously, the house escaped fire damage. The trees right behind the altar area were scorched but apart from a couple of sparks falling on the altar cloth, everything at the house escaped the effects of the fire.
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    Thank you for the photos :)
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