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    James Martin Adorns the Blessed Virgin with the LGBT Flag


    The days go by and unfortunately some things never change. There has been a new offense committed against the Virgin Mary, this time by a well-known priest, activist, and campaigner for the homosexual cause in the Church, Fr. James Martin, an American Jesuit, who, for “pride month,” gave a conference in a church in Ohio.

    A photo shows Fr. Martin preaching at the ambo, which is decorated with the LGBT banner. On the front of the lectern is an image of the Virgin Mary wearing a dress of the same colors, and also wearing on her chest the symbol of the transgender community.

    According to InfoVaticana, which reported the news, “the conference marked the 50th anniversary of one of the first conferences for gay and lesbian Catholics, which took place” in the same church in 1974.

    As Giuseppe Nardi of katholisches.info notes, “for James Martin, homosexual activism seems to be the driving force of his life,” and he adds: “It is difficult to make a list of his public manifestations against the doctrine and order of the Church, they are so numerous.”

    According to the Vaticanist, “this is only possible because the Jesuit feels doubly protected, on one hand by his close ties with Pope Francis, on the other hand by the Jesuit Order, from which the Pope also comes.”

    In this matter, the figure of the Mother of God, of immaculate purity most elevated sanctity after that of Jesus Christ, her divine Son, is used in a despicable manner. Because this flag, whatever the deep intention of the Jesuit, universally represents a vindication of sin, of that sin which St. Paul calls “the sin of ignominy.”

    What can be the meaning of the message carried by this figure if not an unconditional blessing of all that this flag and this banner represent? But, unfortunately, is this so surprising? When the Holy See publishes the Declaration Fiducia supplicans, how can it be shocking that the activists consider it a blessing of their sin?

    And like Giuseppe Nardi again recalls: “It is Pope Francis himself who appointed Fr. James Martin a Consultor of the Dicastery for Communication in the Roman Curia, who wrote him letters of encouragement, who confirmed his homosexual activism and finally who invited people to read James Martin.”

    Fr. James Martin
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    I try not to write about negative but positive things as St Paul advises:

    Philippians 4:8
    Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things.

    But some things are just so horrible that they can't be let go. Indeed St Paul was not slow himself to point out horrible things himself and call a spade a spade.

    2 Thessalonians 3:14

    Take special note of anyone who does not obey our instruction in this letter. Do not associate with them, in order that they may feel ashamed

    There is little good going into a rant I suppose what good would it do? But I do note that over the chest, the Immaculate Heart of Mary they have pinned the Transgender symbol. So it is kind of infamy piled on top of infamy.

    But the big, big issue here is that support and aid he is getting from the Vatican itself in perpetrating these abominations:

    'And like Giuseppe Nardi again recalls: “It is Pope Francis himself who appointed Fr. James Martin a Consultor of the Dicastery for Communication in the Roman Curia, who wrote him letters of encouragement, who confirmed his homosexual activism and finally who invited people to read James Martin.”'

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    Nor is Fr Martin alone in creating these blasphemous abominations against Our Blessed Mother:


    Controversial statue of Mary giving birth beheaded inside Austrian cathedral

    A sculpture depicting the Virgin Mary giving birth to Jesus designed by Austrian artist Esther Strauss is seen in an undated photo. The sculpture was scheduled to be on display in St. Mary's Cathedral in Linz, Austria, for three weeks when it was beheaded by unknown vandals early in the morning July 1, 2024. The artwork drew criticism from some Catholics who said it was blasphemous. (OSV News/ courtesy Ulrich Kehrer, St. Mary's Cathedral in Linz)

    by OSV News

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    Linz, Austria — July 3, 2024
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    St. Mary's Cathedral in Linz made headlines around the world as a controversial sculpture of Mary displayed inside the church was beheaded July 1 by unknown vandals.

    The sculpture, depicting the Virgin Mary giving birth to Jesus designed by Austrian artist Esther Strauss, was scheduled to be exhibited in the cathedral for three weeks. The work has drawn criticism from some Catholics who said it was blasphemous.

    "The intolerance, backwardness and lack of enlightenment in the Catholic Church is frightening," Theresa Limberger, who spent 200 hours carving the statue based on Strauss' concept, commented to Austrian media ORF.

    The controversy, however, was expected.

    "There is a guest book to give people the opportunity to write down their thoughts about it. There were definitely a lot of verbally aggressive and disturbing notes," Martina Resch, co-initiator of the project, told ORF.

    The artists also expected negative feedback. "I was prepared for verbal statements. However, I would not have expected that the work with which I spent so much time would be destroyed," Limberger said.

    The sculpture had been on view at Austria's largest cathedral as part of the DonnaStage art installation project on women's roles, family images and gender equality, the Linz Diocese said in a statement. It added that the incident, which occurred on July 1, had been reported to police.

    Cardinal Gerhard Müller, former prefect of what is now the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, commented on the German news site kath.net that "if a pictorial representation of the birth of Jesus causes offense among the faithful and causes division in the church, the aim of Christian and especially sacred art has been missed."

    Alexander Tschugguel, an Austrian traditionalist Catholic responsible for the so-called "Pachamama" act of vandalism during the Vatican's 2019 Amazon synod, in a July 3 social media post praised Cardinal Müller for commenting on the incident: "I am happy that Cardinal Müller again defends the Church and especially our Lady!" he wrote.

    The sculpture showed Mary sitting on a rock and giving birth. The diocese said in a statement that it referred to the Nativity scene in the cathedral.

    The episcopal vicar for education, art and culture in the Linz Diocese, Father Johann Hintermaier, condemned the beheading of the statue.

    "We were aware that we were also provoking debate with this installation. If we have hurt people's religious feelings, we are sorry, but I strongly condemn this violent act of destruction, the refusal to engage in dialog and the attack on the freedom of art," the priest said in a diocesan statement.

    The statement said Strauss also condemned the attack. "Most portraits of the Virgin Mary were made by men and have therefore often served patriarchal interests," she said, adding that "Mary gets her body back" in her artwork.

    Resch, who is a theologian at the Catholic Private University of Linz, said in the diocesan statement that Strauss' sculpture "is a very poetic work that shows the natural birth of Jesus. Mary is shown in her vulnerability but also in her strength."

    She said that from a theological perspective, "the work is a strong affirmation of God's incarnation." The statement added she was deeply affected by the "brutality towards the female figure."
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    So its not just the blasphemy against the Mother of God that is of concern but that the Vatican gives free rein to these and indeed appears to give them its full support.

    Exorcists tell us that the demons never blaspheme Mary during exorcisms. That it seems to be that God stops them from going so far. That the demons themselves appear terrified of her.

    But men are given free will and so can perpetrate all kinds of blasphemies.

    But it seems to me that nothing whatsoever we could do would tempt the wrath of God than to do such things and since the Vatican is giving their support to such activities it is the Vatican itself who will very shortly feel God's Wrath.

    We can see this from the messages of Our Lady of Revelation in Tre Fontane in Rome which foretell Rome being , 'Burnt' ( by atomic attack?) and piles of bodies in the graveyards there being piled so high that no one can bury them..

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    Blessed Elena Aiello also warned of the invasion and destruction of Italy...indeed of all Western Europe, this appears to be imminent.

    We can thank people like Fr James Martin and the folks in the Vatican in a very special way for all this.

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    The sooner the better.

    I prefer chastisement to the current blasphemies against the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    Chastisement is begining to look like justice to me.
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    Horrific. No other words. Lord, have mercy on us. We deserve everything coming our way.
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    All the efforts to infiltrate the church and destroy it from the inside so many decades ago is clearly seen in full force today. God only knows how many shepherds are in positions for purely nefarious reasons.
    I used to get upset, now I just watch, pray and wait to see how Gods plan unfolds.
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    Let’s pray that happens regarding repentance. The Warning is greatly needed
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    When Our Lady requested the Five First Saturdays to atone for wounds inflicted on her Immaculate Heart by sinful men she was surely aware of these horrors to come. Trying to spare us the wrath to come for those insulting and mocking the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Its hard to think that in 1917 such atrocities against Our Holy Mother were taking place. Certainly not in public. O Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee.
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    I know Our Lady has been subjected to all kinds of insults before down the centuries. But I can't recall occasions in history were she was actually insulted by Catholic Clergy themselves. It appears to be an historic first.

    Fr Martin Luther, for instance, even after he went into rebellion always had a high regard for Our Lady and said so.

    We seem to have entered a brand new, black bog of total evil the world has never encountered before.

    It is kind of breathtaking, even the very demons themselves must be scratching their heads in wonder.

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    They say 70 Catholic Churches a month are being attacked in France at the moment .

    A Sign of things to come.
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    Protest Fr. James Martin’s Pro-LGBT Summit on Catholic Campus
    • July 09, 2024
    Please ask Card. Wilton Gregory to cancel Fr. James Martin's pro-LGBT conference at Georgetown University.
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    Join faithful Catholics in this prayerful protest to oppose Fr. James Martin’s summit titled “Outreach 2024: LGBT Catholic Ministry Conference” at Georgetown University on August 2-4, 2024.

    Not only does Fr. Martin support transgenderism for children, but he also endorses blasphemous “Pride Masses,” blessings for sinful unions, and sacrilegious “rainbow rosaries.” In short, his message is this: “Accept homosexuality. Subvert the Church.”

    Unfortunately, Cardinal Wilton Gregory, Archbishop of Washington, D.C., is scheduled to celebrate Mass at the pro-homosexual event.

    Who will be speaking?

    Speaker #1: Fr. James Martin Invites Blasphemous “Artist”
    Fr. William Hart McNichols is one of the keynote speakers. An open homosexual, he produces blasphemous “art,” including one directly against Our Lord titled “AIDS Crucifixion.”

    His offensive piece depicts a grotesque Christ-like figure.

    In a direct insult, Fr. McNichols’ removed the traditional inscription above the Cross and replaced it with a list of dirty insults against Our Divine Savior. They are too filthy to reprint here.

    Speaker #2: Planned Parenthood Donor
    Another speaker is Dr. Amy Jill-Levine, a self-proclaimed feminist, professor of Biblical studies, and donor to Planned Parenthood. In fact, Planned Parenthood lists Dr. Levine’s donations in its annual reports.

    Her “scholarship” fits Fr. Martin’s agenda perfectly as she claims the Bible never condemned homosexuality.

    At the 2023 summit, Fr. Martin featured Sr. Jeannine Gramick, who expressed her support for the Catholic-bashing blasphemous group of male drag queen “nuns” at Dodger Stadium. “I applaud the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” Sr. Gramick wrote. (May 27, 2023)

    This is outrageous.

    Sign your prayerful protest today.
    Ask Cardinal Wilton Gregory to cancel his participation at Fr. Martin’s pro-homosexual summit.

    Not only are the summit speakers at odds with the Bible but also against natural law, papal documents, the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and countless saints.

    • Let’s proclaim God’s eternal and unchanging truth.
    • Sign your peaceful protest.
    • And share it.
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    Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, prefect emeritus of the Congregation — now Dicastery — for the Doctrine of the Faith, condemned a controversial figure displayed in the Linz cathedral in Austria depicting the Virgin Mary giving birth and described it as “advertising for feminist ideology that violates the natural sense of modesty.”

    An unidentified person decapitated the figure a few days after it was put on display. The statue bears the title “Crowning,” which can be understood as an allusion to the coronation of the Virgin Mary. However, the term also refers to the moment during birth when the baby’s head can be seen for the first time as it emerges from the birth canal.

    The figure in the Linz cathedral explicitly shows exactly this event: the Virgin Mary with her legs spread and the top of the head of the Baby Jesus between them. For reasons of discretion, both television and other media have generally omitted the view between the legs, which was nevertheless exposed for view to all visiting the Linz cathedral.

    Meanwhile, the Diocese of Linz told the website kath.net that “the sculpture will remain in the Mariendom art hall until the planned end of the exhibition [July 16], but will not be visible. “The doors are closed, the lights are off.”

    Müller told kath.net: “A critique of changing Christian art from being a means of piety into an advertisement for feminist ideology in violation of the natural sense of modesty cannot be pseudo-enlightened countered with the accusation of prudishness or pseudo-theologically as an expression of an ultra-conservative attitude.”

    “If a pictorial representation of the birth of Jesus offends believers and causes a division in the Church [between self-proclaimed progressives and those who are reviled as conservatives], the aim of Christian and especially sacred art, which is to express the infinite beauty of God in human works, has been missed,” the cardinal explained.

    “A pictorial representation of the mystery of revelation of the true birth of God as a human being must have the aim of strengthening viewers in their belief in the incarnation of God and of focusing on Christ and worshipping him as God and Savior,” the prelate pointed out.

    Esther Strauß, the artist who made the figure, spoke out after the attack on the statue, saying: “Most images of the Virgin Mary were made by men and have therefore often served patriarchal interests. Theologian Martina Resch put it well: In ‘crowning,’ Mary gets her body back. Whoever removed the head of the sculpture acted very brutally. For me, this violence is an expression of the fact that there are still people who question women’s right to their own bodies. We must oppose this very decisively.”

    In 2021, Strauß took part in an event called “Witch Talks.” The description at the time read: “Esther Strauß is represented with three of her works in the exhibition HEXEN. What the performance photographs and sculptures have in common is that they leave the beaten path of the remembrance, mourning, and commemoration rituals practiced in the so-called West. Instead, risky connections are made with the dead. These delicate relationships that they build take the circle of ancestors and family far beyond Western everyday understanding and lead to a community with a larger vision of solidarity.”

    On her website, Strauß describes herself as a “performance and language artist.” She also writes: “In 2016, I dug my grandfather’s grave with my hands and slept in his soil for a night.”

    This story was first published by CNA Deutsch, CNA’s German-language news partner. It has been translated and adapted by ACI Prensa and CNA.
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