Father John Corapi

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  1. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Its its there, it there, the hair is there.
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  2. fallen saint

    fallen saint Baby steps :)

    We always hear about the rockstar saints...but how many of Gods people have been close to stardom but are not able to take the final step. First, it takes full acceptance to Gods Will (Our Loving Mothers Fiat). Second, you have to give up everything and give your complete faith in Gods plan ("Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will send you out to fish for people.")
    And lastly you have to conquer the temptation of the "created one"...like Jesus did in the desert.

    Many are called but its a long and lonely road. Thats why praying for our priests and parishioners is so important. Its a "spiritual battle" that can be won or lost at any part of the journey.

    Brother al
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  3. PotatoSack

    PotatoSack Powers

    any one of us could go off the rails at any time. We all have our weaknesses and openings and stan knows what they are and waits and strikes when we let our guards down. He is cunning, clever, and relentless. Lately I haven't popped my head up one inch as I know I am not ready for battle. I always loved Fr. Corapi's military mentality as we are truly in spiritual war so I thought it very appropriate. Stan hates absolutely everyone but especially those who bring people to Christ. I can't imagine the attacks Fr. Corapi and all priests have to endure. more prayers for our shepherds!
  4. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    We know that the 'great deception is coming from the evil one. If this person can deceive like this, can you imagine what satan will be able to do to those who are not in the state of grace?
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  5. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Romans 8:31
  6. Ror Pelander

    Ror Pelander New Member

    Kind of reminds me in some ways to situation of all the accusations being hurled at Bill Cosby. Technically, by law he hasn't been found guilty of anything, but boy there's sure alot of smoke there --where there's smoke, there's fire? Read Corapi's Wikipedia page, and see what you think...
  7. Torrentum

    Torrentum Guest

    The whole Corapi situation bothers me immensely. I watched him on EWTN and to be frank, this fella was a personal hero of mine - his conversion story was impressive.
    Ah well....

    He needs our prayers. The last I read online was that he is content in his secular lifestyle. An incredible line but that's what I read.

  8. PotatoSack

    PotatoSack Powers

    It is all very disturbing and so sad. I loved his talks on ewtn. He brought many people to God and there for a huge target for Stan. Prayers, prayers, prayers is all I can say. Adandoning his post was an act of the will even though Stan no doubt was relentless in his attacks. Hopefully he will change after the warning.

    Fr Don Calloway and fr john Riccardo are both great if you have a chance to listen to them on utube or ewtn radio. They are very inspiring.
  9. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    What is scary is that his friends find the scenario funny and cannot discern good from evil.

    Darkness has spread like a cancer and this is a clear example of the diabolical disorientation predicted by Sister Lucia.
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  10. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Prayers going up.

    I had no idea he had lead such a fascinating life. I feel his story like a warning shot across the bow. As St Paul said we must , all of us , work out our salvation in fear and trembling. May God keep all our eyes firmly fixed on heaven.

    Praying at mass for Fr Corapi. I see no reason he might not back home.
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  11. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers

    I love listening to Fr. John Riccardo. His archive recordings can be found on the ave maria radio app under the archive files for "Christ is the Answer" He is also played daily on the radio in my city on Sacred Heart Radio from 11 am to 12pm.

    here is an archive for him I just found:

  12. Adoremus

    Adoremus Powers

    I don't know... in 2013 my mother was speaking to a SOLT nun who told her that as far as she was aware, Fr Corapi had returned to his order and was living in quiet obedience. I kind of suspect that if Fr Corapi was still driving around town on his Harley somebody would have caught a photo of him and shared it online or something. There is a lot of interest in him so it seems strange that, if he's out and about, there haven't been news stories.
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  13. PotatoSack

    PotatoSack Powers

    I hope in my heart ythis is true. You are right about no one getting a pic of him with everyone having cameras.
  14. Torrentum

    Torrentum Guest

    It would make my day if this was true.

    He just looked so lost when he launched that black sheepdog channel and wore that ridiculous leather jacket.
    My heart went out to him.
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  15. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    When I first noticed him on ewtn, he had a scruffy , gray beard and a simple, poor gray robe. Years later, just before he resigned, I went to a conference of his in New York. He was dressed in a sharp black suit, dyed beard and had a polished appearance....I was troubled....I saw this coming....it's called pride. Sadly, something we are all capable of. Satans greatest weapon....so very, very sad. We need to keep praying for him to return to the fold.....maybe better because he can help others who have fallen from grace as he appears to have fallen......
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  16. Jon

    Jon Archangels

    who among us can say we haven't had our weakness exploited by the evil one and thus fallen....
  17. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    Exactly Jon.
  18. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    Wow....just wow.....
  19. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I keep forgetting to pray for priests. To pray even for the Pope.

    May God forgive me, I must do better. I am so forgetful.
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  20. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    I'm glad this thread on Fr. Coropi came up because I too forget to pray for him. So many of us profited from his vocation before he left it. Maybe our prayers will help bring a humble, repentant priest back. God knows we need them.

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