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    So much ink and energy has gone into this subject! If only the Bishops would consecrate Russia, we could stop talking about it :(.

    Most of us who have consecrated ourselves do it more than once and probably pretty regularly. So I have never understood what the problem is with doing this again in case of doubt if only just to please our Heavenly Mother. Didn't someone here also post a link once that Putin wanted it done? I can't remember where I read that but it seems like he would love it, being the man of Mary that he appears to be publicly.

    My opinion is just one more in the sea of opinions (so not worth much) but I believe that Heaven accepted the consecration. Why on earth would Heaven not accept a consecration and no doubt there were fruits. But it wasn't what Our Lady asked for and the world is on the cusp of global totalitarianism, so what can we conclude other than it wasn't done as requested?

    I like to compare the effects of the consecration to the effects of nutrition. If a parent tells a child that the key to health is to eat wholesome, clean homemade food but that child decides to eat industrialised junk food for 60 years, they will develop health problems. Once sick, a change of diet will definitely help and improve things, but they will never regain the health that they would have had if they had following a healthy diet from the start.

    To me the effects of the consecration are similar. It wasn't done when requested and the course of history was changed. It was done at one point but feebly instead of boldly doing as Our Lady asked, obeying Her requests more than shrinking because of the opinions of men, so it was accepted but the full Graces weren't given.

    Like all of us, the Bishops may need to have pride completely knocked out of them, and maybe they'll get to it when Russia invades or some other catastrophe falls on our (their) heads. Maybe they'll consecrate Russia and declare Our Lady Co-Redemptrix at the same time!

    We have to keep praying for them. As Mirjana says, "priests are the bridge and we need our priests so we can all cross that bridge that takes us to Our Lady's triumph."
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    Thank you, this resonates!
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    I believe the audio and video of Carlos Evaristo interview with Cardinal Vidal and Sr Lucia in 1992 and 1993.
    They make sense to me.

    I believe in what Sr Lucia reveals in these interviews, I believe they are very important; for all mankind but especially for Catholics, because the rest of the world has forgotten or do not know of Fatima.

    It is important, as it lays to rest many questions about the consecration of Russia and gives details of Our Holy Fathers statements at the 1984 consecration and how these statements coincided with Our Lady's requests; additionally it explains the fruits of the consecration and the fall of communism in the USSR and it also reiterates the need for personal conversion for the daily recitation of the rosary and the need for the faithful to take up to the 5 first Saturdays devotion of reparation to Our lady's Immaculate Heart.

    I also believe Sr Lucia, when she states that we are in the 3rd day of the Fatima week. This makes sense, so much more is to happen before the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I believe we must pass through a crucible, which has been foretold in scripture.

    I also wonder whether the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will also coincide with the Reign of the Most Sacred Heart of her son Jesus! I think this is a possibility. These are my thoughts at the moment!
    May God continue to bless us!

    Praise be God's most Holy Name. :notworthy:
    May God be always exulted by His Angels and Saints.

    We await in Joyful servitude to Him, who Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be! Amen.
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    Thank you kindly you both, these your postings resonate deeply. I am rethinking Fatima after having watched Evaristo.
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    So much confusion, despite the clear signs we have been given. Most cling to the extremely fallible human interpretations of the visions at Fatima regarding the AUTHENTIC Third Secret which were underscored by those at Garabandal in response to the Vatican's refusal to release the Third Secret in 1960. Visions are cosmic 'zip files' which are subject to misinterpretation due to the chronological compression of events 'downloaded' to the visionaries. When the vision is 'un-zipped' and brought into synchronicity with chronological time, another more protracted and logical unfoldment can be seen that confirms the visions. In this context, Fr. Martin's interpretations were confounded by this anomaly of misinterpretation (fallibility) of the vision which has been distorted as a result of the transmission of the visions from the timeless realm of the aetherial to the material dimension subject to chronological time. What Fr. Martin conceived in his interpretations simply did not fully comport with the visions themselves which led to his doubts that Comet Hale-Bopp was the "sign"....THE WARNING...which is now being followed by THE CHASTISEMENT...UNPRECEDENTED Comet C/2017 K2 which has an almost identical trajectory and anomalous characteristics as Hale-Bopp...only many magnitudes greater. Fr. Martin's emphatic recommendation, "Keep your eyes on the skies" has not been followed through, even by Fr. Martin himself despite the clear sign in the skies as represented by Comet Hale-Bopp which appeared precisely 10 years before the discovery of Comet K2 in 2017...the anniversary of the visions at Fatima. Fr. Martin's conclusion that "we have a little more time" seems to more logically apply to the interval between the discovery of Comet K2 in 2017 to its arrival at perihelion in Dec. of 2022...A GRACE PERIOD ("half-time"- 10 divided by 2 = 5 yrs.). From all indications, Comet K2 has the potential to cause a major catastrophic event as portended both at Fatima in the AUTHENTIC Third Secret and reiterated at Garabandal, including "The Three days of Darkness", when the comet induces UNPRECEDENTED disruption of the sun in the form of Coronal Mass Ejections which will rain fire and brimstone upon the earth. Bear closely in mind the events that have transpired since 2017 which brought Conchita, the last living visionary at Garabandal, to come out of seclusion and directly connect the pandemic with the fulfillment of "The Illumination of Conscious". Time is short and the Adversary is now moving swiftly with what little time he has left to maintain humanity in his captivity.
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    Can you tell me when Conchita directly connected the pandemic with the fulfillment of the Illumiation of Conscience? My understanding of the I of C is that it is a short global event in which everyone will be shown by God the
    nature of his sins and shown his place in hell, purgatory, or heaven at that moment. What you just said about Conchita does not add up? Imho.
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    Sorry this line : "Bear closely in mind the events that have transpired since 2017 which brought Conchita, the last living visionary at Garabandal, to come out of seclusion and directly connect the pandemic with the fulfillment of "The Illumination of Conscious" IS NOT CORRECT. First she is NOT the last living Visionary, 3 are alive , only Mari Loli passed away. ( Get your facts straight,before misinforming people) .
    Second, It was MY ASKING HER to comment on the Pandemic, (she did not come out on her own) and it is NOT the Fulfillment of the Warning, the fulfillment of the Warning is when it actually happens,and that hasn't happened yet.
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    The key, again, is connected to the misinterpretation of the visions transmitted from cosmic timelessness down to the limitations of earthly chronological time. We are talking here about two very different dimensions...the fundamental variations between what is transmitted from 'above' (celestial) to the 'below' (earthly). Your understanding of the I of C reflects the 'zip file' version that compresses chronological time into a "short" (chronological) interval. Conchita came out of seclusion on March 20, 2021 https://mysticpost.com/2020/03/conc...o-the-prophecized-illumination-of-conscience/ The pandemic is obviously the Adversary's attempt to corral humanity in advance of THE CHASTISEMENT that Comet K2 has the potential to fulfill. By-in-large, human memory is very short and lessons must necessarily be learned over a more protracted period of time. It is quite clear now that even Conchita realizes this discrepancy between cosmic and chronological time, but has yet to fully grasp its implications. We are given GRACE PERIODS in order to drive the message home. One must be ever vigilant…having a ready supply of oil at hand to keep the lamp illuminated (within the heart) to act as the beacon for redemption. Sincerity of the heart is not only a virtue, but an absolute NECESSITY.
  9. Eyes Wide Open

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    To err is human and to forgive divine. Forgive my error stating that Conchita is the last living visionary. Congratulations to you for your (Divine) inspiration to request of Conchita to comment on the pandemic. As to the fulfillment, I am also in error and should have said that it is the PROGRESSION leading up to the fulfillment. Your vitriol is not in context with the spirit of understanding which we are all earnestly attempting to achieve. Again, you are limiting yourself to the condensed ('zip file') version and not applying it to chronological time. The pattern of events in actual chronological time un-zip the timelessness of the cosmic transmission. The fulfillment, in my corrected estimation (my thanks to you), will come when events intensify (detachment from the securities of this world) to the point where all souls are laid bare for the final examination. Conchita's response to your (inspired) request was elicited by you, but her response itself was a product of her own inspiration. I am duly chastised and will redouble my efforts at accuracy. I refuse to hold any malice towards anyone, as it is a heavy weight that anchors us to the negative aspects of this world that are ever becoming the more burdensome with each passing day. If you have any other objections to my comments I will gladly receive them in the spirit of understanding and under the influence of the Sacred Heart.
    Kyrie Eleison!
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    Glen, if you do not object to my asking, can you confirm from your affiliations with Conchita if she received my e-message to her of 4-13-20 (et al) and if she had any response. I don't mean to be cheeky, but I am going through my own series of chastisements which are life-threatening and could use some solace to comfort my soul. In my messages to Conchita I touched upon the aspects concerning the (condensed) visions and their unfoldment in earthly time. I dare say she is contending with this phenomenon that arises between visions transmitted from the higher to lower dimensions and how they are currently manifesting. It may be time for you to follow your own inspiration as the events leading up to the fulfillment of her visions appears to be closing-in rapidly. Many individuals are now having dreams that chillingly comport with what Conchita was given at Garabandal. They include an asteroid strike, nuclear exchange and demonic creatures roaming the earth. Her vision of the two 'stars' coming into close proximity and producing an explosion comport directly with an encounter between the sun and a comet. Please do not respond to my soulful requests and inquiries from a contentious perspective. We are all desperately seeking understanding and perhaps the time has come for Conchita to clear-up the confusion as time is growing ever shorter. Now more than ever for the sake of all souls we need to know. Surely the Holy Mother will intervene.
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    Zip file version? This creates confusion.(n) There is only one version, the Truth. There is nothing for Conchita to clear up.
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    Would you consider the possibility that although the fulfillment has not yet happened (past tense), but that it is indeed in the PROCESS OF HAPPENING? This appears to be at the heart of Conchita's response to you concerning the pandemic.

    This is a quote from the message I sent Conchita on 4-13-20: "There is presently a quickening taking place within the experiences of humanity, concerning which I'm certain you are well aware. I am always asking people about their dreams. Even before the present threat of a pandemic reared its ugly head, the common theme I was hearing was dominated by fear and panic. A close friend told me about a dream they had only last night. Without going into the details of the dream itself, which had to be interpreted, I was deeply moved by the biblical overtones. So I will provide you with the scriptural parallels that perfectly matched the imagery of their dream. The relevant scripture has to do with Jesus' return as the groom, in marriage to his bride, humanity. Interpreted, the dream revealed the Dark Forces ruling this world attempting to prevent our long awaited reunion with the divine. Rev. 19:7"

    The stress, fear and contention amongst humanity is reaching a crescendo. Our souls are even now being laid bare...day-by-day, layer-by-layer until all darkness within is revealed and the opportunity to overcome presents itself in this, the last stand against the evil that dominates this planet.
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    "Truth"...now there's the mother of all zip-files. Would you care to expand upon this most profound of all files that reside in heaven, but wallow in the muck of this world? Perhaps they may be found in the 40,000 neurons recently discovered in the human heart that are desperately attempting to resonate with the Sacred Heart. Were we not told in scripture that the law (truth) was written in our hearts?

    Perhaps it would be best for Conchita to decide whether or not there is anything in need of clarification.
  14. Jo M

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    God bless you. Have a good day.
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  15. Glenn

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    Yes, we are "in the process" of the "Pre-Warning" era.
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    She did not mention it to me,and we usually communicate by phone ,or email on a regular basis ( in person when it is important ). Honestly I don't give much creedence to multitude of "new visions" pouring in ,that are in stark difference to what Conchita has said. Why ? Because none of these people can claim ,as she can, to have spoken with the Blessed Mother for 4 years, Locutions with Jesus, and have the spiritual "rubber stamp" from Saint Padre Pio and Saint Mother Teresa .
  17. Glenn

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    It's amazing that when I offer correction to someone's " incorrect Garabandal facts " , I'm automatically "mean spirited". Maybe do some due dilligence before posting with such "authority" . BTW, I didnt limit myself to any zip file version, I rely on my nearly 30 YEARS of speaking directly to Conchita about the timeline of events,and events themselves.
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    In my desperation for understanding I often stumble, however, the earnestness of your heart has set me straight. I must redouble my efforts and be ever more vigilant when the spirit of contention rears its diabolical head. I see no evidence whatsoever of mean spiritedness within you. Your sincerity of heart is abundantly clear. Perhaps what you see as authority in my expressions is my mortally flawed attempt to more fully understand the human condition which grows more bewildering and painful by the day, for which I diligently seek answers and consolation. As you have confirmed..."we are in the PROCESS of the pre-warning era". In my (flawed) mind it would seem to confirm that the visions represent a condensed version of what is to come over a more protracted period of earthly time. My first impressions of the visions lead to the conclusion that events would transpire in close succession which did not resonate with the trudge of earthly reality. That would appear to settle the issue for which I am grateful.

    In light of this, it would not be a misconception to say that "The Illumination of Conscious" (IC) is very much in progress, as testified by the current human condition wherein there is so much distress, contention and aberrant behavior as humanity is being separated from the securities of this world. Even before the pandemic, there had been an exponential increase in demonic possessions, such that more priests had to be trained in exorcisms to address the issue. This would then appear to confirm that the IC...the laying bare the soul...is unfolding right before our very eyes, which for many are spinning in their sockets in response to the pandemonium now unfolding and this rudderless world heads for the rocks.

    As to Conchita's vision of the two stars that seemed to collide, but didn't, despite which there was an explosion of intense energy that triggered the IC, there seems to be a muddling of the chronology of events. This, in my humbled and possibly flawed perspective, would seem to further confirm that the timelessness inherent within the transmission of the vision encumbered a distortion in earthly time which is far more protracted in the course of human existence.

    Down through the ages, comets have been seen as both 'warnings' and 'enforcers' of Divine Law. Does not the Creator employ His own creation to fulfill His purposes? Is He not mocked? Why do we seek after miracles when existence, in and of itself is a miracle, given the alternative of absolute void. When one meditates, do they not first enter into the void in order for the miracle of existence to become self-evident? Those who have attained higher consciousness have stated the profound lack of time or dimension, an apparent illusion induced by the geometrical necessity inherent in creation from out of the void.

    Such a time appears to be at hand with the approach of UNPRECEDENTED Comet C/2017 K2 (Panstarrs). The "pre-warning" is now in progress, which I assume is associated with the IC...that much seems to be settled. Is the "warning" itself to be an exponential intensification of the process of the IC and therefore its shocking culmination when our souls are laid bare? Is this "pre-warning" being given to the receptive, in an act of mercy, in order to prepare themselves for this soul-rending "warning"? Kyrie Eleison!
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    You are a blessed source for a spiritually starved humanity, Glen. Forgive my figure of speech in an attempt to bring the confounding into perspective. Curious, is it not, that terminology associated with our times of artificial intelligence (computerization) should find its way into the conversation. It appears that all that could be used for the spiritual good of humanity as been weaponized by the Adversary to bring it down. Thank you for revising my corrupted file.
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    Decent summary here:
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