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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by padraig, Jun 4, 2021.

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    I live 20 minutes from Mount Melleray. Unfortunately there are rumblings of some very dodgy goings-on regarding one of the current monks, I won't give any more details but prayer needed for that monastery.

    My mother's uncle was a monk there several decades ago, he was from Donegal. He was known to bilocate on at least one occasion that our family knows of. Perhaps that's the monk you're referring to, Padraig. Br Columba. There was also a Fr Athanasius who was a mystic by all accounts.
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    I knew a Brother Columba and worked with him! He was a shepherd who used to train sheep dogs...but I don't think this is the same one? The one I knew was bald?

    I had never heard of a Brother Columba who was a saint, but maybe this was after my time.

    I did know of Fr Athanasius. I had a very,very high regard for the sanctity of the monks in general. Several of who were very,very holy indeed, indeed saintly.
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    It's wonderful to think on and to see very,very holy people, it keeps us so positive. The Father in our Church is very,very holy indeed, a true Spiritual Father. I have the highest regard for all who attend our Church, just from looking at them at a distance. A few of them might very well be saints, it would not at all surprise me. Certainly many of them are very very holy indeed.

    I don't mean to be negative, I would say any Catholic who can keep the Faith in these, dark, dark, dark days is worthy of the very highest regard.

    There are huge signs of hope really, it's just maybe you have to stay positive and look for them.:):)
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    The Church now is very much like gold tried in the furnace, so to speak. I do see a much, much higher quality of Church goer. More golden, more 24 carat ....:)

    ..the badness, the evil that we see seems to be creeping in at the very top, I suspect.

    But to a certain extent we have often seen this in the Churches history , that our holy ones, our saints rested on the bottom rungs.

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    It's so lovely this to have so many sisters and brothers to look up to and admire, I do this each time I go to Church.

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    Probably not the same Br Columba as he would have been much older than your time but I'll try and find out.
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    Just imagine, being able to bi locate , Wow! Padre Pio was asked about bilocation one time and described it as , 'An extension' of spirit'.:)

    There was another monk whom I was told was considered by the other monks a saint. When I visited his monastery he passed me by and it seemed to me that his face was on fire with light. Amazing.

    Here is another monk who was most certainly a saint:



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    I asked my mother about Columba. Turns out he was her grand-uncle, not uncle, and he was Fr Columba, not Br. He probably died in the 1950s or so. Apparently he was very fond of snuff :D. The bilocation story is very interesting though, he appeared to my mothers aunt (his niece) in Donegal as she was entering a lake to drown herself in the middle of the night. She was suffering severe depression. He was carrying the blessed sacrament in a monstrance and told her "go back". So she went back. She was quite annoyed because he had a brother who was a far more illustrious priest, a doctor of divinity, and she thought he should have been the one to appear to her! Fr Columba was a bit too ordinary for her liking! But mostly she was puzzled at how he could be in Donegal when he lived in a monastery at the other end of the country.
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    That's some story! Thanks for sharing.
    This is edifying as well. Lucky you to pass him by...lots of good info.
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    Wonderful. I wish such people could be more widely known.
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    Wow! I love this story.
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