Dr. Zelenko/ Br Bugnolo discuss plandemic, vax, and global tyranny

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    Below is the best video I've seen that fully explains the plandemic and the vax combining medical, psychological and spiritual considerations. Dr. Zelenko has become well known for treating Presidents Trump and Bolsonaro of Brazil when they had covid. He says he was inspired by a Brother Bugnolo video to become a revolutionary and truly speak his mind about what's happening. To me, he sounds like Father Ripperger when he speaks about fear and why God is allowing these events to happen.

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  3. AED

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    Wow. Very worth listening to!
  4. non sum dignus

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    Bugnolo is not in fact a brother. Though he dresses as one, and calls himself a brother.
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  5. HeavenlyHosts

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    Bugnolo is on the fringe. I avoid him like
    the plague. Pun intended.
    He is deserving of one of my favorite labels: Oogie, as in
    He makes me feel oogie.
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  6. BrianK

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    Despite the relative problems with Bugnolo, most of which were launched by a disingenuous liberal blogger at the notorious Patheos blog, this video definitely has merit and is worth watching.
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  7. BrianK

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    Only according to the “definitions” of a liberal blogger at Patheos, who is notorious for trolling pro life and orthodox or traditional Catholics.

    Bugnolo has a right to defend himself from that liberal blogger’s attack:
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  8. non sum dignus

    non sum dignus Archangels

    Um, no.
    He is not a religious brother according to canon law, which he himself admitted...

    "But in the sense of canon law, which uses the term strictly, as someone who is canonically bound to a religious order on Earth, I am not."

    He does, however own Ordo Militaris, Inc a "private military company" and solicits donations for his private, military company.

    I guess I have never heard of a religious brother being allowed (by his superiors) to own a military company, especially a Franciscan.
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  9. BrianK

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    LOL. Neither was St. Francis.
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  10. BrianK

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    Sounds like a noble cause, thanks for pointing this out. I’m sure many Catholics being slaughtered by Boko Haram in Africa for example could benefit immensely from just such an endeavor:


    Ordo Militaris, Inc.
    Ordo Militaris

    Statue of Blessed Pope Urban II (Eudes de Châtillon). Châtillon-sur-Marne, France.

    The concept of using military force to defend and liberate Christians is as old as the Bible itself. Already, in the First Five books of the Bible, written by Moses, God orders Moses to undertake wars to defend His people and to obtain for them the Land He has promised them (For a complete list of wars in the Bible, see here).

    Under the New Covenant, in which the Son of God became Incarnate to be our Prince of Peace, Christians are obliged not to undertake wars for unjust means, but are obliged to seek to restore the order of justice by means of warfare, when this is necessary.

    The concept of a military order of Christian warriors thus does not arise with the Crusades, even though it becomes most manifest in them. After centuries of being butchered and subjugated by Muslim armies and raiders and pirates, Pope Blessed Urban II, during the Council of Clermont, and at the request of the Emperor of Constantinople, Alexius I, called the first Crusade on the 27th of November 1095 A.D.

    The military orders of the Middle ages had their beginnings from loose associations of soldiers and pilgrims who came together with the expressed purpose of defending the Holy Places in Jerusalem and the rights of Christians to make pilgrimage there. Later, the as the wars of the Crusades were directed ay restraining the expansion of Islamic states which were bent on persecuting Christians, the military orders took on a more general role.

    In the Middle Ages, the Military orders were founded by the active participants in war. Though this is preferable, in modern times one can concede that there is also a role to be played by those who, while not fighting, support those who do. Indeed, a modern Military Order will of necessity require a vast number of Catholics who support the effort of the men who fight, since modern warfare is much more complex and expensive.

    For this reason, to form a Catholic Military Order in modern times, it makes sense that Catholics of every kind collaborate to raise the funds necessary, recruit the military personnel, assist in their training, support and medical care, and serve as a support network after their military service. In short, a modern Military Order will have to be organized like a private army of volunteers.

    For this reason, this Catholic Military Order, which is proposed here, is NOT an association of individuals who merely want to revel in the nostalgia of the past or enjoy honors or social events, but rather MUST be those committed to aiding, supporting and participating in, each in his or her capacity, the military and police actions necessary to defend fellow Catholics from those who hate us on account of our Holy Religion.

    Is this kind of thing lawful?

    The answer is yes. It would have the form of a Catholic religious-military organization, and be organized similar to a Private Military Company (See the Wiki Article), which would raise the funds to provide free services to Catholics threatened throughout the world. Numerous nations already employ or recognize such companies, so there is a well established modern precedent. The difference would be that our members do their work principally for religious motives and not for profit and that we be self-funded through an international network of member charities.

    In such wise, by joining the forces of willing Catholics from all over the world, together, into one association with a common purpose, both military and support of the troops, a modern Catholic Military Order, in compliance with all national and international law, can effectively attain its goal, the defense and liberation of Catholics oppressed in hatred of their faith.

    On the practical level, this means that we are forming an International Association and will begin to organize national chapters with the means to raise funds, establish training camps, and forge those relationships necessary to promote the activities of the Order internationally, leaving it to the Catholic military men to organize themselves and make such decisions as need to be made by experts like themselves.

    Finally, as is evident, since the existence and purpose and justice of a Catholic Military Order has been established and defined and defended by the Catholic Church for more than 900 years, it is not necessary for members of a modern Order to have the expressed initial call to action from the Holy Father or local Bishops, because such as is the good work which is proposed to be done, that all can be assured that it is a thing so greatly pleasing to the Divine Majesty to take up arms to defend fellow Catholics when and where necessary, that all who participate can be assured of the grace and blessing of God in this world and the world to come, if they but persevere as His faithful servants unto the end, just as Blessed Urban II preached at Clermont in 921 years ago.

    If you would like to support the Order by a financial contribution, you can make a donation via PayPal or credit card, just go to our Donation Page.
  11. Sunnyveil

    Sunnyveil Archangels

    Br. Bugnolo is a Franciscan hermit just as Fr. Dave Nix is a diocesan hermit. Each must have felt the need to serve God better by serving as a hermit rather than as an active member of his order and diocese respectively.
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  12. HeavenlyHosts

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    Br Bugnolo is not sanctioned to be a hermit but Fr Nix is. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  13. Sunnyveil

    Sunnyveil Archangels

    You probably know more than I do, so what is your understanding of his status?

    I just started reading and listening to his website content because of this video he posted . Dr. Zelenko attributed his own increased boldness to Br. Bugnolo's video.


    I do believe all the chaos going on in the world right now is related to what is happening within the Catholic Church. Father Ripperger has said something like 'As the liturgy goes, so goes the world'. People such as Father Ripperger, Br. Bugnolo, Ann Barnhardt, Fr Altman, Fr. Nix et al. are at least attempting to identify the root causes of the problems. Each of them is willing to speak against norms in order to speak the truth.
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  14. HeavenlyHosts

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    There are a few people I avoid because I do not like extremists. I feel it in my gut and I cannot convey a visceral feeling in words very well. I read in Bugnolo’s own words that he wanted to follow more closely the Franciscan way, and his Superior dismissed him. So it seems there was an issue that he could not accept or even possibly obey. And this was after he took his vows.
    I am afraid that I respect norms, Sunnyveil, in all things but sin. So I am probably not the right person to ask.
    He also made a “sky is falling” prophecy when PE Benedict left Rome awhile back. It turned out he was merely going to Germany to visit his ailing brother. I also saw the first few minutes of Bugnolo all dressed in his hood covering his face in the dark in some kind of melodramatic message in a video. Please.
    Of course he is correct about freemasonry. But I’m not a follower of his writings.
    I do wholeheartedly agree with you about the chaos in the world being connected to the chaos
    in the Church. I just get my info from different sources. I don’t have a problem with Fr Ripperger and a few others. That video from the priest who was Marian and who gave a heavenly remedy for those who had been vaccinated was superb!!!
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  17. By the way, I might as well post here Dr. Zelenko's website:


    You can also find there his version of Prophylaxis and Treatment Protocol for Covid.
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  18. Sam

    Sam Powers

    Thank you Jason Fernando for posting this video and the link to Dr. Zelenko's website, it is not long and should be watched. I just came back on to post the link to his website and you beat me to it.(y)
  19. From Dr. Zelenko's Telegram page


    • Zinc / Zinc Ionophore approach inhibits RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RDRP)

    • RDRP is essential for some RNA viruses such as:

    • all the Corona virus strains
    • all the influenza strains
    • RSV

    Zinc Ionophores include:

    • Hydroxychloroquine
    • Ivermectin
    • Quercetin
    • EGCG or Epigallocatechin gallate (Green Tea Extract)

    We can potentially cure all Corona, Influenza, and RSV infections with a safe, cheap, and oral treatment approach.
    This is why the Globalists, Pharmaceutical industry, tyrants, despots, and devolved pagans are opposing this is approach.
    It undermines their agenda, profits, and the use of fear as a weapon.
    We must resist and sacrifice at all costs and win the war for God consciousness and freedom from tyranny.

    - Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD

    zinc = stops viral replication
    zinc ionophore = allows zinc to enter human cells in higher concentrations
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  20. BrianK

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    Breakfast: 0FA690BA-96A7-4BA1-971D-AD2BE0DB614E.jpeg
    Plus Vitamins D & C, magnesium and multivitamin. And a dose of liquid Ivermectin twice a month just for good measure.
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