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  2. The Hour of Guard (inspired by Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart) does not consist of spending an hour in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. It consists rather in living the hour chosen from one’s day, without making any change to one’s usual occupation – be they familial, professional, or other – with a keener awareness of the presence of God. During this hour the Associate offers everything he or she does, everything he or she is, in a spirit of praise and reparation.

    The symbolic enrollment on the dial for the hour chosen by the Associate is the sign of the commitment he or she makes to consecrate this hour of guard. In this way, little by little, the body of Associates eventually takes up all the hours of the day. Because of time differences, the 24 hours of the day will be thus covered.

    A New Way – Guard of Honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, USA (

    Choose an hour of your day, without changing your activity, offer it to the Lord and make yourself mentally present at Calvary for the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Simple!
    Pope John Paul II practiced it himself (he chose the 12:00 – 1:00 pm hour).

    Please watch this short video (EWTN - Church Universal episode) for a clear and simple explanation.

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    The Perpetual Lamp

    This Lamp, though plain and poor it be,
    Yet burneth day and night,
    O Sacred Heart! to honor Thee,
    And shed its mellow light.

    And my poor heart, though far away,
    With ceaseless yearning turns,
    To Thy dear shrine, with gentle ray,
    Where this lamp ever burns.

    O Lord! In spirit prostate there,
    I offer Thee its rays,
    As adoration's constant prayer,
    Thanksgiving, love and praise.

    And while through day with painful tramp,
    I plod my weary way,
    Before Thy heart this little Lamp,
    For me shall homage pay.

    When after toil repose I take,
    And night brings gentle sleep,
    A loving vigil for my sake,
    It evermore shall keep.

    O, Heart of Jesus! meek and mild,
    Accept this gift, though poor,
    And grant the grace to me, Thy child,
    To love Thee more and more.

    ~From "Little Manual of the Sacred Heart"

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    I wonder if you might be going to the Sacred Heart Congress this year or anyone else here? It's in early November. It sounds like you have some good experiences.

    A lot of these conferences are virtual, I know they are holding it at some Church, so a physical presence but maybe there would be a way to see some of it live on the internet.
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    I'll have to go the internet route. Thanks for mentioning it. :)
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    Years ago and as a teenager, we would receive materials from the Sacred Heart Auto League, they are still around:

    Sacred Heart Auto League - Sacred Heart Southern Missions (

    I'll have to get back into this, here this website above has this video on the dangers of texting while driving, it's as bad or nearly as bad as the use of alcohol or other substances while driving:


    I never text or use my cell phone while driving but I learned the hard way, they caught me using my cell phone, right after I got my first one. I had to pay a fine, it wasn't too bad, my driving record is fairly good.

    We had an accident in the area a few years ago, 2 or 3 young ladies died and folks wondered right off if there had been cell phone use involved.
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    Prayer of St. Bernard

    O Heart of Jesus, how good and pleasant it is to dwell in your Sacred Heart!
    Who is there who does not love Your Heart so wounded?
    Who can refuse a return of love to Your Heart so loving?

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    Make your home in Jesus' adorable heart. Bring to Him your troubles and disappointments,
    and your heart will be calmed. In His Divine Heart you will find healing for your ills,
    strength in time of weakness, and a safe haven in all your needs.

    ~St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

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    SO beautiful!
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    What a wonderful thread! I need to spend more time re-reading the posts here. As Padraig has said, I too have had phases of particular devotions. Such as the angels, esp. St Michael - my eldest daughter believes the prayer to him has saved her from being physically attacked at night. Also the Precious Blood and the Divine Mercy. Lately it has been St Joseph.
    I read a while ago that the Divine Mercy devotion is not connected with the Sacred Heart and thus does not compete with it. A very holy family friend prayed the chaplet often in my parents’ house when my father was dying.

    I’m especially grateful to this thread because for years this devotion has perplexed me. I’m not sure I quite get it yet. I didn’t grow up in a traditional Catholic home and am largely self-taught as far as the faith goes. Many Sacred Heart images are too sentimental to appeal to me so I was really glad to see a number posted here which are very beautiful. I will seek through prayer to understand this devotion more.

    The journalist Joanna Bogle is a friend of mine and she once said something most profound in conversation with me. That is, devotions are often sent by God when spiritually necessary. The SH devotion was revived at a time when the Church was responding to the heresy of Jansenism which stresses the anger of God and causes scrupulosity. The Divine Mercy might be seen as originating in a society which despairs of God’s interest in us, where faith is growing cold. Where totalitarianism exists in so many parts of the world and in particular has brought such suffering to the Polish people who received this devotion. Not saying this definitively but it’s a way of understanding why devotions bloom when they do.

    I can see that the Sacred Heart is much needed now. I had thought it old fashioned but I still need more resources - plus grace!
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    I'm glad to know this, Clare. :love:

    My first seeing Sacred Heart images was as a 20-year-old in southeast Texas. Lots of Spanish / Mexican influence. I was Protestant then, and wondered if it were an expression of Spanish / Mexican devotion. Well no. :)

    After coming to Catholicism in 2019, I quickly developed a love for this devotion.
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    I have had a devotion to the Sacred Heart since childhood. I now have a very big old statue of the Sacred Heart that a man was trying to get rid of. It had been his mother's. She had died. I took it immediately and had it blessed. It comforts me being in my bedroom. I think of my bedroom now as my "prayer closet". I have always had a blessed image of the Sacred Heart on the wall of my kitchen in a prominent place along with the Immaculate Heart in all the houses we have lived in over the years. I often look at them while I am cooking or going in and out and throw up a prayer.
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    Found this just now: "This book reveals important information and secrets to the Sacred Heart of Jesus as revealed by five more mystics--Christina the Astonishing, Mary of Oignies, Bridget of Sweden, Hadewijch, and Elizabeth of Spaalbeek. These particular saints dating back to the Middle Ages ("Golden Age of Mysticism") give incredible depth and meaning to Catholic literature for our modern times. After learning of their lives and hardships--these insights and revelations will move your heart to a more fervent and ardent desire for Jesus in your own heart."

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    I am a Francophile. Came across this just now (includes "Look Inside" feature). My public library doesn't have a copy but does participate in the Interloan Library System (it's a pricey book for shallow purses), and I've sent a request. :love:

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    "Celestini was wracked by illness and could no longer recognize anything but the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus."

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    How great, immeasurable, inexplicable and incomprehensible
    is the joy of the elect who read in this most perfect book of
    Thy Heart the infinite love Thou hast for them. They understand
    the fullness of Thy unfailing charity, which nothing can ever
    weaken, nothing ever destroy.

    ~Lanspergius (Ancient Devotions to the Sacred Heart)
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  20. I had my house and family consecrated to the most sacred heart of jesus.When I built it the first thing I put in before furniture or anything else was the picture which hangs in the living room.The consecration brought great blessings to my family.Before I go to sleep each night I go to the kids bedrooms and consecrate them to my lord and his mother.It is "pride" week here in galway.The whole town is covered in their flag I cannot let my kids anywhere near the city,consecration them give me peace.
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