Father Michel Rodrigue Facebook Post about the Warning.

Discussion in 'Marian Apparitions' started by Xavier, Jun 5, 2019.

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  1. Please do not insult our St. Bernadette. She was a very humble girl unlike Fr. Michel who exalted himself by proclaiming that he is the Apostle of the End Time and that 7 nuclear missiles will destroy the United States.
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  2. Byron

    Byron Powers

    Beautifully written. God bless you.
  3. Except that he didn't do that nor did he say that. You might be honest and share the entirety of those two points you use as weapons against the good priest. And God bless all of the chosen apostles of these times as predicted....he isn't the only one.
  4. Byron

    Byron Powers

    We should all be apostles of the end time. It’s what Our Lady wants. So, let’s be charitable.
  5. Did he not say that 7 nuclear missiles will hit the US and that World War 3 cannot be averted, yes he told those...
  6. Byron

    Byron Powers

    Earth to Angels - it would be fun to dissect Jason’s Roy Shoeman. So, he makes fun of a priest but promotes a Harvard professor. Would love to have your input.
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  7. Byron

    Byron Powers

    Just listen to Jason’s preferred prophet - Roy Shoeman. Oh, Shoeman has his own interpretations, he even gets political with Revelations.
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    I think I will freeze posts on this thread for a while.

    Things are becoming a little vexed. :)

    Vexed dispute being no path to truth.
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