Elderly cat healed.

Discussion in 'On prayer itself' started by DesertStar7, May 31, 2020.

  1. DesertStar7

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    She's had trouble with constipation since November 2019. A trip to the veterinarian then.

    Ten days ago more trouble.

    I bought water from Lourdes (on her fur & into her mouth), prayed to St. Francis, draped this Lourdes rosary over her while napping.

    We are soon finding BIG results around the house. :love:

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  2. HeavenlyHosts

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    Bless her heart! Good to hear of prayers answered for Trixie.
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  3. padraig

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  4. HeavenlyHosts

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    All that would be left of your cat would be the fur:(
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  5. DesertStar7

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    Thanks. :) I'll read tomorrow (long day before a computer screen).
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  6. Booklady

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    Boy Padraig, when it comes to saints you don't miss a beat! I never knew that cats had a saint, how wonderful. Next cat I adopt will be called Gertie, in Saint Gertrude's honor.
  7. padraig

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    If I had had to guess I would have guessed St Martin De Porres. I was watching a Spanish language film on his life the other night and it showed the famous scene of St Martin feeding a mouse, a cat and dog all from the same bowl. Apparently this actually happened all the time with the saint.

    Isaiah 11:6

    The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.

    I think when we form a good relationship with animals we point towards the Garden of Eden. Also heaven. Not all saints show a deep relationship with animals but many, many do.

    I suspect that the more we become like little children the more we attract the love of animals. Our Lady , I am sure had a huge animal fan club.:):)


    'St. Martin’s compassion wasn’t restricted to humans. He was a 16th-century Dr. Doolittle, with the ability to communicate with animals. Like St. Francis, Martin treated animals as if they were brothers and sisters. Only a Hannibal Lecter would chow down on his family, so Martin never ate meat. Centuries ahead of his time, the barber-turned-veterinarian treated sick and wounded cats and dogs at his animal hospital set up at his sister’s home in the country. He also founded a shelter for stray pets.

    While officially St. James the Greater, St. Eligius and St. Blaise are the patron saints of veterinarians, people with sick kitties needing guidance might want to have a conversation with St. Martin. After all, this guy was a practicing vet.

    Of mice and Martin

    Even potentially plague-carrying vermin benefited from St. Martin’s mercy. A mischief of mice set up housekeeping in the priory’s linen wardrobe. (And we know, nothing conveys the concept of "holy" like altar linens covered in mouse poop.) The monks wanted to poison the furry invaders, but St. Martin had other plans. Reminiscent of St. Francis’ negotiations with the killer wolf of Gubio, Martin simply promised not to promote the mice to Glory if they would relocate to a little den at the end of the garden. Martin even offered to cater their meals. Then, in a Peruvian version of the Pied Piper, he led Mickey’s cousins to their new digs. The mice stayed away from the linens, and Martin kept his part of the bargain.'


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  8. padraig

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    When Our Lady was in Egypt I am sure she encountered many cats down there and had the most interesting conversations with them.:):)

    She would have been fascinated by them as there would have been none in Israel at that time. As of course the infant Jesus and St Joseph have had feline friends.:)

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