Devastating Quake & Tsunami Predicted

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    MESSAGE via Louise Tomkiel
    April 15, 2008- - -9:50 A.M.

    L. began to receive a message from God the Father and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."(and other numerous and various prayers of testing.)

    Then your God, your Master spoke, " Soon a 6 plus earthquake will hit the South Central coast of Oregon causing a giant rock formation to break loose under the ocean. An enormous wall of water will, like claws, devour much of the West Coast. Mountains will fall. Dams will break.

    This will be the worse scenario (catastrophe) sent to earth in thousands of years. Destruction will seen and felt from coast to coast. Few will survive it. It is a wake-up call- - -a punishment for sin.

    There will be a mighty domino effect around USA and the entire world. This hour is very near at hand. Pray for your soul and all souls to come to Me, to return to Me, to cling to Me.

    Death, destruction, disease, suffering will follow. Little will remain. Are you prepared to meet your Master, your God?
    Amen, I tell you, all will be!"

    [Comment: He said “soon”, in God’s ‘time’ that could be a ways off yet….
    The messages or Louise Tomkiel have yet-to-be-approved by the Church.

    See what she was provided about this one:

    The Great Indonesian Quake of 2004

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