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  1. The Bishop was known to back the very large requests coming from the messages and mystical experiences of Fr. Michel. And that's a fact. Fr. M was permitted to follow the orders of founding a new order of priests via the approved Apostolate....and that for the purpose of training for these times....as well as to take on a large commitment of two physical monasteries within the diocese.....one w/ permission to be rushed within this year, 2020, necessitating Fr. M's release from other diocesan duties. With that evidence coming right out of the communicated messages, the backing of the Bishop could be assumed by those offering those messages. It's then the Bishop who has more explaining to do....esp. when it effects one of his priest sons for whom he's given great allowance. Fr. M. did have the full support for these projects from his Bishop which formed from his messages. It's now the "messages" alone that are targeted by the Bishop....and that more narrow lack of approval is due to the prejudice of the Bishop for what is contained within them.....perhaps, it would seem, that he never thought he would be questioned about them specifically while allowing at least a portion of them to be carried out, materially.

    He didn't say he didn't know the background of Fr. Michel to have himself, the Bishop, to be involved in backing what did come out of the messages. Rather he narrowed things down to Fr. M's submitting them for approval....which of course couldn't be done within the Church protocol of while such prophecies have yet to be concluded....they're still ongoing so that excuse is rather moot for the current time.

    You really should get beyond that limited portion for all that has taken place here with the entire history that you seem to fear to include in your reasoning.
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  2. Byron

    Byron Powers

    Again research. Even if you don’t believe in Garabandal - listening to testimonies is not a sin. Just listen - countdowntothekingdom.com
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  3. Christy1983

    Christy1983 Guest

    I see bullying & personal attacks here. This, like on the Charlie Johnston threads, three/four years ago. "Controversial" seer's threads always have these arguments & attacks. I do not think this is the Holy Spirit...
  4. Dolours

    Dolours Guest

    You lost me at "PRs". I don' know what that is and didn't bother reading the rest.

    This thread was pages long before I made any comment. I don't pay much attention to anything promoted by Mark Mallet. Mostly, I steer clear of Medjugorje or Garabandal threads because I've given my opinion and see no point in rehashing the same arguments.

    I am curious to know whether those of you who so readily believe self-proclaimed seers/locutionists/visionaries/prophets have ever been wrong and, if so, do you feel any responsibility to dedicate as much time and effort undoing any harm your support of them may have caused to people who continue following them after the penny has dropped with you?
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  5. Byron

    Byron Powers

    Please all we want here is to give a priest who has allegedly given prophecy a chance. Please please just end with the vitriol. If you call an exorcist priest a liar without any true evidence it’s wrong. Listen to the video of Christine Watkins she speaks inside a Catholic Church, please listen, it may change your mind, life. And it may not. We respect that.
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  6. Seer: "I have lots of prophecies and end-times private revelations that will sell like hotcakes"
    Apocalypse Website: "You're hired!"
  7. Byron

    Byron Powers

    Please just watch. We feel as she does. Promise you Dolours none of us here want to do any harm.
  8. What is controversial about Fr. Michel's messages? What is contained within them that is not part of the Church's own allowance for not only what the Early Church Father's have stated, as well as theologians of eschatology, and approved PRs that point to same future? What is controversial and confusing is what the Bishop has actually done and permitted and supported and his now narrow legalistic approach to the messages alone...and that lack of support has a poor foundation of prejudice itself. It's not ill founded to consider such facts in this history within one's personal reasoning which, btw, Pope JPII emphasized has to be included within one's faith or it's baseless.
  9. Sorry. I thought by now such abbreviations were well known here.....Private Revelations.....one of such being the topic here.
  10. This is what happens in Cults.
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  11. Byron

    Byron Powers

    We get it. You are a cult fearing Catholic. So are we. Please just watch her video. It may explain more gently how we feel. God bless. May the Holy Spirit enlighten us all. LOVE LOVE LOVE
  12. Byron

    Byron Powers

  13. Well, so far not, but I'm open to anything that has yet to be offered in fact that would give reason to contradict any former reasoning made by myself....w/ all the facts given up to that point, including those needing to be questioned if they contradict themselves. I pegged Charlie Johnston from the beginning, even questioning him on his own blog which he treated personally with obvious disdain. Quite a salesman...but I also took into consideration his own history which he still seemed to be a bit attached to and prayed he wouldn't suffer any severe results from those feeling disillusioned in the end. It's a hard learning. And if they are only "self-proclaimed" I don't find much there. Most would have to have some basis in personal history and accomplishments for the Church, sacrifice, suffering or backup witnesses....for which Garabandal has many.....as does Medjugorje.
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  14. Andy3

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    This discussion is getting too heated and I am requesting it be paused for a bit. Both sides have clearly stated their views on this so you can either choose to continue to discern or choose to not but the uncharitable bickering should cease for a bit either by each is own efforts or temporarily paused by Padraig. We have done this in the past for heated debates and that seemed to calm everyone down for a bit.
  15. Serena

    Serena Principalities

    Why don’t the people who disagree with Fr. Michel have a thread dismissing his alleged prophecies and those in favour and support Fr. Michel use this one to discuss his alleged messages, because this tit for tat is not helpful to anyone. It is just rubbing egos up the wrong way and causing much unnecessary divisions and frictions. We are supposed to be part of the remnant faithful who build each other up, not tear each other down. My goodness the lack of charity by some here, in defence of their own ego and pride, must be great entertainment for the enemy. It doesn’t leave him much work to do in pulling us away from Jesus, our true peace in these times, because we are doing a pretty good job of it ourselves. Fr. Michel’s message is helpful in drawing some closer to the Lord, for others it is not. Simple....and please, don’t use the excuse that it’s helpful, open debate, because it clearly is not. There is a lack of respect being shown by some, a lack of basic human charity...
  16. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    How about getting onto our knees and saying a rosary for each other!
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  17. Byron

    Byron Powers

    No please. The video is a beautiful way of explaining prophecy. If people don’t agree well that’s ok. Let us just be civil.
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  18. For those who are generally interested in those messengers offered by Countdown to the Kingdom....that include Fr. Michel, but not alone.....there is also that thread on the forum for looking at the several of them which doesn't zero in on one in particular. And they're kept up to date. I personally have known of the ones connected to the messages of Fr. Gobbi, in California, which are to me amazing...esp. with the manifestations that have occurred under a very holy and well known and well weathered spiritual advisor....and the sacrifices and suffering of the chosen ones there.
  19. Byron

    Byron Powers

    What thread are you talking about Earth?
  20. The only thing here is that this thread, by its label, has invited an attention zeroed in on Fr. Michel. Over there it's more of an educational offering for some contemporary seers that haven't gotten that much attention. In fact I just mentioned one of them but one can more fully filled in at that site. The new history of each, if transported over here, might not include everything.

    You can check out the latest from the one I just mentioned, from CA:

    Message given on April 26th!

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