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    Father Ubald, from Rwanda, is traveling the USA at the moment and in the Green Bay and Minneapolis area in the next couple weeks. https://frubald.com/about/travel-schedule/

    Earlier this year a friend/work colleague went to his Healing Mass in Iowa. After mass Father walked and stopped at each pew and prayed over all there. He did this twice. Afterwards, he called forward 40 people in attendance and provided the row they were in and what they were healed from. My friend not thinking of being healed from anything, said he was praying for his wife. When Father's interpreter called out a man who was healed with a ankle injury, my friends boy was elbowing him. He didn't even think of himself, so he did not go forward. When he stood up after the healings, he realized his ankle pain that he's had since high school over 20 years ago was no longer in pain. He has had 3 ankle surgeries and one fairly recently, but none of them provided any relief to his chronic pain. But he was healed that evening along with 40 others. No pain since!

    If anyone you know is needing physical, spiritual, emotional healing - look up his schedule posted above. He is the real deal.
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  2. non sum dignus

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    Fr Ubald cas contracted Covid19.

    Please pray for this priest who has lead so many healing Masses that has healed so many.

    Watch his powerful story here...
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    Wow! That was a powerful video. Thank you so much for sharing it. Will be praying for Father Ubald.
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    Yes powerful message of forgiveness.
    As Fr Ubald says
    Forgiveness is.... Love
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  5. Sean Dowling

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    A wonderful video. Forgiveness at its fullest for sins that can't be greater. It plants the seeds of love, where once evil grew and they are now sprouting shoots of the fruits of healing. Its the only answer to evil is to let love smother it. Wonderful priests.
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