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Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by darrell, May 13, 2008.

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    Just wanted to share a few thoughts with my forum friends before I need to get down to business for the day. Woke up at 3 am today, which was happenening for a while, but stopped, so this was the first in some time. Started praying Chaplet of Divine Mercy before drifting back to sleep.

    I noticed some interesting links on Spirit Daily today: 1) story about scientists creating first genetically altered embryo dated May 11; 2) interesting this date was framed with the Mynamar cyclone and the quake in China; 3) a link to the Medjugorje forum where a member quotes Ivan as saying the world is in danger of destroying itself. Michael Brown said recently that the world has become numbed to these excalating events. To the point where people aren't noticing -- or not acknowledging (denial) -- that this is happening.

    Also interesting that today is the feast of Our Lady of Fatima. Pray for us O Immaculate Heart of Mary!

  2. darrell

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  3. Lee

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    The horrific torments in Asia caught me off guard and really left me shaken I scooted off to the Cathedral for confession and a noon mass. While there I realized that the only way, ONLY WAY, I could maintain any notion of composure, peace, was through surrender to God, His Will-not mine, and an increase in my prayer life. Once I recognized that life raft I experienced a calm I hope to sustain. What's the saying? strap yourself in, this could get really bumpy.
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    Yes, Lee, I think so. Between the struggling economy, the price of fuel, and the damage caused by "acts of God" (interesting how no one uses this expression any more), I think the United States is headed for some seriously tough times.

    One more thought before I get to work: noteworthy the fact that the cyclone and earthquake have caused many deaths; however, all the tornados in regions of the United States have cause much physical damage, but very few deaths in comparison. My spiritual sense of this – and I could be totally wrong as this is my personal sense of things – is that this is a grace from God, a kindness: the U.S. was founded a Christian nation, but has slid away from God into a culture of materialism; it seems prosperity can lead people to believing they don’t need God. Yesterday’s readings speak to me of this:

    from the first reading,
    Consider it all joy, my brothers and sisters,
    when you encounter various trials

    from the responsorial Psalm,
    Be kind to me, Lord, and I shall live.
    Before I was afflicted I went astray…
    It is good for me that I have been afflicted,
    that I may learn your statutes…
    I know, O LORD, that your ordinances are just,
    and in your faithfulness you have afflicted me.

    http://darrellbowles-climbingthemountai ... k-rat.html
    http://darrellbowles-climbingthemountai ... -come.html

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    Its true, people are kinda just getting on with their lives. I mentioned to a few really good, Church going people at work about Burma and China and their attitude seemed really off hand. Also ,although these deaths were mentioned briefly in Church, it was only once or twice and China was not mentioned at ll, let alone a special collection. So many things are happening at the minute it seems folks are going into overload. I also notice how bad things are in Beiriut and the Lebanon, it seems like Syria and Iran seem to want to drive for a Civil War; it seems to me there is a strong strand in Islam driving for a world Caliphate and a Holy War.

    I notice from the life of the great French Mystic Marthe Robin, who died back in 1968 that she was in conversation with someone and they were talking about nuclear weapons. Now Marthe was not qa great one for talking about the future, she was very discreet. But she said that with nuclear proliferation it was only a matter of time before many nations had the bomb, then, 'Two fools will use end up using them'. I think she was being prophetic here and taking about two nations who would eventually get the weapon using them.

    Times move quicker and quicker and we are only half way through the year!! But I can't say, personally I feel fear, there is a curious dream like quality to what is going on. :roll:
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    By the way, there is a new law which they are debating in Britain at the minute and which will very possible be passed. This will enable two things. Firslty for women to give full birth to a child and for the child to be killed for its parts to be used to 'help' its siblings and others who can benfit due to its genetic code.

    Secondly it will permit the combination with human eggs with those of animals for 'medical ' purposes.

    I fully believe that the good God simply will not permit these things. God' anger will come.

    Proverbs 9:10
    The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

    It is exactly a law like this that involves, 'The cup will run over', the cup being full of mens sins. Then the wrath of God runneth over. ... 6468&lng=1

    The USA is very,very blessed it is far away from such laws {well I hope so...}
  7. AZCactus

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    Padrig I pray that those law are not passed, although it would almost surprise me if they did not. You mentioned us in the U.S. This election is terrible, we have a choice between left and far left. All we can do, which we should be doing all along, is look to God for what is to be.

    May God bless y'all.
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    I think, AZ that over here some politicians set themselves up as little Gods, if it, 'feels right', do it..and of course they use the old saying, @iam not religious, but I am very spiritual'. Its the exact same temptation folks fell for from Satan in the Old Testament, 'These are modern times, we have to decide for ourselves'...
  9. Mario

    Mario Powers

    There is always hope!

    An image comes to mind when I focus on these disturbing events: a hurricane! The earth appears to be caught up in a spiritual Katrina which is reaping havoc on the natural plane as well. On August 28, 2005, Katrina intensified from a Category 3 hurricane to a Category 5 hurricane in just 9 hours! The rest is history! The current increase in catastrophic events strikes me as similar in their intensification.

    What is frightening for us is a sense of the loss of control. The question arises: where do we turn for assurance, peace, and safety? The pack rat from Darrell’s insightful blog shows where many choose to flee: the familiar, comfortable, and usually material routines of life. It is a form of hiding, hunkering down until equilibrium can be restored. Fear is the underlying motivation, like a nervous Sergeant Schultz exclaiming, “I see nothing, I hear nothing.”

    As Christians, we need not let fear direct our actions. In the midst of the storm, Christ speaks to me: Terry, why are you afraid? Have you no faith? I pause, incredulous that Jesus doesn’t realize the depth of our calamity. Teacher, do you not care if we perish? Fortunately, Christ is patient with my skittishness. He points to the Ark of safety which he has provided, the Immaculate Heart of his Mother.

    Where is Mary? She is in the eye of the hurricane. She may appear in Medjugorje, but she is in the quiet of the eye. Gathered around her we hear the words of Jesus: Peace! Be still. The destructive winds of Katrina cannot penetrate the heart wherein Christ sits enthroned. And so, together with Mary, we join in worship saying, Truly, you are the Son of God!

    And the greatest moment of worship in any day is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, where the Father beckons us to bow down and look up to receive Our Precious Lord in the Holy Eucharist. Alleluia!!

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!

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