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    'Massive Fireball seen over Ireland - The Investigation Continues

    Location on the Northern half of Ireland

    As outlined in recent press releases, shortly after midnight Saturday night, a huge explosion, similar to a nuclear explosion occurred over Ireland.

    International, national and local media have expressed an immense interest in this massive fireball sighting and the general public are enthused with this fantastic natural occurrence in our skies. Astronomy Ireland are continuing to investigate this event.

    The most likely explanation is a space rock or man made satellite crashing in to the atmosphere. There was early speculation that it may be linked to a North Korea missile test but this has been ruled out.

    At present, we have received about one hundred detailed eye witness reports, but we need many more. Currently, we believe that the fireball may have started over the UK and came down in the Northern half of Ireland but this is not yet certain. We NEED more information in order to triangulate the exact location where the fireball may have hit Earth.

    In 1999, when a huge investigation began after a similar sighting, Astronomy Ireland received over 400 written reports and duly derived the exact location of the fallen fireball and the meteorite was subsequently found in Carlow. We need everyone's help to once again calculate the location and hopefully retrieve this fantastic piece of space science.

    Astronomy Ireland is requesting that anyone in Ireland who saw the explosion Saturday night should go to its website http://www.astronomy.ie and fill in the "Fireball" report immediately so the investigation can be accurately completed.

    "In the past two decades there have been two major explosions in the skies over Ireland" said David Moore, Chairman of Astronomy Ireland. "When we investigated these we were able to conclude that one was a Russian military satellite that exploded over the country in 1993, and the other was a rock from space which we predicted would have fallen on Carlow and this rock was indeed found, becoming the last meteorite fall of the millennium! Goodness only knows what this latest event may have been!" he said.'

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    Freaky. Did anybody here on the forum see it?
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    Obviously, here on the East Coast it was still prior to sunset. But at least I get to come on and say: "Good to hear from you! It's been awhile!" :D

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!

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