Devotion to Our Mothers Tears

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    I love this. Do you know where it's taken from? A book or online interview?
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    Purple Flower, I am not sure, a friend sent it to me today. I did hear on one of Father Chad Ripperger talks that the Blessed Mother is an Army of one against the demons. He said most exorcists have devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows for protection!
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    Upon entering the house of God, Sister Amalia reverently genuflected and proceeded to the steps just before the altar. Here she knelt down and extended her arms towards Jesus in the tabernacle. (By her own account and example, we see Sister Amalia as a highly-perfected soul, with the sweet and tender grace of recognizing -- and responding to -- the Divine Presence of our Lord and Savior in the Most Blessed Sacrament.)

    In this devout disposition and posture -- humbly submissive to our Eucharistic King -- she spoke to Jesus, "If there is no hope for the wife of T. . ., then I am ready to offer my life for the mother of the family. What do you want me to do?"

    Jesus answered,

    "If you want to receive these favors, ask me for the sake of My Mother's tears."

    Sister Amalia asked further, "How must I pray?"

    In answering, Jesus gave her the following invocations:

    "Oh Jesus, listen to our prayers for the sake of the tears of Your most holy Mother!

    Oh Jesus, look upon the tears of the one who loved You most on earth and loves You most ardently in heaven!"

    Finally, Jesus added,

    "My daughter, whatever people will beg Me for the sake of the tears of My Mother, I shall lovingly grant them.

    Later, My Mother will hand over this treasure to our beloved Institute as a Magnet of mercy."
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    Dear Blessed Mother, why do you weep?
    "The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of my sadness. Words of Our Lady at Akita, Japan (1973)

    In the past sacred images and statues have wept, but never in as many numbers as in our own times.
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    Our Lord once said to blessed Veronica of Binasco: “My daughter, The tears which you shed in compassion for my sufferings are pleasing to Me, but bear in mind that on account of My excessive love from My Mother, the tears you shed and compassion for her sufferings are still more precious.”
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    I find all this fascinating and want to learn more!
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    The following are Sister Amalia's own recollections of what took place:

    "It was March 8, 1930. I was in the chapel kneeling on the steps of the altar, as I suddenly felt myself being lifted up.

    Then I saw a woman of unspeakable beauty approaching me. She wore a violet robe, blue mantle, and a white veil draped over her shoulders. Smiling, she floated in the air towards me, holding a rosary in her hands, which she herself called "corona" [i.e. circle and means rosary]. Its beads shined like the sun and were as white as snow. Handing me this rosary she said to me,

    'This is the rosary of my tears, which is being entrusted by my Son to His beloved Institute as a portion of His inheritance.

    The invocations were already given by my Son.

    My Son wants to honor me in a special way through these invocations, and so, He will grant all graces that are begged for the sake of my tears.

    This rosary will provide for the conversion of many sinners, especially those possessed by the devil.

    To the Institute of the Crucified Jesus is reserved a special honor, that is the conversion of many members of a wicked sect to the blooming tree of the Church.

    Through this rosary the devil will be conquered and the power of hell will be destroyed.

    Get ready for this great battle.'

    When our Blessed Mother Mary had finished speaking, she disappeared
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    This expression of Jesus' preferential love for His Mom surely reveals the depth of His Humanity and in a certain way confirms the Incarnation. Thanks for sharing this quote, MC.

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

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