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    I don't know anything about technology but I do know that to get EWTN in Canada--- Nova Scotia only one satellite system carried it and we had to get a second eye
  2. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee

    Americas First Male Saint....airs in 1 hour plus...



    01/09 at 11:00 PM ET

    An EWTN original docu-drama focusing on the life and ministry of St. John Neumann: a bishop, a zealous missionary, and the founder of the United States’ Catholic education.
    St John, Pray for us
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  3. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee



    01/10 at 2:00 PM ET

    Celebrant and homilist Archbishop Bernardito Auza celebrates Holy Mass in honor of the Infant of Prague from the upper church of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.
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    When my wife became Catholic our RCIA group visited his shrine in Philadelphia. Great saint!
  5. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee

    One day maybe will meet at St Anthonys Chapel, I have a show and tell story about my coming to know St John. Hes a Great devotee of St Anthony of Padua by the way! In 2013, St John came into my life, long story short. I volunteered to help clean the Church and setup Christmas decorations one Saturday. 3 months later I came back to Pittsburgh, St Johns old stomping grounds...lol
    He started a Bank for Catholics in Philadlphia, its still open today... such an amazing man.

    And what a gift to your wife meeting St John after RCIA....pretty cool! A Great Blessing:)
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  6. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee


    01/11 at 3:00 AM ET, 6:30 PM ET

    A movement that advocates for children to receive Confirmation before First Communion so that they can experience the sacramental graces that let them fully live, learn, and love their Catholic faith sooner.
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    We would love to go to St. Anthony's Chapel in Pittsburgh. We've been to the big church on Polish Hill, the one with the stairs in the strip district, and St. Boniface (the Latin Mass parish) but not St. Anthony's.

    Let me know when you're available and we'll meet you there. Seriously.

    (Of course then you'll need to come out to Loretto to see Fr. Dimitrius Gallitzin's chapel house. First priest ordained in the States.)
  8. BrianK

    BrianK Guest

    GREAT idea. Our children were confirmed in the Byzantine Rite during their middle school years.

    We went East for a number of years and our children were ordained during our sojourn among the Ruthenian and Ukrainian Greek Catholics.
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    Didn't realise there was an EWTN thread so I'll repeat what I just posted elsewhere.

    The Solemn Mass to celebrate the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord was broadcast this morning on EWTN. It will be shown again at 11 p.m. our time (GMT). Mass was celebrated by Pope Francis in the Sistine Chapel and a number of babies were baptised. The altar being situated close to the wall, the Pope and his co-celebrants had their backs to the congregation. The Sistine Chapel looked magnificent.
  10. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee

    Sounds Great Brian, I need to double check what day they close each week. 1pm they have a tour guide (donation asked) and in my opinion a weekday would be most informative for us but weekends are also good. Some groups are 10 or 20 people on weekends, not always.

    Will come to Loretto to Fr Dimitrius chapel. I never knew this, so cool! Isnt Loretto the first Carmel in America? Thought I read that onetime?

    Thanks for the invite:) maybe we can swing by St Vincents,would be my first.
  11. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee

    Pope St Pius X when he lowered the age to receive first Communion, I wish Confirmation was as well...maybe things would be different in the world today. Im not casting any stones,im a big fan of Pope St Pius X... one of my show n tell pieces I wanted to show you:)
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    Great, let me know about St. Anthony's. We have a pretty tight weekday office schedule but with advance notice we should be able to schedule off.

    The Carmel at Loretto is about a mile from the Gallitzin Chapel house, and you can also walk the gardens of the Schwab estate which is now the Franciscan TOR western province house. We should try to schedule later in the spring for that. (An antique PA long rifle hangs over the mantle in the Gallitzin Chapel house that was made by my great great great uncle.)

    St. Francis College is right in between all three and there's a nice Franciscan bookstore in town too.
  13. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee

    We could always go on the weekend, grab the business while you can, this market is imploding.

    Maybe we can fire the rifle...haha, that would be really cool. Must be a musket type, I never fired one. Neat piece of Catholic American history, come on Spring!
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    Believe me, I would love to fire one of my ancestor's rifles but they won't let us touch this one. They did let me take photos:
    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    If you're into antique rifles, I have two of them made by this gunsmith's father, who was my great great great great grandfather.
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  15. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee

    Very nice pic. Did your family come over on the Mayflower?:):LOL:
    Im only 2nd generation
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    They came over in 1732, from Bavaria, they sailed on the Pennsylvania Merchant ship into Philadelphia and settled in York County.

    My great great great great grandfather built guns from 1810 to 1860 and his son, my great great great uncle, from 1830-1865 or so. They started in York PA, worked in Emmitsburg MD then settled in Geeseytown just outside Hollidaysburg PA.
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    Very interesting. What about Catholicism in your family line - just curious America being a largely protestant country?
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    My ancestors on that side were Lutherans and Anabaptists. When my grandfather was dating my grandmother and he would bring up marriage, my Catholic grandmother would respond, "Don, you know I can't marry you, you're not Catholic."

    One day he showed up with a ring and she repeated, "Oh Don, you know I can't marry you, you're not Catholic!" He grinned and replied, "I am now!" He had privately gone to the local Cathedral and took lessons and converted without telling her. He was a great man and a devout Catholic the rest of his life.
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    My family did come over on the Mayflower. Most of my ancestors of that generation were in America before 1700.
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    You can purchase, USA anyway, nice antique replicas for shooting/collecting. The one pictured is a cap lock and probably dates from the 1830/40s. Looks like a typical PA/KY Long Rifle of the period. The Italian Gun Makers are "Big" into replica making .... though ... "These Days" .... I might consider collecting more modern variants!
    Armed Infidel (2).jpg

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