Does Pope Francis have blood on his hands?

Discussion in 'Pope Francis' started by garabandal, Mar 10, 2022.

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    The release of the Pfizer documents has revealed huge amounts of vaccine injuries and deaths in the first 3 months of the release of their vaccine (there are other vaccines too like Moderna yet to be revealed).

    These revelations are going to shock the world.

    Remember Pope Francis told Catholics and the entire world that they had a 'moral duty to take the covid vaccine'. There are some people injured and even some dead because of his intervention and moral assertion. My non-practising son actually quoted the Pope at me when I was put under severe pressure to take the vaccine to see my grandson. Workers at the Vatican were forced to get the vaccine because of the mandates imposed there.

    I am convinced that many Catholics took these vaccines because this Pope and the Vatican gave it the green light!

    Does Pope Francis have blood on his hands?

    Who am I to judge?

    When the full revelation comes - what moral authority does Pope Francis have left if another pandemic comes and new vaccines are produced? Who is going to listen to a man who is not a doctor or a scientist and got this one so horribly wrong. The chair of Peter has been undermined yet again.
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    As I understand it, the prudential opinions of any pope are no more valid than anyone one might meet walking up the street. Unfortunately, there is a cabal close to Pope Francis who are close to pushing him as the incarnation of the Holy Spirit, his infallibility extending far beyond the extremely tight limits imposed by the First Vatican Council. Perhaps, Pope Francis is influenced to some degree by such fawning and it is very likely his intentions were good, but his expertise on the matter would be no more than would be his ability to give tips on a few winners in Cheltenham. More broadly, it would be better for the world to see that Pope Francis is not a walking, talking infallibility machine and for Catholics to come to realise that his Infallibility only exists to the degree that he deploys it in the defense and retention of the unchangeable Truths of the Faith as revealed by the Revelation that ended with the death of the last Apostle.

    The enormous problems of supply promoting a ruinous inflation are at least partly due to the crippling of small and medium-sized private business during the hysterical lockdown for the virus, problems which are very likely to cause more death and suffering than ever possible through COVID. Meanwhile, the Swedes, who were at the receiving end of severe excoriation for avoiding closures and lockdowns, are quite confident of vindication. The Church would have been wiser to act as a Sign of Contradiction and resisted the ending of Masses and Sacraments. Instead, she just asked 'how high', when ordered to jump. In fact, the Church seemed anxious to jump higher than even asked.
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  3. Beth B

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    Yes, they didn’t just “ allow” this experimental drug, they push a moral imperative to get it.
    With the data clearly showing the danger of this “ vaccine “, will he now retract his admonition to get it….?
    When they roll out the next pandemic, will he at least refrain from comment? They’ll have a new vaccine that is only specific to their new “disease” /virus I’m sure. Perhaps why even though science now demonstrates no need for mandates, they will want them to keep them in place for the next round. They won’t be content until we all get this mystery jab!
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    They're still pushing the vaccines in Ireland for 5-10 year olds, although the disease has altered to little more than a mild cold (except for those with underlying vulnerabilities, which does not include the vast majority of young children). Would Pope Francis consider it a moral imperative to administer a drug to children with known risk of severe, even fatal, side-effects, for the prevention of a disease which, for them at least, carries almost none?

    Is it licit for even a pope to pronounce moral admonitions upon matters which are merely prudential? Being prudential, there has to be room for taking into account opinions derived from one's informed conscience and also the wildly varying personal situations involved. It could be binding, surely, only if the Pope declared failure to take the vaccine as an absolute evil, something which would only make a nonsense of the moral law, I would think.
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  5. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    Unfortunately most Catholics do not understand the definition of prudential matters and likely only understand that “ the church” / pope promoted it as their moral responsibility. If that pronouncement was due in part through ignorance of the data that is available now, then at least revise the official position of the church because of the known emerging dangers and unnecessary risk especially for young children. The pope was not qualified to give a medical recommendation from the beginning and catholics need to know that they are not obligated to obey him now on this issue.
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  6. Mark Dohle

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    Our community received the vaccine. A few did not feel well for a day or two, but there were no long-lasting effects. None of us got the virus.
    So, no, I do not think the Pope has blood on his hands. I believe the vaccines work, but yet, as for any vaccine, be it for flu, etc., there will be some who
    get sick.

    There is way too much confusion over this issue. You can follow any thread that will take one stance or another. Only time will tell. Most of those
    who are dying now from the virus, are those who did not get the vaccine.

    I do not think people should be forced to take the vaccine, and for children, it would seem to be a bad idea.

  7. BrianK

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    Time has proven these assertions to be lies, pure propaganda.

    This vaccine does not protect anyone. It makes it more likely people will get infected, and it has killed or made infertile millions. Which was the plan all along.

    The elites and the MSM and the powers that be will pay dearly for this demonic agenda.

    And yes, this pope has the blood of millions on his hands.
  8. Agnes McAllister

    Agnes McAllister Archangels

    I'm glad u are ok but alot aren't. And no Francis gaslighted all of us. Mocking people who didn't get it. Act of love. Yeah right.
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  9. Sunnyveil

    Sunnyveil Archangels

    Well I hope your community has supernatural protection from God, which I do believe possible---like the Catholic religious community that was 1 mile from the Nagasaki nuclear bomb blast.

    However, the full and deadly affects of the shot take time to develop for most who took them. There is so much research showing multiple ill affects that develop over time. Also the rate of excess deaths is continuing to increase at an alarming rate in many countries. It's your choice, but I would be very careful of taking vaccines of any kind including covid/flu/shingles, etc. as your immune system is likely already compromised. As our bodies are a gift from God, I would hope you would do some indepth research before drawing conclusions based on a short timeframe and very small sample size.
  10. Sunnyveil

    Sunnyveil Archangels

    Yes, Francis has the blood of perhaps hundreds of millions on his hands. Since he's so plugged in to the green global elite agenda, he had to know what he was doing was pure evil.
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  11. any name you wish

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    Even if they are as safe as more traditional forms of vaccines it was wildly irresponsible to go ahead with the mRNA stuff. They weren't tested adequately and a more traditional vaccine, like what England and Russia did, would have been much more responsible.

    I considered getting Sputnik V when I vacationed in Hungary back in 2021, but ended up not doing it. I would get emails from the University where I work in Arizona every couple months threatening me with vague retribution for not submitting vaccination records but, luckily, the governor ended up staying any mandate at the last minute.

    So, I never got a Covid vax...but the idea of brining a Hungarian document showing a Russian vaccine to HR in Arizona still makes me laugh when I think about it.
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  12. Sunnyveil

    Sunnyveil Archangels

    Here's one example of the evil Francis has promoted. The couple in the post below, whom we know, both received the covid vax in 2021

    This young couple lost their 1st baby in its 3rd trimester in 2021. Then they had another baby in late 2022. Here is a Facebook excerpt describing the problems with this baby girl:

    There are words and diagnoses no parent ever wants to hear. With those words, ----- and I have experienced heartbreak so profound, we haven’t found words or tears enough to express it yet…
    After Faustina’s Gastrostomy surgery, they preformed an MRI to help determine the cause of her hand tremors, hoping to confirm a diagnosis of an essential or benign tremor. Unfortunately, what they found was the exact opposite.
    Faustina has been diagnosed with an unidentified brain abnormality within her brain stem, in the pons. These findings have baffled neurologists and radiologists across our state and the PNW. No one from Phoenix to Seattle has ever seen anything like it before. What they can tell us is the reality of its impact on our daughter is anticipated to be severe. It has offered us some answers to her symptoms and difficulties over the last 8 months.
    What they have shared is a working diagnosis of a rare, terminal genetic disease of her mitochondria and metabolism.
    We are devastated, confused, and ultimately overwhelmed. We have received blood work supporting this diagnosis, but we are holding out hope the in-depth testing of her Genome reveals another cause. Our sweet daughter is now undergoing additional MRI’s, genetic testing, and more…

    I know another young mother who got vaxxed in 2021 and just had a baby several months ago. Unfortunately one of his kidneys never functioned in utero and the other is not fully functioning. He's their third child.

    It's starting to remind me of Fr. Oliviera's prophecy of mothers holding babies and crying.
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  13. AED

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    Dear Jesus have mercy.
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  14. padraig

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    Dear Kamran Abbasi,

    Covid no longer needs a vaccine programme given the average age of death of Covid in the UK is 82 and from all other causes is 81 and falling.

    The link with clots, myocarditis, heart attacks and strokes is now well accepted, as is the link with myelitis and neuropathy. (We predicted these side effects in our June 2020 QRBD article Sorensen et al. 2020, as the blast analysis revealed 79% homologies to human epitopes, especially PF4 and myelin.)

    However, there is now another reason to halt all vaccine programmes. As a practising oncologist I am seeing people with stable disease rapidly progress after being forced to have a booster, usually so they can travel.

    Even within my own personal contacts I am seeing B cell-based disease after the boosters. They describe being distinctly unwell a few days to weeks after the booster – one developing leukaemia, two work colleagues Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and an old friend who has felt like he has had Long Covid since receiving his booster and who, after getting severe bone pain, has been diagnosed as having multiple metastases from a rare B cell disorder.

    I am experienced enough to know that these are not the coincidental anecdotes that many suggest, especially as the same pattern is being seen in Germany, Australia and the USA.

    The reports of innate immune suppression after mRNA for several weeks would fit, as all these patients to date have melanoma or B cell based cancers, which are very susceptible to immune control – and that is before the reports of suppressor gene suppression by mRNA in laboratory experiments.

    This must be aired and debated immediately.

    Angus Dalgleish MD FRACP FRCP FRCPath FMedSci
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  15. padraig

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    This thread reminds of a problem I had with the Clerical Child Abuse Scandal.

    Bishops are Spiritual Fathers and as such I would expect them to have a good Spiritual Insight into people including the Priests in their care. Why, I often wondered did none of them appear to have any insight at all into the fact that a priest in the care was a serial child abuser? Why did they seem to have no idea whatsoever that they were dealing with a bad dude? But worse when evidence came to light that they were very bad dudes did they do things like put them in so called treatment centers and then move them to other Parishes were they abused once again?

    So it was the same with Covid and the closing down of Churches. Why on Earth did so few of them realise that closing down Churches was a very bad thing?

    Why did so few them sense the evil of vaccines and the use of masks? Given that they are Spiritual Fathers why did so few of them , to put it simply not smell a rat?
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  16. padraig

    padraig Powers

    If it comes to that why do so very few of them , even now, ask questions about what went on during the lock downs?

    Also as regards clerical child abuse, given the high numbers of clergy who are homosexuals I have a sinking feeling that child abuse too has not stopped, in fact I have a sinking feeling in is going on undercover worse than ever.

    Bishops are Spiritual Fathers , not simply administrators, I would expect them to have a High Level of Discernment, or to put it in human terms to be able to smell a rat, or rats.

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  17. padraig

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    Pope sacks bishop who claimed it was ‘legitimate’ for Catholics to question safety of Covid vaccines


    A Catholic bishop in Puerto Rico described his removal from office by Pope Francis on Wednesday as “totally unjust.”

    Bishop Daniel Fernández Torres, who has led the Diocese of Arecibo since 2010, said he had been asked to resign because he “had not been obedient to the pope nor had I been in sufficient communion with my brother bishops of Puerto Rico.”

    The Holy See press office announced on March 9 that the pope had relieved the 57-year-old bishop of the pastoral care of his diocese. The Vatican did not give a reason for the pope’s decision.

    Pope Francis appointed Bishop Álvaro Corrada del Río, S.J., bishop emeritus of Mayagüez, as apostolic administrator of the diocese in the north of the island of Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States.

    In a March 9 declaration, published on the diocesan website, Fernández Torres strongly objected to his removal.

    He said: “I deeply regret that in the Church where mercy is so much preached, in practice some lack a minimum sense of justice.”

    “No process has been made against me, nor have I been formally accused of anything and simply one day the apostolic delegate [the pope’s representative in Puerto Rico] verbally communicated to me that Rome was asking me to resign.”

    “A successor of the apostles is now being replaced without even undertaking what would be a due canonical process to remove a parish priest.”

    He went on: “I was informed that I had committed no crime but that I supposedly ‘had not been obedient to the pope nor had I been in sufficient communion with my brother bishops of Puerto Rico.’”

    “It was suggested to me that if I resigned from the diocese I would remain at the service of the Church in case at some time I was needed in some other position; an offer that in fact proves my innocence.”

    “However, I did not resign because I did not want to become an accomplice of a totally unjust action and that even now I am reluctant to think that it could happen in our Church.”

    The imminent removal of Fernández Torres was reported on March 8 by ACI Prensa, CNA’s Spanish-language news partner.

    The news agency said that the bishop had clashed with other bishops in Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island with six dioceses.

    ACI Prensa explained that Fernández Torres had initially resisted sending his seminarians to the new Interdiocesan Seminary of Puerto Rico, approved by the Vatican in March 2020.

    The bishop of Arecibo had also supported conscientious objection to compulsory vaccination against COVID-19 in a statement published on Aug. 17, 2021.

    He made the intervention after Pedro Pierluisi, the governor of Puerto Rico, issued an executive order that all government and healthcare workers, both in public and private institutions, must be vaccinated, as well as workers in the hotel industry.

    In his letter, the bishop said that “it is legitimate for a faithful Catholic to have doubts about the safety and efficacy of a vaccine given that what the pharmaceutical companies or drug regulatory agencies say is in no way a dogma of faith”.

    “And that safety and efficacy are relevant and necessary data for moral judgment,” he explained.

    ACI Prensa reported that Fernández Torres refused to sign a joint statement issued on Aug. 24 by the Puerto Rican bishops which said that “there is a duty to be vaccinated and that we do not see how a conscientious objection can be invoked from Catholic morality.”

    The news agency said that Archbishop Ghaleb Moussa Abdalla Bader, the apostolic delegate to Puerto Rico, reportedly requested the resignation of Fernández Torres, who refused, citing reasons of conscience.

    It said that the bishop was summoned to the Vatican but did not make the trip due to the pandemic.

    Fernández Torres was born in Chicago, Illinois, on April 27, 1964. He was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Arecibo in 1995, at the age of 30.

    In 2007, Benedict XVI named him an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of San Juan de Puerto Rico. Three years later, he was appointed bishop of Arecibo.

    ACI Prensa said that Fernández Torres was an outspoken critic of gender ideology, describing new legislation in February 2021 as “religious persecution” and a violation of parental rights.

    The news agency said that the case of Fernández Torres recalled that of the Paraguayan Bishop Rogelio Livieres Plano, who was removed from office by Pope Francis on Sept. 25, 2014.

    Livieres Plano had overseen a thriving seminary in his Diocese Ciudad del Este. He was dismissed after an apostolic visit amid accusations of a lack of collegiality.

    The bishop was also criticized for his handling of the case of a priest who had served as vicar general until shortly before the visitation. The priest had faced allegations of sexual impropriety, which he denied.

    Livieres Plano said that he had refused to sign a resignation letter “on his own initiative, thus wanting to testify to the end of the truth and the spiritual freedom that a Pastor should have.”

    He decried what he said was an attempt to impose “ideological uniformity” on Paraguay’s bishops using “the euphemism of ‘collegiality.’”

    The bishop, who was ordained a priest of Opus Dei, died on Aug. 14, 2015, due to a liver condition.

    (Photo courtesy of the Diocese of Arecibo via CNA)
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  18. DeGaulle

    DeGaulle Powers

    If I remember correctly, the precious Vatican II admonished popes for using their moral authority to push prudential agendas. They are simply not meant to do it, because their enormous religious moral authority lends them a spurious authority in other matters which they absolutely do not command. Most people refuse to believe those doctrines and dogmas that the Church has the sole authority to profess, but are like lemmings to follow Her in these kinds of situation.

    As for these mRNA soi-disant vaccines, they do not fit the definition of a vaccine. They are cellular nuclear material manipulators.
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  19. Mary's child

    Mary's child Powers

    I have no AED stated Dear Jesus have mercy. :cry:
    While working in the hospital I saw many losses of babies and mothers due to the vaccine.

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