Evil Empire or Russia Consecrated?

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by Richard67, Nov 18, 2014.

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    According to the BBC, the militants are an Al Qaeda group with a new name and they shot down the plane using a surface to air missile. Having looked up the word "manpad" I now realise that's what the BBC meant. They also said that some people are saying that the Russians responded with cruise missile from a ship in the Mediterranean but the BBC didn't report that as fact.
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    I suppose to some of the happily uninformed this is just another kind of "friendly fire"! Just move on....nothing to be seen here.

    Pentagon Confirms Russia Has a Submarine Nuke Delivery Drone
    This is very bad news.

    The Pentagon has confirmed that a new Russian nuclear delivery drone is real. The undersea drone, which carries an enormous nuclear warhead to destroy coastal cities and military bases, was tested late last month. The test was leaked by unnamed sources to The Washington Free Beacon.

    Russia calls the system "Ocean Multipurpose System 'Status-6," and it is allegedly capable of traveling underwater to distances of to 6,200 miles. It can submerge to depths of 3,280 feet and travel at speeds of up to 56 knots.

    The U.S. intelligence agencies estimate Status-6 will carry a multi-megaton thermonuclear bomb payload. For comparisons' sake the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was 16 kilotons, several orders of magnitude smaller. A one megaton bomb is the equivalent of 1,000 kilotons—one one million tons of TNT. Reports from Russia indicate the bomb could be as large as 100 megatons.

    Status-6 is designed to attack enemy coastal cities, ports, shipyards, and naval bases. Once Status-6 arrives at its destination it detonates the bomb, causing an enormous amount of damage through blast and heat. A 100 megaton bomb would generate artificial tsunamis, carrying the destruction far inshore.

    A "leaked" image of Status-6 that appeared on Russian television.

    As bad as that sounds, it gets even worse. Reports from Russia indicate the bomb could be armed with a "salted bomb", or one that "salts the Earth" with the dangerous isotope Cobalt-60. Such a bomb could spread such high levels of radioactivity it would prevent anyone from using the attack zone for approximately 100 years. Depending on location and prevailing weather conditions, such an explosion would also carry vast amounts of radiation inland.

    The existence of Status-6 was originally greeted with some skepticism—the weapon sounds so horrible, so devastating, and so completely over the top it is difficult to process that someone would actually want to build such a thing. Unfortunately for all of mankind, it appears that it is very real.

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    Pray pray pray! We should all repent on behalf of our poor country for its many sins—not the least it’s idolatry. “If my people who are called by my Name repent...I will hear their prayer and heal their land.” (2Chronicles)
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    Am wondering if such a possibility (too horrid to even imagine) might just be a means to the ultimate end of what was prophesied at Fatima about a real future of what could happen IF what our Mother asked for, required in fact, was not done.....a certain and real "annihilation of nations".

    It is important to particularly note two of Our Lady’s words: nations and annihilation. Heaven has chosen those words with infinite wisdom. Our Lady did not say "states" would be annihilated, and was not, therefore, referring to civil governments or sovereignties. The word "nations" refers to peoples. For example, when in 1795 Germany, France, Russia and Austria-Hungary overran Poland and divided it among themselves, the Polish state was annihilated, but the Polish nation was not annihilated; the Polish people remained. In 1919 the Polish state was reconstituted. Obviously, the Polish nation had not been annihilated. So when Our Lady declares that nations will be annihilated, She’s referring to nations of people, not physical states marked by borders.

    Likewise, the word "annihilated" is very significant. It comes from the Latin word "nihil," which means "nothing." Literally, annihilated means "made into nothing." If Our Lady had meant to say that there would be a near total, but not quite total destruction of peoples, She would have chosen another word, such as "devastated." So, distressing as it is to imagine, we must conclude that entire peoples will be obliterated if we do not first have the Consecration of Russia. Until now, Our Lady’s most dire warning and prophecy, "various nations will be annihilated," has not taken place. However, the world moves closer to its fulfillment daily, as is explained below.

    In her interview with Father Fuentes, (see "Published Testimony: Father Fuentes (1957)") Sister Lucy stated, "many times the Most Holy Virgin told my cousins as well as myself, that many nations will disappear from the face of the earth, that Russia will be the instrument of chastisement chosen by Heaven to punish the whole world if we do not beforehand obtain the conversion of that poor nation. ..."

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    Yes it is sad but entirely predictable. I fear it will now get worse now that Russia knows Trump's foreign policy is no different that Bush-Obama. Roman Filipov, the pilot, who died in the fight against NATO-backed, jihadist terrorists butchering Christians in Syria:

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    And Putin's policy is no different than Hilter, Stalin, Mao or any other communist dictator. Its just a matter of time before the world sees what it has been doing in building is WMD's, since it gave up its communistic ways o_O and he knows he won't be able to BS Trump as he has Obama for 8 years, the Bush's and Clinton era's.
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    So Trump's foreign policy is no different than the Bush/Obama one. Riiight!

    Other than the poor pilot.....involved in a war in which his country is heavily involved btw.....

    It also raises questions about the source of the apparent “man-portable air-defense system,” or MANPADS, a shoulder-fired weapon for which Syria’s rebels have repeatedly pleaded from their international backers. The United States has been strongly opposed, fearing that antiaircraft weapons could fall into the hands of the country’s extremist groups.

    ........“The United States has never provided MANPAD missiles to any group in Syria, and we are deeply concerned that such weapons are being used,” she said.

    Saraqeb has come under heavy bombardment from Russian and Syrian warplanes in recent days as pro-government forces try to recapture a strategic highway linking Damascus to Aleppo. The White Helmets civil defense group said Saturday seven civilians had been killed in at least 25 strikes on largely residential areas, some of them using barrel bombs.

    In the hours after the Russian jet was downed, Moscow also claimed to have killed more than 30 militants in the area, Interfax reported. The agency quoted the Defense Ministry as saying it used “precision-guided weapons” to carry out the strike, but without giving details.

    The use of MANPADS in a province where Turkish forces are nominally present could also anger Russia. The two countries have improved ties and cooperated in Syria in recent months, but relations hit an all-time low in 2015 when Turkey, a longtime supporter of the country’s rebels, shot down a Russian warplane inside Syria.

    .....Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey have supplied MANPAD missiles to Syrian rebel forces. In addition, a number of missiles supplied by the Russians to the Syrian have fallen into the hands of various groups. This has been extensively documented in news reports over the past 5-6 years. There is no evidence that the US supplied any of these weapons


    As a commenter mentioned: everyone in this area is now in deep trouble. Putin will respond with great force and conviction, unlike Obozo the clown from chicago, who acted in collusion with muslim terrorists by forcing our soldiers to abide by idiotic and dangerous rules of engagement that favored the enemy. Trump quickly dropped these treasonous ROE's, and the result is ISIS is being quickly destroyed, much to obozo's chagrin.
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    Trump’s foreign policy is the same Neocon foreign policy as Obama, which puts Israeli and Saudi foreign interests ahead of the interests of the United States. This is a fact, I am sorry to say and is the polar opposite of what Trump talked about during the campaign. For confirmation of this fact, look no further than the crazed Neocon warmonger Nikki Haley who Trump refuses to fire. Look no further than the fact that Trump sent Javelin anti-tank missiles to the genocidal, criminal regime currently occupying Kiev - a regime which was covertly installed by Obama. Look no further than the fact that we are slowly but surely establishing a permanent presence in Syria, in violation of Syria’s sovereingty. Russia was invited into Syria by Assad in order to defeat the foreign “rebels” and mercenaries who were sent there by Team Obama and Hillary for the purposes of regime change. If Trump was genuine, he could live up to his campaign promises with the stroke of a pen and pull-out of Syria and stop the covert support for the “moderate” Syrian rebels (the ones who only eat half your liver or chop half your head off before posting the video to YouTube). We don’t belong there and never belonged there and yes, Obama and McCain DID in fact send MANPADS to the “Syrian Rebels” some years ago. This was widely reported at the time and ending this covert support for regime change was one of the reasons Trump was elected. Whether he was fooling us regarding foreign policy from the very beginning or has had his hands tied by the Deep State remains to be seen, but I will judge him by his actions not his words. Nikki Haley has not been fired. Globalists like Tillerson, McMasters, and Kushner remain in power. This speaks volumes about where our foreign policy is headed.
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    You're still living in Obamaville and trying to tie the new administration, left with the mess (which Trump has declared himself), with all of the former criminal regime's sins. How convenient and sad it is to lose the train of facts willingly. The "stroke of a pen" business is how Zero operated....not a patriot who lives with a certain limitation of powers wishing permanent solutions rather than ones that can as easily be stopped down the line. If he's pushed to it....it won't be by the left alone but by the globalists of both parties...and that, unlike Obama, to save the nation rather than to hand it over to its sworn enemies. And so what if Obama and McCain did stupid things....my point.....but don't shape this new admin with those idiots' actions. Again, Trump is not continuing such means and methods so he is NOT the same as the past crooks which apparently you have mistakenly come to believe yourself and wish, somehow, to convince others of.

    notizie false!!!!
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    I sure hope you end up being right and I being proven wrong about Trump's foreign policy. But the early returns aren't promising.
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    It's not a question of someone being right.....it's the hope that God and His choice for us is respected. And that those who oppose such an "anointed" one will continue to be exposed and uprooted. It's looking to be that time where only God can separate the goats....we just have to get with His program and pray the Holy Spirit enlightens all involved just how to carry these plans of His forward.
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    I'm praying too Richard.
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    As well am I. I hope that there is more to this story that we do not know but it sure smells on the face of it.
    Iran has a base there now a mere 300 miles from Jerusalem as a result of the division in Syria. Turkey as well is staging there. It really seems to be a recipe for disaster.
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    Putin issues final warning to the West and explains why the situation has gone nuclear:

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  15. The 'final warning' label on his talk is being overly dramatic. He is unveiling some very powerful weapons to intimidate the world. What does he want? He laments the loss of GDP, and the loss of land and people after the breakup of the USSR....but he is not getting them back. Pray for his conversion.
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    Some interesting news coming out regarding the US role in Syria but like we all know already talk is cheap. I doubt that Turkish or Iranian forces will be going out of their way to help any Christians there so Russia will have a huge burden to carry and a tight rope with dealing with Erdogon especially. Then again I don't think we did them any favors and in fact made things worse in some respects.

    I have a very hard time reconciling the idea of Russia who's errors were spread all throughout the world will in turn be the ones to fix them. I am not convinced yet with regard to Russia and the Orthodox Church. They were used in the past by the state and they very well could be now too.


    President Donald Trump surprised even the most senior members of his Cabinet when he announced Thursday during a speech in Ohio that the U.S. military would be "coming out of Syria, like, very soon," according to a senior administration official and a U.S. official familiar with the matter.

    The president has expressed to top members of his national security team that he would like to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria, but none of them expected he'd say it publicly, these officials said.

    "By the way, we're knocking the hell out of ISIS," Trump said during a speech on infrastructure spending. "We're coming out of Syria, like, very soon. Let the other people take care of it now, very soon. Very soon, we're coming out."

    Trump has discussed the idea of withdrawing the 2,000 U.S. troops with Defense Secretary James Mattis, chief of staff John Kelly and the outgoing national security adviser, Gen. H.R. McMaster, but according to these officials, the president favors a faster withdrawal than most who are advising him.

    "It's not the substance [of the remark] that surprised them," the senior administration official told ABC News. "It's the fact that he said it."

    Meanwhile, nearly every other government policy adviser who works on Syria was caught completely off guard by the substance of the president's remarks, including officials within the National Security Council, the Pentagon and the Department of State, according to multiple U.S. officials.

    The president's impromptu announcement sent officials scrambling to square Trump's word of an imminent withdrawal with the previously-stated U.S. strategy of a so-called "conditions-based" approach. And while there is no question ISIS has been dealt lasting blows inside Syria, they are not yet defeated. "Our policy is conditions-based, meaning we plan to leave Syria when ISIS is defeated," one administration official told ABC News. "And that's not done yet."

    Not only does the president's desire for an imminent withdrawal appear to contradict the conditions-based strategy, but it also flies in the face of his repeated pledge not to forecast the movements of the U.S. military to the enemy. He has criticized the Obama administration for announcing publicly plans to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan before the mission there was fully completed.

    State Department spokesman Heather Nauert told reporters Thursday she'd heard of no policy determination to pull U.S. troops out of Syria. The Pentagon declined to comment on the president's statement and a spokesman for U.S. Central Command said: "The military strategy in Syria is the defeat of ISIS."

    A State Department official said Friday "while ISIS has lost nearly all the territory it once controlled, the fight is ongoing and we remain determined to ensure that ISIS is defeated."

    Mattis and outgoing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have said repeatedly that U.S. troops would remain to prevent a new terror group from forming.


    President Trump's administration has frozen $200 million earmarked for Syria recovery efforts, CBS News' Margaret Brennan and Kylie Atwood confirmed. The development comes after Mr. Trump said this week the U.S. will be pulling out of Syria "very soon."

    Atwood reports the decision was relayed to the State Department Friday in a call that White House chief of staff John Kelly made to Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan. There is some recovery funding that will continue for the next few weeks, but all future money is on hold.

    The money -- to have been spent by the State Department for infrastructure projects like power, water and roads -- had been announced by fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at an aid conference last month in Kuwait.

    The State Department has been asked to provide the White House with more information on the Syria recovery funding, Atwood reports -- such as specific projects to be laid out. Mr. Trump wants other countries to step up to the plate, and do and pay more. The freeze does not impact Department of Defense operations.

    Brennan reports the president has it in his mind that he wants to get out of Syria, but also told Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday that the U.S. is not done fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). In short, Brennan reports, the president's remarks -- and this freeze -- contradict policy that had been in place under Tillerson.

    Meanwhile, U.S. Central Command and the State Department are scheduled to host an event Tuesday about rebuilding Syria and Iraq after ISIS. Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Brennan reports, has been consistent that the military needs to gradually, and not suddenly, hand matters off to diplomats. Mr. Trump's pivot also makes the fate of Syrian president Bashar al Assad unclear.

    Mr. Trump described his intent to get out of Syria in a speech to union workers Thursday in Ohio -- a speech that was billed as an infrastructure plan pitch.

    "Things are changing, folks," Mr. Trump told the crowd. "But now is the time to rebuild our country, to take care of our people, and to fight for our great American workers for a change. ... We'll be coming out of Syria, like, very soon. Let the other people take care of it now. Very soon. Very soon, we're coming out. We're going to have 100 percent of the caliphate, as they call it -- sometimes referred to as 'land.' We're taking it all back quickly. Quickly. But we're going to be coming out of there real soon. We're going to get back to our country, where we belong, where we want to be."

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    Thanks Richard, one has to wonder why Russia would choose to use a nerve agent which leads directly back to them and is readily identifiable as theirs. They are not this stupid.
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    There have been so many false flags by the deep state already. I think it could be another provocation to set off a crisis. We must pray!!
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    It is one made up crisis after another along with lie after lie. Their goal is fear and despair so let us not give them what they want but focus ourselves on what is pleasing to God. They can not win.

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