Distributing Miraculous Medals, St. Vincent de Paul and so on.

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    St. Vincent de Paul founded the Daughters of Charity from there we get the Miraculous Medal because St. Catherine Laboure was part of that order when she received her visions of the Virgin Mary:


    We distributed them everywhere we could, sometimes in the country and though, it was naivete at the time, one is never suppose to put it in a US mail box. We'd tape it on a business size card or brochure from the MI, Militia Immaculata.

    I like there older brochures better, one or dual colored ones like this:

    MI _Knights_at_the_Foot_of_the_Cross-MI_0001.jpg Consecration.jpg

    Knights at the Foot of the Cross means they participate in "redemptive suffering", if one is sick, in prison, things like that, you could offer up your suffering to Christ.

    This is a replica of the Miraculous Medal that St Maximilian Kolbe was so excited about.


    Back to St. Vincent DePaul, he was a true lover of the poor and back in those days, the 1600s or so, France and mostly Paris really did have many poor.



    We'd deliver Miraculous Medals to Hospices and so on, I think one wet day, I was carrying a bunch of medals to what I understood was mainly an AIDS hospice around the year 2005, Saint Vincent de Paul used a cane and all images I see of him practically, he's always in black and with that cap, I'm about 6 feet tall, I was on the street and this man with a foreign accent and all was asking me a street address, I did not know, I walked on. Then, it occurred to me, "beard, cane, a bit older, not too tall really, like the 5'6" range...", it came to me, that looked like.... and I couldn't find the guy, I wonder sometimes what happened that day.

    He is well-preserved, I know they do upkeep but still, incorrupt.


    Along with St. Vincent DePaul, some key figures in keeping this legacy alive, indeed, the real father of modern organized charity that seeks to help out the poor:

    St. Vincent de Paul – A brief history (rcparish.org)

    Holy cards, Statues, images are often like this or a variation:


    Watch or read the Hunchback of Notre Dame for example, there were masses of poor people back at that time in France.

    Back to distributing the Miraculous Medals, the MI film showed one woman who tried to put a chain on them. One can buy the medals in bulk, that's fine but do most people know to put them on a chain and wear them around one's neck.
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    Awesome post! You definitely qualify as a Miraculous Medal promoter. That's an honor.
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    Amen to that! My husband just gave me a new miraculous medal for my anniversary, because my old one broke, and the jeweler wants a fortune to fix it. But tomorrow I hope to have my new one blessed.(y)
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    I order the medals and the necklaces in bulk from Amazon (I’m not an Amazon affiliate, but these are of good quality and sold at affordable prices):

    Miraculous Medals Extra Bulk Buy. 100 Miraculous Medals. Our Lady Immaculate Medal. by Devotional GiftsÂUK : Amazon.ca: Sports & Outdoors

    The medals are shipped from Italy. The vendor ships right away, but the parcel takes about a month to arrive in Canada.

    100-Pack Aluminum Ball Chain Necklaces, 30-Inch, by Pinehurst Crafts : Amazon.ca: Home
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    Thank you for this.
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    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Thank you for this reminder of all the graces available from the use of sacramentals especially the Miraculous Medal.

    Here is a short video encouraging the use of sacramentals. I love these short videos.

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