End of an era in Medjugorje - Blessed Mother will no longer appear on 2nd of month

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    Today Our Lady told Mirjana that she will no longer appear to her on the 2nd of each month. Please join us in prayer.

    Todays March 18 th message to Mirjana
    Dear children,
    My Son as God has always looked beyond time. I, as his mother, see through him through his time. I see beautiful things and bad things . But I see that there is love and it must be made sure that it is made manifest. My children, you cannot be happy if you do not love one another, if you do not have love in every situation and in every moment of your life. And I as a mother come to you through love.
    To help you know true love, to know my Son. This is why I call you to continually renew your thirst for love, faith and hope. The only source from which you can quench your thirst is trust in God, my Son. My children in times of anxiety and renunciation, it is enough that you seek the face of my Son .
    Live his words and don’t be afraid. Pray and love with sincere feelings, with good deeds and help that the world changes and my heart triumphs. Like my Son, I also tell you to love one another , because without love there is no salvation. I thank you my children .

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  2. Blizzard

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    From La Luce di Maria:

    [​IMG]Our Lady on March 18, 2020 in Medjugorje, announced to the visionary Mirjana that the apparition of the 2nd of each month has ended.

    The news began to circulate after 14:30 today, at the end of the extraordinary apparition to Mirjana, which took place exceptionally in her home, given the absence of pilgrims due to the blockade of the borders due to the Coronavirus. I verified the truthfulness of the information by reaching some lay guides from the parish of St. James in Medjugorje over the phone. They confirmed to me that this is an official news.

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    Blizzard, Wow, thank you for keeping us up to date. +
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  4. torrentum

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    Does that mean she has all 10 secrets?
    What’s the significance of all this?
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  6. Mirjana has had all ten secrets since December of 1982. In about 1987, the Blessed Mother told her that Mirjana and all believers were to pray for those who have not experienced the love of God (unbelievers). She then started having the second of the month apparitions specifically for those who have not yet experienced God's love and to pray for them. Mirjana had stated previous to today that she did not know how long these would last. Mirjana was told by the Virgin Mary that her apparitions on March 18th, however, would last the rest of Mirjana's life. So now, Mirjana has to wait until next March 18th to see the Virgin Mary again. During the time when the secrets are revealed, Mirjana will tell us the prayer that the Virgin Mary taught her for the conversion of unbelievers that they had prayed during every second of the month apparition.
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  7. Blizzard

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    Yes. From what I recall 3 of the 6 seers still have only 9 secrets.

    Don’t know if all of them must have the 10 secrets before they begin to unfold.
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  8. Franciscan

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    It has now been 33 years for which Our Lady has provided messages for unbelievers via the March 2nd messages.
  9. garabandal

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    Good Biblical number

    As is 40 years -- next June is the 40th anniversary of the apparitions --

    1o secrets of Medjugorje -- Biblical - 10 commandments - 10 plagues of Egypt
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    Ivan, Maria and Vicka only have 9 secrets....
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