Do you love Me enogh to do what I say, Francis?

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    Well, our new Pastor has a warm and joyful personality, he enjoys laughter; and in the three weeks he has been with us his homilies have been up front and challenging. Just last last week he told us we must not be afraid of covid-19 or anyone: we have the Lord and we have one another!

    He is an African priest from Ghana and has made a personal commitment to stay in the States and serve. Tonight, he confronted us with the Lord's question, "Who do you say that I am?" He turned and asked me; he then asked a few people in the congregation! Ah, how does one respond? Fr. Francis then told a story how the Lord changed his life and heart. It occurred just four years ago while serving in a parish in Syracuse. There was an issue in the parish; he had prayed and decided on a certain response. As he was leaving the church and walked past the crucifix, Jesus from the Cross spoke to him out loud and told him to take a different course of action. He was incredulous and then began to doubt that the Lord had spoken. "Besides, I thought my plan was a good one." The next morning he entered the church, and Jesus on the crucifix verbally repeated his request! Wow! He obeyed and it turned out to be a perfect fit for the parish!

    So Father emphasized that there are difficult situations in our lives, in our parishes, in the world, but it is God who has the answer, no one else. He loves us and if we trust in Him he will show us the way! After Holy Mass, Fr. Francis told me he had prepared a different homily, but was inspired to share the testimony!

    Who do you say that I am?
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    I needed this right now, Terry. Thank you.
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    <<Do you love me enough...>>

    Reminds me of the question the judge Pontius Pilate put to the crowd: “What am I do with Jesus who is called Christ?”

    ...or, put another way, “What am I to do with Giorgio who is called Francis?”

    But I suppose there can be a tendency in all of us at times to be the judge of Christ in others.

    Satan made his own judgement against God and encourages us all to do so.

    Condemnation leads to death – as witnessed in the first station of the Way of Cross.
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    I love your pastors style! Our faith and our answer to the question Jesus still poses today is ultimately a personal one. There is no hiding and as I noted in another thread, everything we once “believed” in and trusted is being stripped away and this is the question we are confronted with. And isn’t it amazing that Jesus Christ, creator of the universe gives the very creature he made the freedom to choose to answer and what to answer. No MANDATE from Christ. He gives us freedom to make a choice. (But I digress …).

    I think the other wonderful part of this gospel is Peter’s answer. He didn’t get it right- God revealed it to him. So, for me my answer to the question Christ poses to me today must be arrived at in same way…. Revealed through pray and the grace of the Father. And since my answer is the same as Peter’s , my fate is the same. It’s the Cross! And just like Peter, do I attempt to avoid the Cross. If I’m honest, I do. And so perhaps the more important message at least for me in today’s Gospel is Christ’s words to Our first pope - a great saint of our Church - “get behind me Satan”. As much as I don’t like what is going on right now, it’s a cross , but rather than avoid it, I need to be willing to climb upon
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    The hard thing for me, sometimes, is that with the vaccine, both to submit and to resist involve potential big crosses. So I can't just fall back on choosing to pick up my cross... Which cross is the right one? Potential loss of health, death, or who knows what tampering with our DNA in any future shot? Or losing our income, all stability, our home, and whatever else will be denied to us in the future over rejection of the vaccines (food? rights to our children? Mass?)

    Right now I'm at peace avoiding the shots. I suppose God will provide guidance and peace for each new step if I keep trusting Him and praying.
  6. Forgive me if I read your post wrong, but Terry was recounting a story about his pastor, Fr. Francis, not referring to Pope Francis
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  7. Heartbeat

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    Miker wrote: << As much as I don’t like what is going on right now, it’s a cross , but rather than avoid it, I need to be willing to climb upon.>>

    First step is accepting the cross given to us, the next step and probably the hardest, is learning to carry it.

    Helping to carry the cross of others can lighten our own cross. Ask Simon, reluctant as he was, who was forced to share the weight bearing down on Jesus.

    In my experience of life, most of the heaviest crosses are of our own making.

    Pride and the reluctance to admit to being wrong – a cross we seldom recognise in oneself, only in others.

    Losing our ‘freedom’, self-reliance and the future are all fear factors that make us hesitant to walk the journey of faith. But there is no easy route we can take to avoid facing up to these waiting crosses – that’s of course if we want to follow Jesus.

    Back to the first station of the Way of the Cross... we should never be tempted to bind the hands of Jesus. Pity those who do, and those who carry the hammer and nails (load the bullets, so to speak) for those tempted or consider themselves justified to crucify others in God’s name.
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    Yes, the post was uplifting. Reminiscent of Christ speaking to St Francis from the cross in the church of San Damiano when he said: “Francis, go and repair my house.”
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