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    This is wonderful:

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    Mentioned in this is Pope Pius XII's encyclical. I found it online to read

    ...and then I came across this booklet for only $5 via Amazon: "This book includes 3 encyclicals on the Sacred Heart by Pope Leo XII, Pope Pius XI, and Pope Pius XII."

    Thank you for directing me to it, Lord. :love:
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    Also for any Amazon Kindle users, there is a web browser plugin called "Send to Kindle" that I use for Vatican encyclicals, and it'll be delivered like any other book. I know e-readers aren't for everyone, but I use the Kindle Oasis and highly recommend it.
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    The bee flitting from flower to flower, examines them, now closely,
    now at a distance; and when it discovers a flower containing a
    substance, it advances, sucks it out and bears it away; and
    thus, with wondrous skill, it makes its honey. In like manner does
    the pious and devout soul, by constant meditation, alight upon
    the Saviour's Wounds, and taste of the sweetness hidden in each
    of them. Gradually the soul becomes filled with heavenly consolations.

    (Dom Anthony Volmar, born about 1550)


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    Resting Place in the Wild
    The Heart of Jesus is a place of peace for the poor wanderer
    through this life.
    (L. Turgis, 589) Image is 6th holy card from top of page.

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    O Lord Jesus, living and quickening source of eternal life,
    infinite treasure of the Divinity, immortal flower of humanity,
    Thou art my supreme and only salvation. I beseech Thy
    most loving Heart to pour into and to preserve in my soul
    that divine charity which burned so ardently within
    Thy Sacred Breast.

    (Ancient Devotions to the Sacred Heart)


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    Still Sweeter Every Day

    1 To Jesus ev'ry day I find my heart is closer drawn,
    He's fairer than the glory of the gold and purple dawn;
    He's all my fancy pictures in its fairest dreams, and more,
    Each day He grows still sweeter than He was the day before.

    The half cannot be fancied, this side the golden shore;
    O there He'll be still sweeter than He ever was before.

    2 His glory broke upon me when I saw Him from afar,
    He's fairer than the lily, brighter than the morning star;
    He fills and satisfies my longing spirit o'er and o'er,
    Each day He grows still sweeter than He was the day before. [Refrain]

    3 My heart is sometimes heavy but he comes with sweet relief,
    He folds me to His bosom when I droop with blighting grief;
    I love the Christ who all my burdens in His body bore,
    Each day He grows still sweeter than He was the day before. [Refrain]

    (Rev. William Clark Martin USA 1864-1914. Born at Hightstown, NJ)

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    My mother was crazy about the Sacred Heart. We had one in our House which I loved so much having prayed so much in front of it growing up. An old old,friend.

    When my father and we all went up to claim things from the family home my own heart was set on the old picture, for if that was the only thing I got , I would have counted myself very rich indeed. But one of my brothers had already claimed it and I did not argue.

    I got the family Crucifix and Family Bible Instead.:)

    People say objects do not count, but they do , of course they do for we are people, not angels. A picture, a statue an old set of rosary beads may seem like so much rubbish others but in our hearts may be golden.

    I found my own Sacred Heart up an alley way. I saw it sitting there as I passed by in its ancient golden frame. It has become more golden still down the years from many times of prayer.

    ...many ,many loving glances, me to Him and He to me.

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    Prayer of St. Margaret Mary

    O Heart of love, I place all my trust in You.
    For I fear all things from my own weakness,
    but I hope for all things from Your goodness.
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    DesertStar7 To Jesus + through Mary @-}---

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    AED Powers

    I love this of St Margaret Mary and have prayed it often! Says it all!
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    Thank you DS for these lovely prayers.
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    what a beautiful true story
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    The Revelations to St Margarete Mary Alacoque

    “Behold the Heart which has so loved men that it has spared nothing, even to exhausting and consuming Itself, in order to testify Its love” (Revelation of the Sacred Heart to St. Margaret Mary, June 1675).

    A Vocation for Suffering
    St. Margaret Mary Alacoque was born on 22 July 1647 at Lauthecourt in Burgundy (France) into a wealthy and religious family.

    Hers was an early vocation. In her memoirs, the saint says that already as a child God made her see “the great ugliness of sin, which caused me so much horror that the slightest fault was for me an unbearable torment.” To this was added a great hunger for prayer and penance, allied to a great compassion for the needy and a desire to help them.

    As her father died early, her mother Filiberte gave little Margaret Mary to a convent of Poor Clares. Strolling in the silence of the cloister and observing the modesty and spirit of prayer of the sisters, she felt the call to religious life. At age nine she received her First Communion, and her hunger for prayer and recollection increased significantly.

    However, falling seriously ill, she had to return to her mother’s home, where a difficult period of trials began. Disease struck her for four years, preventing her from walking. After making a promise to the Blessed Mother, she regained her health but her suffering only changed form. Her mother entrusted her to a cousin who managed the family patrimony, and she had to submit herself to this unsociable and insensitive relative who denied her even basic necessities.

    God permitted this to familiarise her with renunciation and prepare her to embrace the vocation of atonement He was to offer years later. Accepted with exemplary patience, her early sufferings strengthened her on the way of holiness. In fact, the art of becoming holy is precisely in being able to reach the ultimate goal of life by travelling the long and bitter path of suffering.

    Already in this period, the saint received extraordinary mystical graces. She had a familiar relationship with Jesus accompanied by visions: “The Saviour was always present under the figure of the Crucified or the Ecce Homo, carrying His Cross; this image inspired in me so much compassion and love of suffering, that all His sufferings seemed lighter when compared them with the desire I felt to suffer in order to conform to my suffering Jesus.” Later she will say, “God has given me so much love for the Cross that I cannot live a moment without suffering; but suffering in silence, without consolation, relief or compassion; and dying with this Lord of my soul, under the weight of all kinds of insults, humiliations, oblivion and contempt.”

    Her innocence must not lead us to think that Margaret Mary was perfect from the very beginning, let alone that she was a giddy and dumb doll as portrayed sometimes in sugary and inaccurate biographies. Instead, contemporary eye witnesses recount a lively and sharp girl given to entertainment, attracted by life in society and sought out by young men as a good potential bride. In short, she was a girl of her time and environment with her flaws but also with a secret desire growing inside, and a determination to attain it because Providence had chosen her for a special mission.

    Seeing her penchant for religious life, the family decided to entrust her to an Ursuline convent in which a maternal cousin to whom she was very close was living. But Margaret Mary refused, giving her cousin an answer that reveals her great desire for perfection: “If I joined your convent, I would do it out of love for you; but I want to enter a convent with no relatives or acquaintances in order to be a religious exclusively for God’s sake.” That decision was prompted by the inner voice, which warned: “I do not want you there, but in Saint Mary’s,” the name of the Visitation Convent located in Paray-le-Monial.

    Thus her trial period ended: she could now become a Visitation nun at the convent which Providence had destined for her. Accepted as a novice on 20 June 1671, she took the religious habit on 25 August of that year and made her solemn profession on 6 November 1672 at age 25.

    From the Side Wound to the Divine Heart
    As a religious, Margaret Mary seriously strived to progress in the spiritual life, believing she would fail her vocation if she did not become a saint quickly. Her courage attracted the favour of God, Who made her hear these inner words: “I am looking for a victim, wishing to sacrifice herself as a host in immolation for the fulfilment of my designs.” Having corresponded to this call, she soon received many great mystical graces.

    Thus she recounts the first apparition of the Redeemer, who was preparing her for subsequent revelations: “As soon as I went to pray, Jesus presented Himself to me covered with sores, asking me to look at the gash on his sacred Side: a bottomless pit dug by an enormous arrow of love…. This is the abode of all those who love Him…. But since the entrance is small, in order to enter one must become small and strip oneself of everything.” Pointing at His wounds, Jesus spoke these harsh words: “Behold at what state my chosen people have reduced me to, they whom I had destined to appease justice, but instead secretly persecute me! If they do not repent, I will punish them severely. Having preserved my just ones, I will immolate all others to the fury of my wrath.”

    The saint had contemplated the wound in the Side but not yet that of the Heart, so far hidden inside. That was made possible by four heavenly revelations received between December 1673 and June 1675, while she was in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
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    'Having preserved my just ones, I will immolate all others to the fury of my wrath.”


    5 Bizarre New Plagues That Have Made Headlines In The United States Within The Last 30 Days

    #1 A Plague Of Rattlesnakes

    The endless megadrought in our western states is having a lot of unexpected consequences, and this includes a plague of rattlesnakes. According to the Daily Mail, rattlesnakes have been moving into urban areas in California in large numbers because of the exceedingly dry conditions…

    Much of the US west is currently undergoing a record heatwave and its worst drought in at least 20 years, with temperatures soaring into the triple digits this weekend, and wildlife experts are saying the extreme weather is creating the perfect conditions for increased interactions between humans and animals.

    Rattlesnakes, in particular, have been seen moving into urban areas in larger numbers, and are being found on porches, yards, nearby pools and under children’s play equipment.

    Len Ramirez catches rattlesnakes for a living, and he says that they are being found “everywhere” at this point…

    Len Ramirez stalked through the dried landscape, scanning the ground ahead searching for movement. Called out to an estate in Napa Valley, the owner of Ramirez Rattlesnake Removal company was finishing up his last job of another busy day wrangling, removing and relocating snakes from homes across northern California. He’d found three in just this yard, including one nestled roughly 1,000 yards from the pool.

    Rattlesnakes are everywhere these days, he says – on front porches, in potted plants, and under children’s play equipment. “I am busier than I have ever been. Complaints are coming in from all over the state.”

    According to Ramirez, there have been jobs that have required him to remove “more than 60 snakes at a time”.

    Unfortunately, this plague is likely to continue to get worse as long as the megadrought persists.

    #2 A Plague Of Grasshoppers

    The megadrought in our western states has also created a plague of grasshoppers.

    It turns out that the little critters absolutely love the hot, dry conditions, and they have been multiplying like crazy.

    Federal officials are extremely concerned, and they are gearing up for “their largest grasshopper-killing campaign since the 1980s”

    A punishing drought in the U.S. West is drying up waterways, sparking wildfires and leaving farmers scrambling for water. Next up: a plague of voracious grasshoppers.

    Federal agriculture officials are launching what could become their largest grasshopper-killing campaign since the 1980s amid an outbreak of the drought-loving insects that cattle ranchers fear will strip bare public and private rangelands.

    #3 Birds Dropping Dead In Very Large Numbers

    As I discussed last week, birds are suddenly dropping dead in very large numbers in multiple U.S. states. In Indiana, unusual bird deaths have now been reported in fifteen different counties, and authorities have absolutely no idea why this is happening

    The Department of Natural Resources warns that songbirds have now died in fifteen counties across Indiana and more across the region.

    “I’ve never seen them exhibit the gooey eyes and crustiness in addition to the neurological symptoms,” Allisyn Gillet, DNR ornithologist said.

    Gillet says she’s getting reports of nearly a dozen songbirds a week. in the last month, she says they’ve had at least 100 reports and no one knows exactly what’s causing it.

    In addition to Indiana, large numbers of birds are also dropping dead in Washington D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky and Ohio.

    #4 Unprecedented Flooding In Detroit

    A massive storm last Friday turned I-94 into a lake and caused horrific flooding in both Detroit and Dearborn.

    Many areas remain underwater as I write this article, and police are warning people not to play in the water because there is “a good chance” that it contains raw sewage

    Historic rainfall on Friday caused power outages in metro Detroit, at least 1,000 cars abandoned as highways filled up with water, and countless flooded residential basements in the area. The flooding produced more viral videos, including one showing a man jet-skiing down the street in Dearborn, as well as a surreal image of people playing in a flooded part of a highway as if it were a beach on one of the Great Lakes, prompting an even more surreal tweet from Michigan State Police. (“Finally in the things I would never thought I would have to say: Do not go into the water,” an MSP officer tweeted. “This water has debris, sharp metal, submerged cars, gasoline and oil floating in it. There is also a good chance that there is sewage also in the water. In other words it’s gross!”)

    #5 The Worst Heatwave To Ever Hit The Northwest

    We have just seen the highest temperature that has ever been recorded in the city of Portland.

    The same thing is true for Seattle.

    And the same thing is true for dozens of other cities in the Northwest. In fact, the little community of Lytton in British Columbia actually just recorded the hottest temperature in the history of Canada.

    This unprecedented heatwave is being caused by an absolutely massive “heat dome”, and CBS News Meteorologist Jeff Berardelli says that there is only a “1/10,000+ chance” that something like this could happen.

    Unfortunately, this heat dome looks like it is going to be around for a while

    There is no timetable for how long a heat dome can last, but things won’t immediately cool down in much of the Pacific Northwest. Forecasts have inland areas such as Spokane, Washington and Boise, Idaho reaching triple-digit temperatures for the rest of the week. The National Weather Service’s excessive heat warning is in effect until 11 p.m. PT on Thursday.
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    Yesterday I ordered
    The Letters of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque: Apostle of the Sacred Heart :love:
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    ^ Thank you! I'll watch it today.

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