Dr. Zelenko/ Br Bugnolo discuss plandemic, vax, and global tyranny

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  1. zinc = stops viral replication
    zinc ionophore = allows zinc to enter human cells in higher concentrations
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  2. Wow you have an armada there...
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    People forget that resveratrol preceded and is closely related to quercetin. I researched it years ago regarding its effect on heart disease and metabolic syndrome but never took it. Since I decided to order quercetin/zinc from Amazon, I added resveratrol and curcumin too. I take the dandelion extract if I expect to be around vaccinated people.
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  4. Thanks for the idea of resveratrol, glad to know that it can also be a zinc ionophore!
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    Honestly I don’t know that for certain yet, Jason. I have to research it more.
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  7. actually I already saw some some websites and research papers that say resveratrol is a zinc ionophore similar to quercetin.
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    Thank you for filling in his background which I don't know much about. Given the sorry state of the Church I'm not surprised when people leave or are pushed out of their orders. We personally have known more than a few such cases. So that fact, is not necessarily a negative in my mind. Most certainly he is outside the norm. Again that can be a good thing these days. I have some good Catholic friends with whom I do not discuss these issues because I know we wouldn't see eye to eye and it isn't important. Our Lord leads us according to what we need.
    While I've only read his recent writings, I think he's helping his followers to see the truth in world events, especially the vax. He has some great commentary on La Sallette as well -- a very hopeful message. As a lone voice with limited access to information I don't expect he'll always be correct.
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    You are welcome, and thank you for your posts and insight.
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