Divine Mercy Chaplet to end Corona-Chastisement

Discussion in 'On prayer itself' started by RosaryWielder, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. RosaryWielder

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    Some people may already be doing this but, I got the inspiration today to start saying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, for an end to this Corona-Chastisement and all that it entails. I remember Saint Faustina's vision of an angel going out to punish a city, (which many believe to be Warsaw for the sin of abortion) and stopping the chastisement by saying the Chaplet.

    I said a Chaplet this morning, and at lunch time, I said the Chaplet on my 20-Decade Rosary. I offered up the prayers in atonement for the Shamazon Synod, sacrileges and blasphemies against the Blessed Sacrament, Blasphemies against the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Four Sins the cry to Heaven for vengeance, my own sins and the sins of my country among other things.
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  2. Josetxu

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    Si, la coronilla de la Divina Misericordia es muy poderosa. Sobre todo a las 3 de la tarde, la hora de la misericordia.
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  3. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Don't be put off by the ladies face on the video. It is a beautiful version of Divine Mercy Chaplet. :)

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  4. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I wonder of anyone else has noticed what happens at the end of this Divine Mercy sung Chaplet. The figure of Christ on the Crucifix seems to be alive. That left hand definitely moves every time, and I thought the blood seemed to flow on one occasion. I had wondered if it was a piece of a movie inserted by whoever produced the video or is it my imagination. The Chaplet is essential in these times whether the figure on the Cross moves or not.
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  5. Patty

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    I do see the Lord's left hand move in the video.
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