Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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    Not many countries have capitulated to the extent that Ireland has. And so quickly.

    I don't know if it was rabid materialism; immigration and the associated dilution of the faith, the press amplifying and re-amplifying the 'mistakes' of the clergy and ditto with the mother and baby homes; 'equality' laws...
    Who knows!

    Though I do know that the media played a significant role.

    All the same, shame on we Irish.
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    I picked this up at the library today. :D Begin reading tonight.

    Would love to visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Paris, but getting there is as easy as swimming to Jupiter for me. :whistle: SacredHeartFrance.jpg
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    The example of Madame Elisabeth of France: "Adorable Heart of Jesus, in recognition of Your infinite charity, I give you my heart."

    Please read her prayers :love:

    I first read about Princess Elisabeth in 2010. What a sweetheart. Sincerely devout. Very charitable. She'd sell jewelry to set up homes for newlywed poor ... deny herself items of art, furniture, or a new gown so that $$$ could go to the poor ... she bought milk cows and hired a reliable "farmhand" so the nearby poor could have fresh milk and butter ... she would visit cottages of the poor and pray beside their sick- or deathbeds.

    And yes, she was guillotined. She was made to be guillotined last, forced to watch all others guillotined before her. Her fellows asked Elisabeth to personally bless them before the guillotining began. She did.
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    Prayer to the Sacred Heart by Saint Francis De Sales

    May thy heart dwell always in our hearts!
    May thy blood ever flow in the veins of our souls!
    O sun of our hearts, thou givest life to all things by the rays of thy goodness!
    I will not go until thy heart has strengthened me, O Lord Jesus!
    May the heart of Jesus be the king of my heart!
    Blessed be God.

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