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  1. JMEP

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    I was visiting a Perpetual Adoration chapel the other evening. I am not a scheduled adorer, but remained in the chapel until someone else arrived as I had been the only adorer present. A man & woman arrived eventually, so I started to leave. As I'm in the parking lot, I see the couple also leave, and I know there is no one else has entered the chapel to adore Him.

    I also know that His Presence is still exposed, as the monstrance is 'embedded' in the wall, high up (with no way to be veiled or reposed from the chapel itself).

    I know/knew in my heart that it is *wrong* to leave Him exposed without an adorer present; however, I selfishly continued to leave (as I had been there 2 hours) instead of returning to the chapel. :(

    Did I commit grave sin?

    While looking for answers this evening, I discovered that it *is*, in fact, in the Code of Canon Law to never leave His Presence without someone present. I could cry at what I did to Him, leaving Him there alone...

    Please help... again, I'll ask did I commit grave/mortal sin?

    Thank you for any and all help.

    Love in Christ,
  2. non sum dignus

    non sum dignus Archangels

    "Still, the Most Holy Sacrament, when exposed, must never be left unattended even for the briefest space of time. It should therefore be arranged that at least some of the faithful always be present at fixed times, even if they take alternating turns."

    The Blessed Sacrament when exposed should not be left alone.

    But, you were not scheduled, so not your responsibility.

    Whoever exposed the Blessed Sacrament without a scheduled adorer... Or someone was scheduled and didn't show without an important reason would be at fault.

    Perhaps the scheduled adorer had an emergency.

    It wasn't your responsibility to stay, but perhaps it would have been a good idea, if you had nothing important to do, or perhaps notifying the pastor.
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  3. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    I am not thrilled with the way Perpetual Adoration is handled. I am not sure that there are sign-ups to fill all of the time slots. I also learned that there should be at least 2 adorers at all times, which the priest never told us. I think that is true.
    I do not think you committed a mortal sin.
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  4. miker

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    As I read your post, all I could think of was Jesus in the garden asking his disciples to stay awake with him. And they kept falling asleep. And how did he react- he didn’t get angry…it was more a resignation to our Humanness. But also one of great love- he knew their intention was there and in their human nature they fell short. Maybe (and as HH noted- it was not your assignment) your intention was there but in your humanness you fell short. God still loves you. So, go to Him in confession and let Him know you are sorry. I know he will say all is good - come and rest here on my heart. Peace.
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  5. PurpleFlower

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    JMEP, take heart, your love and sadness at what happened consoles Christ's heart. Now send your angel back in time to that moment to stay with Jesus until the next adorer arrives. Confess if you feel it was a sin, but in the meantime, be at peace. :)
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  6. RoryRory

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    I did not know there is supposed to be 2 adores. We only have 1 at a time.
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  7. non sum dignus

    non sum dignus Archangels

    My guess is that is a rule for the local parish, for the safety of the adorer, or to make sure at least one shows up....rather than a canonical rule
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  8. JMEP

    JMEP New Member

    Everything I found about this was that the "2 or more" is indeed for safety--- both the safety of the adoration and of the Holy Presence Himself.

    Thank you all *so* very much for your input. I had/have been in such angst about this.
  9. heyshepard

    heyshepard Archangels

    JMEP I do not hold you responsible for what happened. Yes there's always to be two. We are definitely in a spiritual warfare. Our Lord and Savior is a Warrior against the evils of the universe. While we are all warrior's of Christ. He only asks of us what we can do. God bless you for visiting Him.
  10. DesertStar7

    DesertStar7 To Jesus + through Mary @-}---

    Grave/mortal sin?


    Chalk it up to a mistake, ask forgiveness, forgive yourself. :)
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  11. JMEP

    JMEP New Member

    Your words are very gracious... and yes, *what* a spiritual war we are in (especially within ourselves :(... at least for me)...
  12. AED

    AED Powers

    For all of us JMEP. Our battle is without and within. :( It can be exhausting.
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  13. Christy Beth

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    Well, you weren't scheduled to be there in the first place and you did stay for two hours. You left when two other people showed up, mainly because you thought they were scheduled to be there. I doubt anyone would have thought it was your sin he was left alone. It was up to the person who was scheduled to be there to show up. If there was someone scheduled who didn't show up, then I would think it was their sin for not being there. But, not knowing why there was no one there it's hard to say anyone sinned. Maybe that person was in the hospital or something. So, I doubt any sin was accounted to anyone. Don't beat yourself up over this. There is a lack of adoration at my church because few people are available to do adoration. Right now I think it's only one day a week. It used t0 be all week, but we lost a lot of people when a new church opened north of us. We just don't have the people to sign up for it anymore.
  14. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    Common sense, good answer
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  15. Mario

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    I would deal with your sorrow by bringing it to confession, but I would not consider your decision a mortal sin in any way. You mention the adorers who followed you; the mantle of responsibility was passed to them. An easy way to solve this dilemma has been instituted in our parish. A list of scheduled adorers is present in the Church with phone numbers included. the scheduled person can be contacted. If that does not correct the situation than one should call myself or our pastor.

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
  16. JMEP

    JMEP New Member

    I feel my error was not just in that I had left, with the others present... but more that I saw them leave and didn't return to our LORD. :(... I will definitely bring it to Confession today or tomorrow.

    I asked someone whom I had met at that church (as I'm an out of town but relatively frequent visitor), and apparently it isn't too uncommon to not have an adorer (!!!???!) :O OH my gracious does this grieve my heart!

    I was speaking with someone I'd met there about this issue, and he went to his Pastor to ask (as at this point my friend also was curious). He returned saying it was said "such is not preferred but still o.k. to not have the mandatory adorer, since the LORD was not really 'exposed' but behind glass." (Um..... *huh*??? Did I hear that correctly??).

    I am flummoxed. Father, forgive us for we know not what we do!!!
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  17. Michael Pio

    Michael Pio Archangels

    Please don't beat yourself up, you've done so much for Our Good Lord. Yes, the practice you describe in your post above does not seem right, but that is not your fault. Apparently, there is some slack in how adoration is handled in your place.

    In the city I lived in before, there is perpetual adoration. There is a telephone, and if the next adorer does not show up, one can call a number and the good lady who organises the perpetual adoration (a friend of ours) will arrange the next adorer or come herself or send her husband! This is awesome, but of course the good lady carries a lot of the burden and often has to substitute at various hours of various days because people fail to show up for their scheduled time.
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  18. sterph

    sterph Archangels

    Ask the priest to place curtains on a pulley that can retract away from and also cover the monstrance from outside the glass. We have curtains on ours at our church. So He can be reposed but still safely behind the glass.
  19. JMEP

    JMEP New Member

    I wondered about posing this to the new pastor, for it was the old pastor who had indicated "the Presence isn't really *exposed*, so it's o.k". However the latter is no longer here; I do not know the former as of yet.

    I am hesitant because I am not a parishioner of this church. I am a frequent visitor at best, who has the privilege of going to Adoration in this area specifically because of this chapel. I don't know how far to 'blow the whistle' on what I understand to be tragic misunderstanding at the very least of how His Holy Presence is to be handled. Is it my place to do so? Thoughts, dear brothers and sisters in Christ?
  20. Carmel333

    Carmel333 Archangels

    I understand how you feel, as I regularly go to adore the Lord and also do the scheduled adoration that we have in our Parish on Wednesdays. You should not feel guilty as this was not your responsibility, but perhaps put your parish priest's phone number in your phone or the parish office and if this happens again you could call them and explain that you think the Sacrament may be left alone. Our parish has a Priest and Deacon that both check the church regularly during the exposed adoration to make sure someone is there, so they would probably be prepared to take over at yours also if they knew about it. Bless you for visiting our Lord!
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