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    SOLADY Angels

    please pray for me. i have been bullied @ work for almost 4 years and no alleviation from my superiors is given; the bulling caused me great physical and mental health issues that i lost everything financially from getting sick. the bully at work is a very bad superior at my job. he poisons people against each other, destroys couples @ work by creating lies between them thus causing broken homes. the supervisors and managers are back stabbing each other to get ahead and use and abuse low level employees that desire to get to the top to destroy other good honest workers. my co-workers, friends and foes, have all joined the band wagon to try and trap me in something sinister to get me fired. when they accomplish some type of evil they are rewarded by season tickets or trips. the saddest thing is that the person i admired and loved dearly through out this may also have been a part of that abuse and i am just figuring that out now. i have prayed more for him than my own to try and keep him safely away from all this to come find out that he may be part of the mess intentionally. i feel so broken hearted by it. i have prayed four 54 day rosary novenas since last winter for all this and things are slowly healing however the abuse tactics have become subtle and covert now. i am able by the grace of god to see this coming and escape their plots. i have also come to realize that their foiled efforts against me have them confused! praise jmj! im thinking maybe that god has me in this place to be of some good. i once heard a manager say that an exorcism should be made on the place and i also heard that they are wanting to relocate to another building! thank you saint benedict! i believe my presence may be hindering their evil agendas so they want me out asap. i pray my rosary, 9 hour novenas, most novenas and fast regularly. i need prayers though as i am exhausted and lonely being out here by myself.
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    SOLADY, prayers...:love: Wish you could quit.
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    SOLADY Angels

    me too! thank you my dear, much love and prayers to you. but im closer to retirement than not, yet still to far away from that and to far gone to start over as well.
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    Prayers going up.

    If you get a chance sprinkle blessed salt around where the boss sits or Holy Water. Salt is best.
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    SOLADY Angels

    Yes! where can I get blessed salt? I have no traditional catholic priest in my area. what a great idea my dear thank you much hugs and prayers to you too.
    just thinking about this brings to mind that one time two weeks ago i saw a trail of brownish sand just right out side of the elevators where i parked my car. i immediately prayed and made the sign of the cross and kissed my brown scapular.
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  6. Sorrowful Heart

    Sorrowful Heart Principalities

    Oh wow... So horrible. You are in my prayers.

    Seems like many with work place problems. Bring holy water and blessed salt to work too... The demons that may be influencing your co-workers might leave you alone after.

    I do that at work and it's kinda funny, not to brag but people come to visit me and talk to me on the phone for hours sometimes. It's amazing I get any work done, but I believe it's because people are stressed and they can feel the light of God in me or around me. I also have a blessed statue of Our Lady over my desk. When work starts to heat up I realize I have not been praying through the day. I found that work is 90% social, and 10% actual work. God blesses me with a really good group of co-workers too, I always get help from them when I need it, because I do not know everything.

    When I work though my goal is to do the task God gives me to the best of my ability. I genuinely want to make the world a better place, and everyone else's work load easier. I also bring in quality donuts (not disgusting Tim Hortons) weekly to cheer up everyone, I send emails to everyone to come and get donuts. They all come and visit and crack jokes about how we wish we could get healthy eating them. Lots of people are going through rough times, starting over again after divorce or dealing with illness, it's shocking how people open up to me, and even protect me. I am so grateful because I have so many faults. The place I work has a really positive atmosphere which helps too. I try my best to take a genuine interest in people's lives, and never make anyone wrong for anything. I also get teased a lot, but I like it because I know they do it because they like me... I also tease back in a playful manner. If I get some abuse because I did something wrong I don't question it, I just ask what I did wrong and how to do better next time. Some how criticism just rolls of of me now like water off a ducks back. I also do silly things at work like bring in wooden seige catapults and launch jelly beans across the office. I also took a bunch of the black paper clips and made a statue with them and called it clip art. We never grow up, I am always looking for a new kinda gadget to bring that will make people laugh.

    All I can say is that do your best not to take your work personally, it's too stressful. Most people do not even realize when they are being mean... Myself included. Be kind to yourself and others... even those the rest of the work place despises. Eventually they will see you as a person and not as another obstacle. I find that eventually the protective shell people have goes away, and you will be seen as the kind happy person in the office that is warm to everyone. To the point when you say something offensive people will give you a look that is telling you that you are out of character and they don't like it. Only they can be offensive, not you.... Haha! No one will even think of saying an unkind thing about you because they like you so much. It's all grace though... beautiful grace.

    Even when people make fun of me I love it... I love everyone's different quirks, because people would not be who they are without them.

    God Bless and Good Success!
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    SOLADY Angels

    most of my situation is based on a statement i made in testimony under oath for a managers wrong doing. the officials required i submit work evidence in my possession. i had no choice but to comply. its the law. evidently it was what triggered all this mess. i used to bake for our unit and bring goodies as well until one day an employee (so called desk buddy) made allegations that she got food poisoning from my dish and when i asked her what she ate i found out she does not even eat meat and my dish was a meat dish! thats when i realized they will stop at nothing to implicate me. so there ended my baking days and participating in any unit events. i am happy to hear that you are doing good at work. i dont think that will ever happen for me. i cant even lock my purse in my desk because they have a master key. i too believe in graces especially signal graces from the holy rosary. i get them almost daily. its a beautiful feeling of heavenly protection i know that much. i also know that upper management are at bay right now for some reason. i keep in touch with an internal investigator from work and they dont like that. and when i hear that another employee is being bullied and if they see me walk past that office or ask for that employee, then they hide or taper off for awhile. that in and of itself is worth the ordeal for me; to know that it possibly alleviates another poor soul unable to defend themselves as they are probably not even aware of the evil they surrounded by. i do believe i am getting stronger through prayers and the holy rosary. i also remember from catechism many many years ago that we are the church militant and that being enrolled in the brown scapular we are in our ladys army and she is our 12 star general! thank for your encouraging words truly you are a blessing for me.
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    SoLady I would agree with others in the blessed salt and even better is exorcised salt. You should be able to download the blessing formula and bring it to a priest. I have done this with the exorcism blessing for St Benedict Medal. Of course pray that the path will be opened for you to source these sacramentals. I have seen several times how these two sacramentals destroy evil environments. The salt I would place discretely in corners where it won't be hovered up and as you are dropping it mentally say the sign of cross.
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  9. SoLady, you have to make a choice. Your mental/physical health or your job? If you quit your job you may find another but if you lose your mental health it may take years if ever to get it back again. The behaviour of your work colleagues will not change because they are all afraid to stand up in case they become the victims themselves. If your work situation is playing on your mind when you are at home and on your days off, and you find sleep difficult, and you feel so stressed and almost physically sick as the day nears to be back to work again, then if you were to ask my advice I would say leave. However, it may not be as bad for you as I have written? A question you may ask yourself is, "why am I staying?".
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    Prayers for SoLady and anyone else who is feeling the weight of evil at this moment.
    Only one time in my life have I heard heaven's voice. It was at 2:00 am. It was a firm/powerful voice that told me, "pinch a little salt on the ground, use it sparingly". I woke my wife up and told her what I was given. I new immediately what it meant, because I had gotten some blessed salt months earlier, but had not done anything with it. I live on 7 acres of land and knew I was supposed to pinch it around my borders, my barns, my home, my water wells. No one has to tell me twice!
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    yes, i will most definitely do that. thank you for this excellent tip. i ran out of sea salt so i plan to buy in bulk from whole foods this weekend. i use Himalayan sea salt. while listening to a sermon about saramentals two weeks ago i remembered about the blessed salt back when i was a child and how easy those things were available. today not even do we not have these precious items readily available we also dont have priests providing them. if you could be so kind to provide a website to a good blessing it would be a blessing thank you.
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  12. SOLADY

    SOLADY Angels

    i used to ask myself why stay, but then it dawned on me that if i left it would put me out financially and not be able to keep my home. i also realized through prayer that the worse had taken place already so why become homeless at my age. i firmly believe god wants me there a lil more longer. the lovely rosary keeps me safe and sane, and now with the blessed salts i will be doing at work will only improve things for me im sure. you are right though about the situation bearing over me during off time, but its only because i have to silently mention them during my petitions to heaven. i truly believe my presence there is doing that monster more violence than meets the eye and that makes me stronger to continue on. just this past friday the new director was escorted through our offices and introduced herself to us, and i noticed my department manager hide his eyes from me. he cant even face me. he went so far as to turn his body completely around (in a weird contorted kind of way)as he walked passed my desk. thats victory to me in someway and although i may not understand why at the moment i will eventually.
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  13. SOLADY

    SOLADY Angels

    "Through the rosary and the brown scapular, I will one day save the world" BVM
    those lovely words are so true and promising! i wear my brown scapular openly at work and i have my rosary at my desk too.
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  15. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Solady, I agree with those who advise using blessed salt and Holy Water. In my work life I came up against bullying. It was racist in fact; but did not show itself openly as racist. There were originally two of us (Irish) in the firing line for abuse, the other girl left. And I stood it to the very end, with the help of God.
    You would not believe those who were doing this in the end pretended to be my best buddies. They were children of God before, during and after the long months the whole saga unfolded. And I too prayed to God to have Mercy on them. I think God can use us to bring His Mercy to those who have no faith, and if we as wearers of the Brown Scapula can hold our battle ground in Charity. God will work miracles of Grace in other souls.

    I used to sprinkle Holy Water in all corners of the work room before anyone else arrived in the morning, and I am certain it was noticeably effective. I remember telling a Priest in confession about the Holy Water, and he said to me; if someone sees you they might make a fuss, and how would you like it if someone was doing other religious rituals in your workplace. Anyway, I never got caught, and it all passed eventually thank God.

    Do remember, some of the people you work with will not be in agreement with how you are treated. They will be too afraid to let anyone know for fear of being the next target. I can testify to this from my own experience, when one or two people confided in me that they were too scared to object to what was going on in case they were next. And especially if they are not Christian and wearing sacramentals, they would not be protected like you. God needs you to stand and hold ground in Peace and Charity; until He comes to the rescue.

    The other point to share with you. I don't think situations where a member of staff is used as a whistle blower against a more senior colleague will ever be forgiven. So batten down the hatches and be prepared to suffer; because this type of scenario is taboo in the workplace. So God protect you.

    Oh Another brilliant tactic I have seen used VERY successfully is for you to pray to the guardian Angel of the boss or bosses who are hard on you. Ask their Guardian Angels every day to pray for them and heal the hurt that is causing them to feel angry towards you. Very effective.
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  16. Sorrowful Heart

    Sorrowful Heart Principalities

    You will be amazed at the changes that can happen using blessed salt and holy water. You just have to meet your Priest after mass and have him bless it. Once you use it watch certain people be let go and others transferred. Others will be caught in scandals and reprimanded. Then a new boss comes in that is protective and ensures other leaders are not stepping their bounds. The panic in a persons eyes once they know they can't get away with the abuses they took in the work place previously is priceless. Like you I did some whistle blowing last year and got my boss laid off. It was a great feeling knowing I no longer had to work under him anymore. Watching everything play out was incredible, heavenly orchestrated. Then while everyone was getting laid off I was promoted. I think it was so that I could make daily mass because with my new position I was able to leave work earlier and all the road construction sometimes added a half hour to my commute.

    You should probably check out auxillium christianorum too. It is a group of 50000 who pray against the diabolic forces daily. You just go to their website and say the prayers to join. Also praying to Our Lady of Sorrows gives many graces against the diabolic, and graces which help you to make good decisions.

    Keep up the Good Fight, God Bless and Good Success. By the way if you buy baked goods no one can blame you for food poisoning.
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  17. Jackie

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    I would have to hit "Like" for all these responses and consolations SOLADY. I love this forum, I need to go out and buy some Morton salt and have it blessed.
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    Prayers going up.
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