Devil vs. Having More Kids

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    Something strange has been going on. Let me preface this with the background info that I grew up with three younger siblings and LOVE children. I've always wanted to be a homeschooling mother with lots of kids; there was literally nothing I wanted more (besides Heaven, of course!) I wanted it so badly that I was terrified God would call me to be a nun. :ROFLMAO:

    So I was married at 25 and hubby and I tried right away, but it took me 1.5 years and two miscarriages (one of them was a 2.5 month long agony that put me in the ER three times with major blood loss and blood transfusions, with very perplexed doctors) to finally conceive my 7-year-old son. I then experienced infertility for four years, including another miscarriage. One day I heard that the relics of St. Maria Goretti would be in town, so I went with my son and husband and stood in the hours-long line to see her/touch the glass containing her relics. I was planning to ask her for something related to my husband. When I was almost there, I saw a lady approaching each person in line, holding their hand and praying, "May God bless you and your children." When she reached me, she prayed, "May God bless you, your children, and all those yet to come." She squeezed my hand and looked very meaningfully into my eyes then moved on. She didn't say that last part to anyone else, as long as I could hear. I was very moved by this, and when I reached the relics and touched the glass, I felt something kind of move through me and found myself asking St. Maria Goretti if I could please have no more miscarriages, as I felt my heart could handle no more. When we were driving home, I asked my husband what he'd prayed for. He said, "Well, I was going to ask for something else, but when I touched the glass, I suddenly decided to pray that you'll stop having miscarriages." I then told him what happened to me, and we were amazed! And indeed, I have had no more miscarriages.

    Fast forward through meeting Cardinal Burke and him holding my hands and praying for me to have more children, and me finding the courage to have surgery to remove endometriosis, to me visiting Medjugorje for the 2nd time. I wasn't feeling well, and sent my husband and son up Cross Mountain while I stayed in the hotel. I was so sad, praying again that I could have more kids. I remembered that Vicka had healed people before, and suddenly I felt compelled to go sit on the front step of her house. I knew I wouldn't be able to see her, but I felt my proximity to her might lead to my healing. I sat on the step and prayed that she would know I was out there and pray for me. Within seconds, an elderly Irish lady approached me, asking for directions to a restaurant. I told her I didn't know, but she recognized me because I'd taken her picture for her earlier at Mass. She was so funny and happy and started telling me her life story, that I had the same name as her daughter, that she'd only come at the last minute and felt she was meant to meet me. So I opened up and told her my plight and why I was sitting there. She told me I would have more children, because she would pray for me with great faith and perfect confidence in God. She gave me so much hope, and walked off, calling back, "But don't blame me if you have 10 kids!" :D

    Three months later, I was pregnant with my daughter. Nine months after I had her, I was pregnant again, with my current 11-month-old son. God is so good!

    So that's the back story. Now for the strange thing happening lately. A few months ago, I dreamed I was with multiple family members, and they were all talking about their perfect families with two kids each. They all were looking at me with expectancy and congratulations that I wouldn't be having any more kids, which left me feeling unsettled. My husband and I went inside the hotel we were staying at, and I told him I still wanted to have more. He agreed. Just then, a little girl came to the door, looking terrified, and said, "They're coming for you." At that moment, I felt the strongest presence of evil I've ever felt in my life, and I turned to see several dark, beastly-looking men I immediately knew to be demons rushing toward me. I turned and ran down the hall, but they were gaining on me, until I stopped, turned around and faced them. They indicated that I was pregnant with my 4th child and they were here to kill me so I couldn't have him/her. I began praying the Hail Mary, and a light shone out from my belly. The demons stopped in their tracks and looked extremely nervous, with their eyes darting around, and I could feel Mary approaching. They turned on their heels and fled. Then I woke up.

    Several weeks ago, I dreamed that my husband and I decided to conceive our 4th child, and evil people began crawling out of the woodwork to attack us.

    A few weeks later, I dreamed that we were going to try to conceive our 4th child, but my husband suddenly became afraid of the stress of having more children, and he refused.

    Last night, the devil spoke to me in a dream, trying a new tactic. He told me that he's the one trying to convince people to have big families, so that the world will be overpopulated and suffer. He said he wants people to have big families so that they'll be prideful and think they're better than others. I woke up confused for a moment, until I realized he was lying and it was a trick.

    So there it is. For some reason, the devil REALLY doesn't want me to have a 4th child, and it is very weird to me how much he's going out of his way to try to stop it. I'm feeling overwhelmed by my children a lot lately, too, like it's too much and I don't have enough patience and peace to be a good mother to them, let alone more... My husband is feeling the same way. But we both have not lessened in our resolve to have as many kids as God wants us to have. My fertility hasn't yet returned after this baby (I still breastfeed him a lot), but when it does, we will give God the opportunity again. Please pray that we don't find ourselves subconsciously avoiding through stress, or being attacked in some way, because if the devil is this determined to stop this baby from coming, it must be very important to have him/her.
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  2. DesertStar7

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    You are such a beautiful person. :)

    Yes, it sure sounds that way!

    Knowing myself, I'd be certain to have that 4th child (with husband 100% agreed, of course).

    But ... I must tell you now that we are childless (a Protestant marriage until I became Catholic in 2019), and I'm just past child-bearing years. I've seen / read / heard of pressures, directly especially, on people not to have lots of children. Terrible insults and etc. :(

    In 2006, while I was still capable of having babies, I joined a (Protestant) church wherein a lot of young (my age or a bit younger) mothers were concerned -- TRULY concerned -- that I, a childless career woman, might look down on them for being stay-at-home mothers, especially as they all had college degrees (I have a business college diploma).

    I said NO, that motherhood is far more important than a career!

    I will definitely pray.
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  3. PurpleFlower

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    Yes, I have experienced that disdain from my own aunt, who was absolutely shocked when I told her I planned to be a stay-at-home mom even after getting a college degree. I did experience a little guilt from time to time about wasting my degree...until I realized it wasn't wasted at all! It was a very faithful Catholic college at which I was able to attend daily Mass and form solid Catholic friendships that helped me through my formative early adulthood. Also, I majored in child education. Perfect. :D

    I'm glad you were able to put those mothers at ease, and sorry for any regret you may feel for being childless. Thankfully, God has designed women to be mothers in many other ways too. :)
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  4. Mary's child

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    Prayers PurpleFlower, I feel your pain. I was able to conceive my 2 biological children with difficulty. I too wanted a larger family, God chose a different path for us. A year after my youngest was born, due to a family crisis of my in laws, we became guardians to our 2 nephews. So we ended up having 4 children under the age of 2 and half. Quickest potty training sessions ever. :sleep::)
    Now I get to sit back and enjoy the grandchildren.
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  5. "Quis ut Deus"

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    Purple flower can I share a little prayer to put your bad dreams to bed ;)

    May I lie down with God and may God lie down with me
    may I not lie with evil nor evil lie with me
    Bridgid's girdle around me, Mary's mantle beneath me, Blessed Michael hold my hand and make my peace with the son of Grace
    If any evil thing pursues me may the Son of God protect me, this night, a year from this night for ever and always Amen

    God bless you sister :love:
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  6. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    You don’t need to decide...just give it to God...He will decide. His will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Period:)
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  7. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    Bless you DS7
  8. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    Awwwww...God chose you for these bonus children! How blessed you all are!
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  9. HeavenlyHosts

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  10. PurpleFlower

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    Yes, we always leave it to God!
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  11. Christy Beth

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    Right. I knew a woman who for years couldn't get pregnant. She and her husband adopted 4 children. Finally, after more than 10 years of marriage (I can't remember exactly how many), she became pregnant with a daughter. I lost contact with her after that, but I know she treasured all of her children.
  12. Be very perceptive of really hearing what you’ve said here. The devil is subtle and attempts to use our feelings against us. Reject these thoughts outright and rebuke him who is their author. He will not stop trying to break your resolve. Always have recourse to Our Lady.
  13. PurpleFlower

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    Yes, I've begun realizing that these are just attacks from the devil. I'm commiting more time to prayer and thinking of some changes I can make to bring more peace to our home. For instance, my 2 year old is super demanding and cries really hard while I'm making lunch until I give her her food (which she scarfs down in 5 seconds, lol). I need to have lunch pre-made or something, because this causes me quite a bit of stress each day. There are many things like that.
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  14. Could also be her clever way of working up her hunger so she can on to more important things!;)
  15. PurpleFlower

    PurpleFlower Archangels

    Haha, well... that 5-second scarf-down is usually followed by "More please!" Lol
  16. padraig

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    You have great Faith.

    Perhaps your next child is destined to be a priest, a nun or a Great Saint?:):)
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  17. andree

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    What a beautiful story of faith and hope. I'll include you in our prayers too, that the Lord gives you the Graces needed (and some extra energy too).

    I look at photos of my kids when they were little and find them so beautiful, I wish I could savor those moments again, but I remember too well how difficult those days were too. Some days just seemed to go on forever!

    Your post reminded me of something that Mirjana said about having large families. Didn't she say that it was important and part of God's plan and that when events started, we would understand why? (I can't find her exact quote right now, but I think that's it.)

    God bless you & your family.
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  18. Mario

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    You and your husband's generosity in being open to children is very beautiful in this day and age. The culture looks at 2 children: 1 boy and 1 girl as ideal. And if the first 2 are the same sex, then a couple might consider a third. But after that, in the modern culture, a couple is considered insane if you have 4 or more. My older daughter and her husband have 4 and they've had their challenges and have encountered some condescending frowns, but to be open for a larger family is a great gift from God.

    As far as material needs go, my daughter has found out that you can be happy without the frills; nothing is as precious as children.:love:

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
  19. Heidi

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    Prayers for you! I have 11 living children, along with one who died as an infant and also 3 miscarriages. God will give you the grace to handle whatever he sends you!
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  20. PurpleFlower

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    I would love that! My 11 month old son was conceived directly after my novena to the Sacred Heart, where I prayed for a baby that would love God with his whole heart. So my husband and I like to joke about which religious order our baby will be joining, haha.
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