DONALD TRUMP: Vatican Public Enemy No. 1

Discussion in 'Church Critique' started by sparrow, Feb 12, 2020.

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    The Vatican is playing with fire.
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    Michael Matt and Liz Yore are better prophets than some who make a living off their so-called prophecies. I've just posted this on the thread about the Pope's Apostolic Exhortation on the Amazon. It's an interview Cardinal Czerney gave to America - the Jesuit review and I think this fits with what Michael and Liz were foretelling:

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    I don't know if your above link/video is the one I'm posting below. I think it maybe. But it looks like you tube have banned/blocked it.
    Sg has posted it on the "the vatican has fallen" thread and I've copied it from there.

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  7. Sorry, but as an American, I just don't agree that Donald Trump is holding us back from a worse future. I don't think he is what is stopping the UN from a nefarious agenda. I don't give him that much credit.

    Four tech giants whose initials spell out President Donald Trump's favorite acronym have sent the stock market soaring to record highs.

    Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Apple have driven a bull market - together they account for about 17 percent of the S&P 500 and almost 70 percent of the NASDQS gain this year.

    The four tech giants all have market caps larger than $1 trillion.

    And the president has taken credit for the boom. A strong economy is central argument for his November re-election campaign.

    'The market is setting a record. We set another record today,' Trump said in the Oval Office on Tuesday. 'It will be the 144th time in a three-year period that I'm President.'

    'And we have four trillion-dollar companies. One is Microsoft, one is Apple, one is Google, one is Amazon. So you have Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft. And so, you have an M, you have an A, you have a G, and you have an A. You have MAGA,' he added.

    We are in store for a lot of adjustments in the future.
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    As an American I can say he has been the most pro-life president in his actions since the legalization of abortion neerly 50 years ago.

    Since abortion is the most important reason our country is disintegrating, he is very much helping delay our demise.
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    Extremely important

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