Do You Believe The Garabandal Miracle Will Happen?

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Do You Believe The Garabandal Miracle Will Happen?

  1. Yes, I believe the Miracle will occur at Garabandal

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  2. No, I do not believe the Miracle will occur at Garabandal

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  3. Yes, I believe the Miracle will occur at Garabandal and I plan on being present for it if possible

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  1. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers

    KIC 9832227 I find to be a very interesting name. Now, I don't put much into numbers and names but still fascinating none the less. Let's start with KIC. King Jesus Christ. I's in latin are J's. There are no J's in the latin language. Now it's not perfect because king in Latin would be Rex, so would be more astounding if it was RIC, but still think it's pretty cool. 9832227, breaks down to 33 if added up and ultimately 6. 6 is a powerful number in creation because it was the last day of creation. 33 is a powerful number for signal of Jesus because it is widely believed he died at age 33. He started His 3 year ministry at age 30 and died at 33. So, the King returns to us at the same age of His death to show us our sins. I also love the simplicity of the discovery of this phenomenon to come. It wasn't NASA or the church or anyone else with high budgets, it was a small college professor and his students. God loves to work in the simplicity of things. It was like a whisper from the Holy Spirit to these individuals. Things that make you go hmmm.
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  2. Xavier

    Xavier "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will Triumph."

    Yes, I do. But I believe it will be a few years away at least. We had a calculation earlier that the Miracle would not happen until 2024 at the earliest. I still believe that.
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  3. Byron

    Byron Powers

    Which saint is the Eucharistic martyr in 2024?
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  4. Xavier

    Xavier "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will Triumph."


    2024 and 2030. April 11th is the Thursday, so St. Stanislaus. April 2034 has 13th as Thursday, so St. Hermenegild. It's a bit speculative, to be sure, but I believe these are the 3 most likely dates in next 15 years.

    God Bless, Byron.
  5. luz

    luz Principalities

    I know we are supposed to live the message of Garabandal, rather than trying to find out the dates, but...
    Out of curiosity, is there any possibility that calendars in Spain during the 1960s were different?
    If different Saints were listed or some feast days moved for example, this could change how we see things.
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  6. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    In the early 1960's, the Traditional Latin Mass Calendar was used.
  7. indaiatubano

    indaiatubano Archangels

    I think the saint could be St. Tarcisius. He was a young martyr of the Eucharist but unfortunately, his feast day is s celebrated on 15 August. I wonder if the date was changed or maybe in the future they will change it to another month.o_O

    the date? Let us commit ourselves further, in September of 1963, Conchita was dining with us at the house next door to her own. As she seemed to be enjoying the dessert, we were teasing her about the spirit of penance recommended by the first Message. She laughed heartily. Suddenly, she was silent and withdrawn. Her face than brightened up and with her hands almost joined together began:

    “The Miracle will take place on the feast of a young martyr of the Eucharist. It was a boy who was carrying the Holy Communion to persecuted Christians. His playmates, on seeing him go by, tried to force him to join their games. When he refused, they stoned him to death and ran away. A Christian soldier who was passing by carried his body away.”

    “But that’s St. Tarcisius!,” one of the assistants couldn’t help exclaiming in a loud voice. Conchita did not react and took more cake as though she had not heard anything.

    After her departure, we were discussing the matter among ourselves. The oldest member of the group came to this conclusion: “My impression is that Conchita saw the spectacle during one of her trances, and it seems to me that the Blessed Virgin did not mention the name of the martyr of whom she just spoke. In my opinion, she does not know the name.”

    On this subject of the “young” martyr of the Eucharist, we have been advised many times to maintain the greatest reserve. “Speak of a martyr of the Eucharist, in general, but do not stress the youth.
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  8. Daniel75

    Daniel75 New Member

    How this is going to happen where Russia suddenly overcomes the West is anyone's guess. Russia cannot overcome the West right now since the US can obliterate Russia with just one Trident Missile firing Ohio Class submarine. Natural disasters with financial catastrophe could do the job but the US would not let go of its missile firing submarines until the very end. Don't see how this is going to happen for quite some time. We might be looking into the 2030's before Russia overcomes the West and the Warning/Miracle occurs. 2030/2034? More than likely.

    If it is 2034, then there will definitely be a different pope on the chair of Peter.
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  9. Byron

    Byron Powers

    But Pope Benedict is the 4th Pope Conchita said would be alive during the Warning. So, it’s close. I still believe the Eucharistic martyr is St Hermenegild. April 13, 2023, or April 13, 2028.
  10. Daniel75

    Daniel75 New Member

    But Pope Benedict is the 4th Pope Conchita said would be alive during the Warning. So, it’s close. I still believe the Eucharistic martyr is St Hermenegild. April 13, 2023, or April 13, 2028.


    All these predictions are just that. Predictions. It is wait and see time. More rosaries, more masses, more sanctification and less speculation about which pope or that pope. America stands tall with its strategic defense. US would obliterate Russia in a half hour along with China and they know it. No attack by Russia until the US is degraded and does not have strategic defense. I stand by with what I have said, 2030's.
  11. angelo spina

    angelo spina New Member

    Russia sent rhe ark of garbriel to Antarctica after the visit of pope and krill of russia what is going on in Antarctica
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  12. Byron

    Byron Powers

    Good question. It’s a mystery.
  13. Byron

    Byron Powers

    By West it probably meant Europe. And Russia can overcome it today.

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