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    Sorry, I can't find that thread right now.
    I dreamt there was a great killer of large build (black man). He was very well known and would kill publicly. The woman he answered to was far worse, in her level of evil. Few had seen her. I had a sense she was blonde. Just as a friend was about to be killed with a strap of cloth slipping over his head, I warned him. That spared him, then I became a target.

    Reading back over this in my notebook, I find it suddenly very striking! Personally I never thought of Obama as evil. I thought at the time he was a much needed breath of fresh air. Yes, democrat but we needed a black man with great dreams in that office, just as we do a woman.

    I will give you, I feel like that party seriously went downhill when he was in office. It has of late, plummeted into socialism. I personally see all sorts of additional turmoil coming regardless of which party wins our next election; either NWO communism or far greater rebellious violence.
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