Father Constant Louis Marie PEL (1876–1966)

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    Thanks for posting about him Joe. I wish I knew of such a holy priest living today in my neck of the woods!

    This image is usually associated with Fr Pel's vision of fire.

  2. Thanks for that Andree. You will see from one of my posts that Fr Pel’s spiritual director was the stigmatist Fr Antoine Crozier. “Fr. Constant Louis Marie Pel was born in 1878. In his desire to become a priest, he was directed by Fr. Antoine Crozier, the “saint of Lyon” – – who had the invisible stigmata.” Fr Crozier suffered the pain but asked for his stigmata to become invisible in order to help preserve his humility. Of course my surname is Crozier but I do not know if Fr Antoine is directly related to me. What I do know is that I’m no saint- in fact as a child my mum gave me book entitled “Joe’s No Saint.” My nephew did trace our family back to a William Crozier who carried Bishop Oddo’s cross - Crozier means ‘cross bearer” - at the battle of Hastings 1066. Bishop Oddo was William the Conqueror’s half brother. Bit of name dropping fun for all!
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    My first reaction is that this story on Father Pel is exaggerated. In its long history, the Church has recognized on some 100 Eucharistic miracles. Yet, the material on Fr. Pel claims he was associated with 3,500.

    Stigmata is also a rarity in Catholic history. There have been 321 cases of authentic stigmatization recorded by the Church. Only one, Padre Pio, was a priest. But the author claims, Fr. Pel allegedly received the stigmata, as did his mentor, Fr. Crozier. How likely is it that these claims are all correct? Has the Church investigated either of the priests? I would be astonishing if so many Eucharistic miracles and two stigmatists were ignored.
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    I wondered about a possible connection with Fr Crozier. Your mum was rearing you in humility from the start I see ;). I've read about père Pel a bit and know that he also had the love and admiration of another great spiritual figure, Fr Monier, who knew him and said he was "canonisable".

    Fr Pel's prophecy and map lines up with that of MJ Jahenny who says that Brittany will be spared the worst of chastisements.
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    the question that intrigues me is that if the great punishment comes before the 3 days of darkness (which seem to be the height of the tribulation) then there would be hard hearts that would not be converted even with this terrible event that looks like a fire of supernatural origin
  6. Thank you Luan
    My understanding is that The Warning comes when things are at their worst (in your words at the “height of Tribulation”) and its purpose is to prepare us for The Great Miracle which is intended to be for the conversion of the world to the Roman Catholic Faith. If people then revert to their old ways even after the Great Miracle then Chastisement will come. I believe that it will be far worse than thecTribulation which will included nuclear attacks but not in a World War such as WWI or II. Our Lady promised there would be no WWIII. We do not know how much time we will be given to “prove” our conversion after The Miracle. I agree with you that the fire of chastisement will be of supernatural origin. From the various descriptions of TTDD and Chastisement it seems likely they are the same. The Warning and TDD are different events in both content and purpose from my reading. Thanks for your input.
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    Joe thank you for sharing this information with us, and for your prudence in cautioning us. I would like to learn whether this spiritual son of Fr. Pel
    write the complete Pel prophecy, which he related in 1945?
  9. Hi Brooklady
    I have tried to find out more about the “Spiritual son” but with no success. Sorry I cannot answer your question. Thank you for your comment

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